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Eternal Question 08: What is Money, and Value?

Updated on December 23, 2012

It All Adds Up!

As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

The Nature of Value and Money:

The Goal of all Life is Survival.

The Prime Directive is Survive! (written into the hard wiring of the subconscious mind)

The Three Levels of Necessity**:

1. desires - spiritual (love; friendship)

2. wants - mind (fads etc.) (Things you think you need - not necessarily)

3. needs - body (ex: air water, food, shelter, etc.)

** note(s): Needs, Wants, and Desires many times get confused, and unfortunately may be used interchangeably.

  • We are spirit having a physical experience.

Those things that help us survive have value.

Those things we need for physical survival are called commodities.

Commodities therefore have value, they help us survive.

The commodities I'm speaking of are tangible - real, physical.

There are some Intangible commodities like Love, friendship, Truth, Trust, Loyalty, etc. (the fruit of the Spirit)

Intangible spiritual commodities must be expressed by giving in kind.

The highest form of an Intangible commodity is the unconditional kind. ( that is unconditional love - etc.) (unconditional - meaning infinite or without limit)

Intangible spiritual Commodities transform our spiritual nature. The Word of God is spiritual sustenance.

Intangible commodities sustain our spiritual nature, even as physical commodities sustain our physical nature.

Value at a certain level is about: what you perceive as valuable- Things that are aesthetically pleasing- Novelty items or shiny bobbles - "be the first on your block to have (Fads)_______.

Money is a symbolic medium of exchange of value.

Modern money is 1) a Universal measure of value, and 2) a medium of exchange of value.

The first universal both measure of value and medium of exchange was probably Gold.

Gold metal is extremely heavy and difficult to move around. Gold was probably chosen because it doesn't degrade or rust. It is very malleable (workable/usable) and pretty.

Gold in in the mono-atomic form (ceramic powder) is a spiritual commodity.

Currency began to be used as a replacement for Gold. - Large amounts of Gold are not very convenient.Currency, as paper money, is much more convenient.

Types of Value: Tangible and Intangible / Perceived vs. Actual

Commodities may be roughly classified into three (3) different groups:

I. Commodity Value - food, clothing, and shelter

1. tools
2. foods
3. materials -
4. medicines
5. Knowledge Value

II. Novelty Value

1. Unique, Rare, One of a kind
2. New
3. Fad - pet rocks (Popularity)

III. Aesthetic Value

1. pretty or attractive (Shiny)

2. Antiques - Old

3. Sentimental Value

4. The Best (of something)

5. Fine Arts

6. Historical Value

7. Precious items - Jewels, Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, etc.

  • Value is about Needs, Wants, and Desires that facilitate a High Level of SURVIVAL.
  • Money allows us to exchange these Valued Commodities to facilitate a High Level of Survival.

In the End - It All Adds Up!


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