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Eternal Question 10: What is the Secret of Creating a Booming Economy?

Updated on December 24, 2012

Turn Me Loose!

What is the Secret of a Creating a Booming Economy?

As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

Well its actually pretty simple - but not always easy.

There are several important considerations to begin a booming economy:

  • The first Two (2) principles were developed by the Greeks, a few thousand years ago, and it made them the center of Regional Trade and very wealthy.

1. Lower taxes - give everyone more of their hard earned money to work with.

2. Lower Interest Rates - facilitate the ability to get money. to grow and expand with.

  • If Businesses have more money, they can afford to invest more in their business.
  • If Customers have more money, they can buy more.
  • The more money a business makes, the more they can afford to pay in wages and benefits.
  • And the more they all pay in growing Tax Receipts - A Win - Win - Win Situation!

Most high level economists understand these two (2) Historical Principles or they are CLUELESS!

Additional principles can speed the coming economic Boom:

3. Reduce government Laws and Regulations - make it easier and cheaper to do business.

4. Create and collect tariffs on foreign imports - protect the local manufacturers

5. Get rid of External Bankers - they charge interest on the creation of money, a government can create its own money and not charge interest!

6. Government support - for future technological infrastructures

7. Government support - for Intellectual Property

8. Get rid of the Gold Standard - Limited Commodities like Gold cost money and strangle business

9. Government should be used to facilitate Trade

10. Government should limit monopolies and facilitate Competition for Excellence and Lower Prices.

11. Government should seek to limit graft and corruption that destabilize the system

  • A few simple coherent practices can change everything - and very quickly!

The Overall inhibiting problems are Politics (Favor Peddling) , Greed, Graft, and Corruption.


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    • cer1056 profile image

      R. Eliot Cathey 5 years ago from New Mexico


      Good Comment once again - but also a bit deeper one!

      I am not familiar with these other systems, and will have to research it further when time permits.

    • cer1056 profile image

      R. Eliot Cathey 5 years ago from New Mexico


      -I am not advocating total Government withdrawal, but Optimal Balanced influence that produces the maximum positive Influence with the Least Expense and Business Interference.

      #3 and #6 and #7 must be Optimally Balanced - Moderation in all things to produce the maximum positive effect.

      #4 and #9 again have to be a proper balance once again. Countries have always negotiated trade agreements which include the determining of appropriate import and export Tariffs.

      Whether we like it or not governments are part of the Trade / Business equation. Improper Influence by a government can easily destroy a business Trade environment.

      Government when effectively utilized can balance the playing field and be used to Optimize the Business environment for all concerned.

      Obviously education is important and ultimately figures in the equation somewhere. I personally like Mentor-ship programs in most fields, that give real hands on training and experience.

      Most of the items on the list were quick afterthoughts that seemed important at the moment, and were not necessarily listed in order of any hierarchical importance.

      I thought this short Hub was a good 1st Draft - if you will.

      Its nice to know that someone thought enough of my Basic paper to even respond with an intelligent query. Thank you

      I wrote this Hub after seeing a three Part History of the Rise and Fall of Greece - I am a physicist not an Economics Professor. I felt someone had to say something somewhere - Just trying to do my part.

      These modern Politicians are taking a subject that isn't that complicated and totally messing it up - They are destroying the foundations of America for their Political Agendas!

      I personally used to have a good, growing and profitable Business until the Politicians interfered and destroyed the Industry.

    • CHRIS57 profile image

      CHRIS57 5 years ago from Northern Germany

      This is Christmas Eve and i just returned from a very pleasant evening with my family, kids and the grandchildren. Food was good and needs a little time to digest, not yet bedtime and so i signed in on hubpages.

      Just being curious: Are you aware that most of your statements are contradicting?

      #3 and #6 and #7 are opposing each other. You can´t have less government and then request support from a depowered government.

      #4 and #9: same issue, you can´t impose tariffs and facilitate trade at the same time.

      Anyhow, i am following you on #10 and #11. But then - why are these last on the list? They should be up front, while #1 and #2 are not to be held eligable for a well or badly run economy. A last word: Education is certainly a big issue for economic progress, don´t you agree?