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Eternal Question 14: How to Stop an Alien Abduction?

Updated on September 28, 2014

How to Stop An Alien Abduction?

As an Independent Research Scientist, I research the nature of the human condition and mankind's connection to Spirituality. I do so by research and first hand experimentation.

(Please read the Eternal Questions and their answers in order, as the answers build upon one another in an ordered and sequential format.)

Growing numbers of people have reported that they have been abducted by Aliens.

Are Human beings Really being abducted by Aliens?

A Scientist researches the Facts and Makes an Astounding Discovery!

If people are being Abducted - for what nefarious Purpose?

  • Is there a way to Stop these Terrifying events - as they are happening?

Unfortunately, the evidence supports the conclusion that people are being abducted!

The Evidence also supports the conclusion that at least some of the on-going Cattle Mutilations are being performed by these aliens.

Additionally, the US Government appears to be using the UFO alien agenda as a Black Ops cover opportunity to do their own Cattle Mutilation harvesting, using the infamous Black Helicopters. It has also been suggested that the US Government is also doing long term testing from the Radiation Effects of old nuclear weapons testing.

The aliens seem to come in many varieties, from both Terrestrial and Higher Dimensional sourses. (reports by Robert O. Dean)

The main nefarious group of aliens, involved in the abductions, appear to be what are called 'the Greys'. They come in two sizes the tall Greys and the short Greys. The tall Gray's appear to be the leaders and the small Greys, the Worker ants - so to speak.

What do the aliens want? The Aliens appear to want Human DNA. The same thing with the Cattle Mutilations. (All the biological specimens taken from the Cattle Mutilations are biologically sensitive body parts used in DNA testing.) In humans, the aliens seem to want Human sex cells - sperm from the males, and eggs from the females.

Stories abound that the aliens are actively working in a long term project for the creation of a Human-Alien crossbreed!

UFO crashes have not only found evidences of Human Abduction, but also - Human body parts had been collected, even as observed being performed in the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon.

Years ago, I personally sponsored a speaker named : Percy Galloway, a black man, who claims to have been abducted by every known group of aliens around. Percy has written a series of books where he recounts his experiences. Percy has a unique genetic feature, he has a blue iris in one of his eyes, he claims - the result of alien genetic testing on him.

My brother also attended the meeting and spoke with Percy Galloway personally, after the talk. My brother had a personal interest as he had his own apparent alien encounter years before in a small northern New Mexico town. My Brother reported that after his experience, while driving at night - street lights have a tendency to spontaneously go out as you approach them. This phenomena of Street Lights going out at night - has been termed Street Light Interference. When he asked Percy if he had ever experienced this Street Light Interference after an alien visitation. Percy responded that after his very first abduction, he began experiencing Street Light Interference.

Members of the CE4 group claim that by calling on the name of the 'Lord Jesus Christ' you may stop an Alien Abduction in process!

UFO and American Indians:

Apache - Dulce NM - called the greys 'the Ant people'.

Hopi - called the Reptillians 'the serpent people'.


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