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Eternal Truths!

Updated on January 5, 2013

Blessings for ever!

Science vs spirituality!

When we talk about creation, it is implied that prior to creation there was void (nothing). How and when the creation commenced and who is the ‘creator’? But none can answer these complicated questions since none were there before creation! Scientists today assert about the ‘big bang theory’. How this ‘big bang’ happened and who or which power has instigated the big bang? No scientists have answer to all the above questions. All the inventions of scientists are based on certain assumptions and they start work around those assumptions to arrive at the result. Even in mathematics also, in the first step they assume certain quantity as ‘x’ and proceed with the calculations. There is nothing wrong in assumptions but the results have to be verified from many angles. No two scientists agree on a theory. Hence every decade brings newer concepts. Even Einstein’s theory is disputed in many scientific circles. To day, we hear about “Higgs boson, (god particle). When one door is opened by scientists, they confront with many closed doors. Saibaba has once said that the science is like the letter “C” which always retain a gap which can not be closed whereas spirituality is like the letter “O” which is complete and full circle. Scientists gather ‘information’ while spirituality is about ‘transformation’.

One more philosophy is that one should ‘empty himself’ in order to realize the Divine. What is the process of ‘emptying’? We unwittingly gather many inputs and store in the brain. What we gather from the outside world is mere trash. We have stuffed our brain with this trash. Hence, we should completely empty ourselves to gain real wisdom. Here I remember a small but beautiful example given by Saibaba. There is a glass full of water. You want to take milk. What we do normally is ‘emptying the glass of water and pouring milk instead. Hence in order to drink nourishing and sustaining milk, we empty the glass and pour milk in the glass. When there is so much of unwanted trash in our brain, how we can fill it with wisdom from gods? Worldly knowledge may fill our belly but spiritual knowledge alone will be our eternal companion. Of course, we need secular knowledge in order to live in this world but we should not miss our goal which is “Self Realization”. Many knowledgeable persons occupied the earth but only a handful is remembered. They are great philosophers, saints and sages. Why we follow the messages of prophets? It is the message of eternity. Prophets are like great treasure houses. They are fully aware of the ephemeral worldly life. They came to guide humanity towards eternity. Hence we should have faith in the teachings of sages and saints. Scriptures of every religion contain great Truths. We simply read them but do not follow the teachings. Hence there are natural disasters, wars and famine everywhere. We should follow righteousness and Truth. Then only the world will be peaceful and prosperous.


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