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Eternal Truths about life on earth!

Updated on September 10, 2016

Good and pleasure!

Seek good over pleasures!

The scriptures talk about two things, one which seeks pleasures and the other seeking good! There is marked difference between pleasures and good! The terms used by the scriptures are “Preyas” which connotes ‘pleasure seeking’ and the other one is “shreyas”, which is good for one! Pleasures are initially enticing and make one long for it very often. Seekers of good are constantly striving to tread noble path! The one seeking pleasures are caught in the coil of mundane existence while the other path lead one to god! The ultimate aim of all beings is to reach the source which is god! But, majority of human beings seek ‘pleasure over good’. This is the paradox of life. Hence most of us are caught in the cycle of repeated births and deaths. Looking at the world scenario today, none would like to undergo the imprisonment inside their body! It is akin to a parrot in a cage! It seeks freedom to fly into the sky outside! The soul within everybody is like the parrot! Until someone comes and release the parrot from the cage, the parrot may consider the cage as secure place! Similarly, the bound soul may feel that its present position limited to a body is safe and OK. Only a preceptor can open the eyes of the individual to the infinite freedom beyond the body/mind complex!

hanging upside down!

A beautiful story from ancient Upanishads!

Just contemplate, what we achieve in this dreadful existence? Here, I remember a nice story mentioned in the Upanishads. In a thick jungle, a man was aimlessly wandering. He was haunted by severe thirst. While wandering, he has not noticed a deep well, which was covered by shrubs all-round. Unfortunately, he fell into the deep well head long! Fortunately, some shrubs entangled his limbs and thus he was prevented from direct fall. He was hanging upside down! A lion which came to the edge of the well was looking at the person thus dangling midway in the well. It wanted to feast on the flesh of the man. At the bottom of the well, a huge snake was hissing at him, though he was many feet above it. While he was hanging precariously thus, two rats’ one in white color and other in dark color was biting the shrubs which hold the man. The rats were cutting at the coir like shrubs! Imagine the situation! Neither he can climb up, since the hungry lion is waiting for the man to come up, nor he can descend to the bottom where the snake is waiting to bite him! At that moment, a bee hive above was disturbed by birds and few drops of honey were dripping from above. The man, eager to taste the sweet nectarine honey opens his mouth and extends his tongue in the direction of honey drops!

Now, look at the situation! The life of the man is precariously hanging and even in such life threatening situation, he longs for the few drops of honey! The above story is the story of each one of us! We are all hanging upside down in this miserable earthly existence, haunted by many threatening situations and circumstances. But our attachment to the paltry pleasures which are like little honey drops never wane! Hence, the sages and saints exhort man to withdraw the senses from sense objects and lead a life of detachment and discrimination! The pleasures of the mortal life are of fleeting nature! They are like the streaks of lightning, a flash and gone! Why should we exert ourselves to earn and hoard? Not a particle of sand, we can take while leaving the earth! Only the effects of good and evil deeds accompany us in the afterlife! We will get a suitable body to undergo the effects of the past deeds. This is a never ending cycle since in each new birth; we will commit more deeds which awaits fructification in future! The wise man on the other hand does not gather either merits or sins which are responsible for future births! Yes, in one life, we cannot undergo all the effects of the past!

Desires lead to actions!

Desire-less actions leads one to freedom ultimate!

Here is a riddle! How can we remain without performing any deeds? Lord Krishna had clarified to Arjuna in the battle field, “Do your duty without aspiring for the results! Thus you are rid of the effects once for all. When you always perform your legitimate duties and surrendering the result to God, no sin or merit will accumulate in you! In the long run, it will cleanse your inner conscious and this will lead to freedom from mundane existence! This philosophy of “desire less actions” is very much applicable to the present day world! If each one of us start performing our duties without hankering for the results, the conscious of each will be purifies which would result in Peace and welfare of society. Ultimately, it will lead everyone to Godward path!

But the atmosphere today is polluted by selfishness and greed! Everyone here wants to earn for his own family and none bothers about the deplorable plight of the poor in society! If everyone neglects the poor, where they will go! In fact, god has given certain people affluence based on their past merits. It is really a trust. With the surplus wealth, we need to take care of other unfortunate brothers in society! All are connected in souls. Soul is one and the soul pervades the cosmos and creation and transcends it. Let us understand this fundamental truth and Love each other as Jesus loved all. Hence Jesus has proclaimed, “All are One, Be alike to everyone! Unfortunately today people differentiate and distinguish based on outer forms, race, color, language and religion! While practicing our own religion, we must tolerate others practicing their religious beliefs! In fact, all religions lead to One God, who is Truth, Wisdom and Love! Let us aim for freedom from the shackles of earthly life!

Meaning of Moksha or liberation!


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