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The Chronicles of the Sons of God

Updated on July 25, 2016

Quiver Full of Sons

Quiver full of Sons
Quiver full of Sons | Source

Eternal Culture

Mapping out the journey for our Spiritual Family and the Clan is one of the highest priorities of Spiritual leadership and this takes a tremendous measure of spiritual discipline and complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit. Watching CNN or BBC is not where you are meant to be taking your que from because the World News Networks are only reporting on Worldly issues after they have happened. The Father had me change the course of my personal movements, so that I could see in a direction that He wanted me to see and gain insight into things that needed to be communicated to the Household at large. I was led by the Holy Spirit to relook at post-flood Noah. To know God, is to think like God, to know God as your Father is to think like His son.

Since August 2015 my getting back into the marketplace after ten years of being absent was a real shift and an adjustment for me, even though my job function was very familiar and my experience extensive, I felt totally estranged from that environment and culture, needless to say that I was being deployed in that direction for personal financial reasons that would benefit my immediate and extended spiritual family and to extend the measure of my grace into the business world, which was part of my prophetic call. The Father needed to breach the boundaries of my mental grace configuration for enlargement and refinement. He does this from time to time and we are left a little off balance and astounded until the penny drops as to what He is actually doing and then we relax into His directional flow again. If anything, He has taught me to wait and to ignore the pressure of my soul to act independently and prematurely. The intensity of the crushing pressure of change not only alters our way of thinking but also softens our hearts and liquefies our soulish resolve. I am finding myself becoming quieter, more internally reflective and my personal physical strength reduced significantly. It’s like having a continuous throbbing nerve infected toothache, or the pain of having your wisdom teeth extracted and post-surgery pain that are always there to remind me of the sufficiency of His Grace. It’s like the disposition of a Lion having the personality of a slain Lamb. We are being changed and the transformation is causing me to become more like Jesus. Reserved, slow to speak, keeping my opinions to myself, not wanting to defend myself, preferring to let fires die down by themselves, rather than rushing in to put them out, walking away more so to my personal loss, fearless of the outcome of any situation, decreasing so that He would increase; staying out of the lime light of popular ministry circles; eating less; sleeping earlier, just letting go more and more, preferring to live in the quite confidence that my Heavenly Father is in control of all things pertaining to life and godliness in my life. My thoughts are rooted in this truth, “What is man that I should fear him or the system of this world that I should put my trust in them, therefore Satan has nothing in me”.

The vision for life in the natural and the Spirit has opened up a window of great expectation from God the Father only because I have no personal agenda anymore because my life is hid in His. I live to do the will of my Father and to finish. We have been given the Order of Gods Family as the foundation and we should use that as the plumb line for all of our building processes. I have to admit in all honesty and humility of heart that this definitive change in my whole being is very uncomfortable and there are moments that my flesh and my soul question my Spirit decisions. I wished I could have reported overwhelming surges of supernatural power and faith, immediate favor with man, visions and glimpses into the future, manifestation of the miraculous, like changing water into wine and so on and so forth, but understandably not YET. Don’t get me wrong I believe in all of those wonderful things but the Father is working differently with us His sons in this leg of the journey for now.

To prioritize our daily lifestyle choices by drawing from the culture of a Tribal Nation of Israel in the O.T has become my new point of view for emphasis. The culture and the order within the O.T Patriarchal daily functions and duties of the movements of the family and the extensive planning and rule, sustaining the life within the Tribe has become my beacon of qualitative study, its, normal but yet unfamiliar but definitely not strange only because I have been here, before time began. Eccl 3:11 He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also set eternity in their hearts, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the beginning even to the end. God the Father has deliberately hidden His ancient ways from the minds of natural man but will freely show this to His sons only. To become a pathfinder of the ways of the son is why you were saved and has been made available to us His Family exclusively. Until you touch the genome of your own spiritual identity, eternal things will be hidden from you. Follow this link for a detailed understanding on this subject.

In the beginning of this year the Father had me study and look deeper into the culture of the sons of God from the time of Noah post flood and began to peel back the layers of the natural to more clearly see into the Spirit regarding the events surrounding the curse of Canaan. What He showed me was very interesting to say the least. There has been so many interpretations surrounding the uncovering of Noah’s nakedness by Ham his son and the consequences of the actions of Noah in restoring order back again into His Family. I will try and tell the story and stay as close as I can to the unfolding revelation of the events that shaped the course of the history of the sons of God since the Flood and the destruction of fallen mankind pre-flood. Reading the account in Genesis 9:18, there is not enough conclusive reporting of the details. So in the absence of the details we let scripture interpret scripture and fill in the gaps with the culture of the people during that time. I began to see a very similar pattern happen in Genesis 2 at the temptation of Adam and Eve. Here is what I was shown.

Noah planted a vineyard and harvested his first crop, which may have taken about 6 months to a year from seedling to mature winemaking vines and produced a vintage. Anyway that process would have taken another 3-6 months. The wine that Noah drank got him intoxicated one evening andHam was there too having a drink with his parents and also got drunk. We do know that too much wine leads to debauchery and a loose uncontrolled tongue. We know that the Garden of Eden had a Tree that produced a fruit that Adam and Eve were not permitted to eat from, however eating this fruit intoxicated them into a hallucinated state that made them see themselves as naked which actually began as a Satanic suggestion to Eve. Scripture reiterates that the covering of a woman is her husband and therefore the nakedness of a woman is the lack of covering by her husband. God will always view the nakedness of the women through the authority that He places over her husband. Noah’s nakedness was actually the nakedness of Mrs. Noah. For the Adams Family their disobedience to God the Father caused them to fall from one state of Spirit being to that of a human being. This insight is reinforced that the deception entered the mind of Eve first and she ingested the idea and convinced her husband to partake of the same mindset. Now returning to Noah, somehow Ham in his immature ignorance took liberties that he should not have with his mother. In the their state of intoxication he disrespectfully posed questions that caused them to doubt their origin as the sons of God, just as Satan had done to Eve in the beginning, thus uncovering and revealing their nakedness again and reviving in his mother the counter culture and the orphan status of human beings separated from God. When God the Father comes into the Garden and calls for Adam who was hiding in the bush out of fear, Adam began to recount the events of their experience to God that day blaming his wife Eve for being enticed by the snake. God asked them this question, “Who told you, you were naked”? What the serpent represented to Eve, Ham represented to Noah’s wife and the scripture reports that Noah knew what Ham had done.

The Holy Spirit allowed me to see this as evidence enough to determine that it was false information or information that questioned your current state, like “If you are the son of God?, then prove it by doing something by doing what an orphan would do, like “turn the stone into bread, and feed yourself” that caused the demise for both parties the Adams Family and the now post flood Family of Noah. So Ham was the conduit for this false information and Shem and Noah acting in the place of God the Father, initiates a recovery process just as God the Father did in Eden for Adam and Eve. God first covers them in animal skins symbolizing the shedding of blood and the process of redemption that would come later for all mankind. Shem and Japheth take the blankets made from dead animal hide and walking backwards or reversing the information recovers their parents. Then the curses follow. Noah who is the custodian and the keeper of the ways and the culture of the sons of God acts with pinpoint accuracy, so that the culture of Heaven can be preserved through the spiritual natural bloodline of the sons of God. Noah inaugurates and reinstates the Spiritual Family Order within his natural family, which I believe is the mandated task as a Patriarch but he was waiting for the timing, and this was it. The scripture confirms that the sins of the Father, will visit the third and fourth generation, this is how the curse falls on Canaan the forth son of Ham. The primacy of the inheritance and the birthright of the Firstborn is the blessing that the Patriarchs hand over to the next in line that will continue to hold the culture of Heaven on the earth. The purpose of a Patriarchal model of Spiritual Families in the Kingdom of God was meant to preserve the culture of Heaven and the identity in the sons of God.

What we must appreciate is that Noah and his family are the only living human beings left after the total destruction of the human race through the flood. God pushed the restart button, so to speak to preserve a culture that He wanted in the earth. What I am now thoroughly convinced of is the order of spiritual family and the parameters of its operational framework that are built within its design to preserve the culture of Heaven. There, right there is the very same occurrence of events that were present when God began the process with Adam. Was this a shock to God? Was God caught unaware? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Innocent Adam had to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil so that Noah and his sons can fully understand the mind of God, so that they can fully accept the Spirit life of God as their original core image and likeness. It’s from the actions of Noah that we can pick up the scarlet thread of the Heavenly culture that was permitted to reorder the lives of the sons of God hence forth.

Noah first curses the fruit of Hams loins in Canaan, thereby reducing Ham to a slave again to serve both his brothers. Shem will become the son that will hold the primacy position of King and Priest of God Most High. He holds the birthright of the firstborn in the Household of Noah. When Noah dies, Japheth’s Household will live under the care of Shem’s providence and protection and Ham and his Household will serve both his brothers. Shem holds the double portion of his birthright by being the eldest son plus he holds the responsibility of Primacy which is to continue the “Eternal Culture”, among the Holy Nation of the sons of GOD, which is made up of multiple Tribes under Patriarchal fathers. For a detailed account of how these matters play out in the life of the Patriarchs please read; Birth of a Holy Nation Volume 1&2 by Dr. Corbett Gaulden.

Now this entire arrangement is spiritual but functions and plays out in the natural through the dyad relationships of Fathers and sons. This is the purest, untainted eternal culture of the Kingdom that must be brought back. We know this to be true because unlike the 12 Tribes of Israel that only had one Tribe of Priests, that being the Tribe of Levi. Here and now the entire Holy Nation is Priestly. The order of that Priesthood is known as the Melchizedek’s. This is the architectural blueprint of what exists in the heavens that appeared as a type and shadow in the Old Testament. I think I need to explain the Order of Priesthood or what is an “Order”? There are Patriarchs, Kings, Priests, Prophets, and Commanders of Military, Governors, and normal men according to the rankings of a nation in scripture. They all have different functions of leadership based on their measure of authority, rank and grace. Each is very important but it is grace that differentiates the rankings, that sets them apart from the natural. Order does not just mean a sequence of accuracy; it’s also the nomenclature of an Office. For example, the “Order” of the Priests of Egypt was known as the Potiphar. Joseph was serving in the High Priests home and was being sexually harassed by the Priests wife, her husbands name or surname was not Potiphar, his name could have been Jack, for all I know. The Order of the Kings of Egypt was known as the Pharaohs. The Order of the Kings of Rome was known as the Emperor Caesar, the Order of the Kings of Russia is called Tsars. The Order of Priest that served in the Temple or Tabernacle of Moses was the Leviticus. Both Moses and Aaron his brother were from the Tribe of Levi.

As you very well know that the Tribe of Levi was given no land in Canaan in the final distribution and they were assigned to administrate the functions in the Tabernacle. However Moses and Aaron were also the Prophets of God and it was only Aaron and the sons of Aaron that had the rites of passage to the High Priest function that was given to them by God Himself. Moses would speak to God on behalf of the people and Aaron would speak to the people whatever Moses told Him that God said. So in Numbers 16 in the rebellion of Korah what actually was going down? Korah was a Levite he was functioning as Priest in the service of the Tabernacle. This was his charge against Moses and Aaron, He said, “you have gone too far, the whole community is holy, every one of them, and the Lord is with them”. “Why then do you set yourself above the Lords assembly”? What Korah actually wanted was the right of Primacy, not the right of leadership. He wanted to be a prophet and a priest, he wanted the double portion. This is not an issue of leadership it’s an issue of the heart regarding the right of Primacy which is a divine appointment. When Elisha asks for the double portion of Primacy from Elijah, He is told in no uncertain terms that is not for him to grant. (See also 2 Kings23:4-20) How King Josiah is cleansing the Temple of God and removing other High Priests of foreign Gods from the Tabernacle of God.

My point is that the name of the man that met Abraham in the Valley of Shaveh (Equality) is Shem, who was the King of Salem and the High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. Salem was the headquarters, the epicenter of the Throne of the City of God in the earth.

We fail to understand what’s happening in Genesis 14 because we don’t recognize the connection between the Spirit and the natural only because we don’t allow the Holy Spirit to open the pages of the heart and to write down what He meant in the logos and its understanding to us, we have become too dependent on commentaries, Hebrew and Greek translators and the filter of Institutional Christianity which was fantastic and offered us tremendous insight but it is time to increase our capacity for the greatest measure of Grace, which is the seven Spirits of God the Father, the five-fold Grace of Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit residing bodily in the sons of God. Wow, the best wine (revelation) has come, is coming and is yet to come. Amen.

In Genesis 14 when Abram is rescuing Lot’s Family with the 318 men from his Household and allies neighbor’s, it is not just by war, that this is made possible. It’s the influence and the authority that Abram carries as being the part of the Family of God in the earth. Afterwards when Melchizedek Shem presents Abram with bread and wine at the presence of the foreign Kings and Abram gives him a tenth of all that was regained that the relationship is confirmed in public. The ruling King over all the Kings at the time was Shem. The foreign Kings knew that they were not supposed to touch any member of the Royal Priest Family of the King of Salem. So when Lot is returned back to Abram, the other Kings knew that they had broken the Royal decree and protocol, all members of the Family of God had diplomatic immunity of the highest order. YOU CANNOT TOUCH THEM. Shem with Abram is exuding such levels of authority it’s like the Mafia Family. We need to redefine how we understand the Tithe and the Bread and the wine within the context of what is happening here and how it is being declared to the realms of Principalities of Satan. You see you cannot go into the enemies Camp and take back what was stolen unless you know your identity and what Family you are from. The restoration of Spiritual Families under Patriarchs is what is now making its appearance back again in the earth and institutional Christianity is just a religious front that has absolutely no authority and power whatsoever, it is dead works a lie from the pit of hell an illusion.

The constituency of this entire Holy Nation is sons of God that can function in the five- fold Graces of Christ, are Kings according to the line of the Tribe of Judah, priests after the order of Melchizedek. They live from an eternal culture that’s been passed down from God Himself from Father to son which filters into the very fabric of the design of sons of men that are arranged as families from every nation. The Holy Spirit hovers over this spiritual Holy Nation, brooding and imparting life into every cell of this Corporate Son, causing it to grow so that it will over time cause every other false system to crash in those that are the heirs and joint heirs of Jesus Christ, those citizens of this Nation, the common wealth of Gods Family.

Now back to Noah and the curse of Canaan. In the economy of God, slaves are not permitted to own land, so the inhabitants of Canaan are just the tenants, they have no right of ownership, they are merely leasing it from God for the sons of God, working the land, planting crops, digging wells and maintaining it for the eventual transfer of the wealth into the Estate of the sons of God as their inheritance. The earth belongs to the LORD and the fullness thereof. The earth that produces all of the gold and the silver are mine says the LORD hence they form part of the inheritance for the Family of God. All of the systems of the world are built on the resources of the earth and our Father owns all the resources of the earth. It is therefore my very strong conviction that the sons of God will eventually control all the raw materials businesses now and in the future. Just like how Joseph was able to control the world’s grain from Egypt.

So many years later when Joshua and Caleb are instructed to possess the Land of Canaan after being slaves in Egypt for nearly 80-100 years, all of them should have remembered the promise of their inheritance, but only 2 out of the 12 spies remembered and it was for that very reason that the 10 were not permitted to enter in. The sons of Canaan were all the foreign inhabitants of their grandfather Ham. See Gen 10:6-21. The possessing of the Land of Canaan was never meant to be accomplished by mere brutish strength of war or positive faith confessions (the flesh and the soul) but was meant to be accomplished by the passing down of a culture from Father to son by transferring of information of who the true possessor’s of the lands are, and that the earth and the fullness thereof belongs to the Lord. What we must understand is that the worldly systems of Satan that occupy the earth through the Governmental structures of Nations are limited to a timeframe; this is why they are being shaken. Their lease is up, it’s time for the inheritance to transferred back to the rightful owners. From the moment that Jesus shouted with a load voice, “It is finished” The Kingdom of Heaven began invading like leaven the systems of the World. God the Father will not restore anything that He did not create in the first place for His purposes. Nothing in the worldly systems of Satan has any value in the Order of God for his Family in the Kingdom. Hebrews 2:5-8 It is not to angels that he has subjected the world to come...yet we do not see everything subject to them. Yet at present we do not see everything subject to them.e, about which we are speaking. But there is a place where someone has testified: “What is mankind that you are mindful of them, a son of man that you care for him? You made them a little lower than the angels; you crowned them with glory and honor and put everything under their feet.”In putting everything under them, God left nothing that is not subject to them. Yet at present we do not see everything subject to them.

Hebrews 11: 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, this is what the ancients were commended for. The Book of Hebrews is a record of the Holy Spirit that clarifies the dynasty of the ancient sons of God, picking up the rabbit trail from Gen 10:21 & 11: 27. Eber is the great grandfather of Terah, who is the father of Abram (see Genesis 14:13)The changing of the name from Abram to Abraham indicates the shift in the dyad of the relationship and readiness for Abraham to act on behalf of God for the earth. This also indicates his activation to the status of Patriarchy in Genesis 17. I will continue with this in, “The Chronicles of the Sons of God – Part2”.

NIV Ecclesiastes 3:15 whatever has already been (PAST), and what will be (FUTURE) has been before (PAST); and God will call the past to account…Selah

Grace and Peace

Leon Elijah


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