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ETERNITY - Have You Ever Wondered, Where Will You Spend Eternity?

Updated on May 12, 2019
Arthur Stace's One Word Sermon.
Arthur Stace's One Word Sermon.

ETERNITY - Something we should all consider.

This is the story of Arthur Stace, who was dubbed the Eternity man.

He was born in Redfern, Sydney in 1885 and grew up in the slums of Balmain. He died in 1967, aged 83. He was born into abject poverty and made a ward of the State at 12 - at 14 he was an habitual drunk, reduced to drinking methylated spirits @ sixpence a bottle and was pretty much homeless. Can you imagine drinking metho at 14? As a petty criminal, he was in jail at 15. In 1916 at age 31 he enlisted in the army for WW1, (he put his age down as 26) where he was almost blinded by a bomb blast. On returning home to Sydney his alcoholism only got worse.

One day in 1932 and now 47, he met a mob of down-and-out misfits hurrying along Broadway and one said to him - come on, there's a free meal at the church, so he joined them. And along with others of his falling, he attended that church meeting before being given a free meal - attendance of the meeting qualified you for a cup of tea and a rock cake. It was during this meeting the preacher was shouting, Eternity, Eternity, Oh where will you spend eternity? This message of eternity had a very profound effect on him and after the meal he was sitting in a park opposite and broke down. It was then he decided to turn his life over to God.

He either found or had a stick of yellow chalk in his pocket and there and then, he knelt down and wrote the word Eternity on the sidewalk. Bear in mind he had no schooling and was illiterate, he couldn't read let alone write his own name properly, yet the word Eternity was written in a beautiful Copperplate Script, which he couldn't understand how? From that moment, his life was to change.

Every morning very early, long before most had risen, he would get up and walk the streets of Sydney and he would write the word Eternity, always in yellow chalk, on street corners, sidewalks, station platforms - everywhere. Hence he became known as 'the Eternity man.' As it was an offence even then and it attracted the attention of the police who nearly caught him 24 times. I doubt if there were many who never saw it, even today if you ask those of my generation about it, they all remember it. There is even a song about him:

When I was child and walking down the street

I'd see a strange word written at my feet

Eternity is what it read, I asked my Dad just what it said

And it meant forever, and ever and ever..............


And Mr. Eternity

the man whom we never see

in the early light of day

with his chalk he'd write away

Eternity, Eternity...............

What to a young child could this strange word mean

A day, a week, a year, to some it might have seemed

another year to Christmas seemed an eternity

and a week to Saturday's pictures was like forever to me.............

The City streets he wrote on no longer seemed the same

where Mr. Eternity left this life Eternity to claim

and when the word in yellow chalk faded from my view

I knew a part of childhood disappeared too

And it went forever and ever and ever

Always, always.

It could have been because of the beauty of the writing that won the attention and wonder, if it was in his own illiterate scrawl it wouldn't have gained a second look. It was a One Word Sermon and was intended to make people think. He began writing this word in 1932 and continued every day for nearly 34 years! Almost to his death.

I saw this word many times in my 'teens' and I remember on many trips to town on Saturdays, walking up to a pedestrian crossing and waiting for the lights to walk, I'd look down and sure enough, there it was at my feet. Like so many I always wondered who he was until one day late in his life, someone saw him writing it and said to him - you're the Eternity man!!!

His reply was, "guilty your honour" and at last his secret was finally revealed. I have never forgotten the word Eternity, nor would many Sydneysiders who saw it. In the new year's eve celebrations, as everyone knows, the Sydney fireworks displays are spectacular, particularly on the Harbour Bridge and in the year 2000, the single word Eternity was emblazoned in the arches of the bridge - a fitting tribute to Arthur Stace and his One Word Sermon.

Over the years I would often recall that word and it moved me so much that I once considered doing a similar thing because of my own thoughts of so many who are just drifting towards a lost Eternity without a care. I knew what I wanted to write and I would have also written it in yellow chalk in Copperplate Script but because it is still an offence to deface sidewalks etc and the fact that there are so many surveillance cameras everywhere these days, it wouldn't be too long before I was before the courts. So perhaps there is a better way to get my message out there and that is what I am trying to do here.

As Arthur's message contained just one word, and he kept doing it for almost the last 34 years of his life, which I can only imagine the impact that word had on his life that caused him to do what he did.

I sincerely hope we would all think on the word Eternity and what it means.

Where Arthur just used one word - I'll use three.

You may be skeptical of my words and I can understand that but please remember I am NOT talking about the return of Jesus, no-one knows that day except God but scripture has left some compelling clues to the start of Tribulation and if you're prepared to look for them, you will find them. And as Arthur's single word sermon was designed to make you think - so is mine.

Year 2000 fireworks celebrations
Year 2000 fireworks celebrations


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