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Evangelicals Are “Disappointed” In Obama And Who Cares?

Updated on March 13, 2009


I read a report that the Evangelicals are disappointed in Obama, stating that they sat down at the table with him and although they knew his views on abortion and stem cell research before they backed him in the election, they’re officially “disappointed” in him. Disappointed that what…he kept his word and is doing what he said he would do? For too long the religious right have run this country but it’s my prayer that those times are changing. We no longer have a President who thinks we’re “in our last days” (and does everything in his power to see to it that the apocalypse actually happens) we have a President who is intelligent and understands the importance of science as well as a place for his faith while understanding that not everyone believes what he believes and he’s okay with that. Evangelicals are “disappointed” in Obama and who cares? – Don’t Get Me Started!

Much like the Catholic Church who has been allowed to amass fortunes without paying taxes (only to go bankrupt to avoid paying off all the people whose lives they’ve crushed with their pedophile priests) the Evangelicals needs to begin to understand that they are no longer the “moral majority.” Christians are NOT the keepers of morality in the United States nor should they be from what we’ve seen time and time again from them.

Disappointed? This is my most hated word in the English language because no matter what anyone tells me, that word carries along a judgment with it and who the hell are any of us to judge others? Before you say it let me write it for you. Yes, I make judgments all the time (and boy do people write in to tell me about it. I wrote a blog years ago about a “Life Coach” I saw in Starbucks who seemed as though she couldn’t coach a cat from under a sofa and only two days ago someone wrote to me to chastise me for “judging” someone’s ability by their appearance, etc.) We’re all constantly living in our glass houses with simply buckets full of stones that we throw daily. A disappointment is when your hair color doesn’t come out right. To me, to be disappointed is human, to criticize is divine.

So while we’re on the whole idea of disappointed, let me tell you how disappointed I am in the fact that eleven military personnel who were fighting for our country we’re “relieved from duty” in January alone because they’re gay. Were they bad in their posts? No, in fact most were exceptional but because they are gay, they’re out. This should have me saying, “Serves the straightees right.  Straightees start these wars and so the straightees should clean up their own mess.” But you know what? That’s not how I feel. This doesn’t disappoint me, it makes me mad as hell that not only is this ridiculous discrimination allowed to exist but the reality is that we don’t have our best people possible helping keep America safe just because they’re gay. Frankly that makes me want to vomit. And to piss you righteous “keep the gays out of the military they’ll want to get into my son’s foxhole” people as riled up as me, it makes me want to vomit and wipe my mouth on an American flag. (Which, by the way is still legal!)

Evangelicals need to learn that the time has come for them to be put in their place. They can believe whatever they want, that’s why we’re all here in America but they can’t run the country (Bush proved that for them). For years they have scared people with the concept of hell to raise money so that they can take their untaxed billions and dole it out to the political people they need to keep their agenda alive. Well guess what? America is for you but it’s not for you exclusively and it’s time you learned that my holier than thou ones. Obama doesn’t need to be everyone’s personal Jesus, nor should he want to be (and besides, you Evangelicals seem to have plenty of demi-gods the way you worship your religious leaders more than you seem to worship the big JC). Obama doesn’t need your judgment or you worship, he just needs you to respect the fact that he’s the leader of our country.

The man has been in office for roughly forty-five days but I guess to the Evangelicals they were expecting miracles (even though none of their leaders have been able to make any happen in my lifetime). Look, I want “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” gone, I want the rights that every other couple has under the law with my partner of over twenty years, I want a lot but the difference is that I’m willing to wait my turn while Obama and his team try to figure out the economic mess that was built by greed and a lack of government regulators actually regulating. There’s a lot to do kids so I wouldn’t start getting disappointed quite yet, instead I think it’s time for you to take a long hard look in a mirror. What you really need is for someone to go a little JFK on your asses and I’m more than willing to be that person, it’s time to start asking what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you. Evangelicals are “disappointed” in Obama and who cares? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Hello, somelikeitscott,

      This is very well-written and thought-provoking post. I do not have to tell you that when it comes to the "issues," you and I are on opposing sides. However, I do respect you for standing up, and standing firm, for you beliefs. You are not wishy-washy, in the least.

    • CoCoa_81 profile image

      CoCoa_81 7 years ago from Shreveport, Louisiana

      I am soooooo sad that they are DISAPPOINTED! HaHa who cares, it doesn't really matter now does it. I'm a religous person but I DO NOT pass judgement on others because I have a nasty little habit of running off at the mouth when someone insults me. Thanx!

    • doitrightnow profile image

      doitrightnow 8 years ago from San Juan, PR

    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      So true. I hate that word and I am thoroughly "disappointed that they are "disappointed". Eat that Evangelicals! I'm with tonymac04, I hope lots of people read this hub. Great info.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

      Brilliant! I totally agree with you - no person or group of peole can claim to have an exclusive handle on morality. And so far, from sunny South Africa, Obama looks like the real deal. I was so excited the day he was elected one would have thought I was a US citizen!

      And as for discrimination against gays and lesbians that's as evil and perverted as racial, cultural, language or any other kind of discrimination - as you say, "don't get me started!"

      Thanks for these thoughts and may many read and learn from them.

      Love and peace