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Even in Laban’s homestead, even in Egypt you can still prosper.

Updated on August 13, 2016

Those who are forgiven more sins love more

After receiving our salvation we are forgiven all our sins. All?. All!
After receiving our salvation we are forgiven all our sins. All?. All! | Source


Redemption means paying of the price to set somebody free. Securing the freedom of someone. In the Garden of Aden we sold ourselves to the enemy. To liberate us from the enemy God had to use legal means. Jesus became our redeemer. He paid the price for our freedom.

A synagogue is a suitable place to search for redemption

After we were born again we got total redemption from our sins. Thanks to the blood of Jesus.
After we were born again we got total redemption from our sins. Thanks to the blood of Jesus. | Source

10,000 reasons (Bless the Lord) - Matt Redman (Best worship song ever) (with lyrics)

Our redemption had to be legally binding

We became slaves to sin and death after our first parents sinned in the Garden of Aden. God could not show mercy before first punishing man for his transgressions. He is merciful but also a righteous God. If he was to forgive man before meting out a punishment then Satan would have been on his case. He would have rightly declared God to be unjust. How come he is forgiving man but not Satan? Isn’t a sin a sin? Satan had revolted against God and expelled from heaven. Without paying the price for our sins then our salvation, if granted by God would not have been varied. Our salvation is however now varied because Jesus paid for our sins with his blood. If he had forgiven man before a punishment was meted out then he would have been an unrighteous God.

After redeeming us he empowered us

(Act 3: 1-10) He made us kings after he had redeemed us from our sins. In normal circumstances a freed prisoners find themselves lost in the free world. They don’t know where to start from. They will have lost all their friends and contacts while in prison. The free world might not be any different to them from the life they were used to in prison. Frustrations force them to commit new crimes which make them arrested once more. What would they have done anyway? They were broke and did not know how to make a decent living legally. After our salvation, however he made us kings and queens. We have acquired a new status. A new beginning. He empowered us so as to live a life of redemption, not a life of a prisoner.

Hills and vineyards

Hills and vineyards in the Orb River Valley.
Hills and vineyards in the Orb River Valley. | Source

Still - Hillsong united with lyrics

What were we actually redeemed from

We were redeemed from poverty and sickness. It follows that these two are real, otherwise how can you be redeemed from things which are not tangible. We have been redeemed from these. Luck, insufficiency and poverty are things that God exempted us from after he redeemed us from our sins. If we were redeemed and these afflictions still left intact in us then we would not claim to have gained total freedom after being released from the prison of sins. We were delivered from all these after we were born again.

Ruins of castle

Ruins of castle in Šášovské Podhradie, Slovakia.
Ruins of castle in Šášovské Podhradie, Slovakia. | Source

The enemy is now disarmed against us

Satan no longer has any weapons to use against you. He got disarmed after you received your salvation. Don’t empower the devil by your unbelief and your fear. After being born again you are translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his son. By nature of redemption you have power to trample on scorpions and serpents. He has given us authority and power. Our salvation means that we have dominion over Satan. In Acts 3:6 Peter declared that he has no money to offer the beggar but was ready and willing to offer him what he processed; power and authority to heal . This is what you receive after being born again.

The "Lone Cypress" (a Monterey Cypress Cupressus macrocarpa)

The "Lone Cypress" (a Monterey Cypress Cupressus macrocarpa) at 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, California.
The "Lone Cypress" (a Monterey Cypress Cupressus macrocarpa) at 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, California. | Source

The blood Jesus is the source of our freedom

(John 10: 10) Salvation is sweet. We were once convicted criminals but Jesus paid the price for our crimes and we are now totally free. Freedom! A man commits a serious crime; he is arrested taken to a court of law. He is convicted, jailed and serves fully his jail term. At the end of it all he is free. You can’t justly point out his previous crime. He paid the price for that crime and is therefore free from it. It is forgone in the eyes of the law. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Our accuser, the devil is now disarmed. He can’t point at crimes that the price has been paid for. The blood of Jesus the saviour of our sins.

There is none like you - Women of faith

Sniffer dog doing security checks

These guys are always on duty. If you are carrying drugs please don't cross their path.
These guys are always on duty. If you are carrying drugs please don't cross their path. | Source

NIV life application study bible, large print indexed.

In conclusion, things are getting really ugly.

Then there is this man who commits a crime, gets arrested and is thrown into prison by the just judge. He decides to scale the walls of the prison in order to gain his freedom. He is free all right but his freedom is not varied. He has not paid the price for his crimes. Trust me, a thief is only but forty days. Like he visits a fun fair show. The tractors are so strong, who made them? They seem very expensive. And these show cars are magnificent. I wish I could find some money to buy one of these. The girls, so many and so very beautiful! Everyone is so happy in the merry go round, the bouncing castle and the miniature train, but these are for kids, you know. Maybe I can try out the horses, never ridden any in my life. O, they also have camel riding. Life is good. Plenty of good food and strong booze, and girls! Life cannot possible be better. Where have I been all these days? The farmers, they have brought in all their choice stock. All beautiful and strong. These farmers must be making a lot of money in this farming thing. Events in the arena are also all very interesting but I have to visit the disco area. Music sounds good and equipment powerful. The DJ knows his work. He can psych the young guys. It’s getting late and I haven’t really seen all there is to see. I also have to find a cool place to smoke my bang. O, a police stand there. Sniffer dogs! I have never seen them. Just maybe in newspapers and TV screens when police are searching for bombs. Where do these bad guys come from? Anyway let me just have a look at these canines. O my God! Did you really go to school and if so, which one? Where are you going? What are you doing? What have you done? Sniffer dogs, bang, police, you have not paid the price, forty one days!


Jerusalem, Israel

get directions

This is where the synagogue that Peter cured that beggar was located.


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