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Ever learning Life!

Updated on October 23, 2014


Life is a learning lesson.

From Birth:

From the time we are born, it is the first day of our learning lesson of life. We learn that our Mother is the one that we depend on to survive. She gives us food to nourish our bodies, medicines to make us feel better, she changes our diapers and puts clothes on us. We learn our Mother and Father's smell and can identify them instantly. That is simply amazing!

  • Before long, we are learning to roll over on our own, begin crawling, then to walking. We fall, we stumble, we get hurt, but we learn. We learn the word no, we learn the word yes, we learn to talk and say Mama, Daddy, and lot's of other words to get what we need.

From Childhood:

Then we are off to Kindergarten and here is where we learn our most valuable social skills. We learn to share, draw, write our names, and how to get along well with other's. These skills will last us a lifetime and we will use them daily. They are the core of our lifelong social skills.

  • By now we are in school learning, reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and geography. We are making new friends. Our little minds are like sponges absorbing all this information. We are little mini citizens in the making. We are waking on our own, we are dressing ourselves, feeding ourselves, and even learning chores. Our Moms are teaching us life skills that we will need once we are out of the nest.


This has it all to teach your child!
This has it all to teach your child!



We are now adults and living out on our own and learning the way of the world. Working and paying our own bills and struggling from paycheck to paycheck, wishing we were a child again and back home where Daddy and Mama took care of everything. Lesson learned, don't rush your life, it goes by too fast already!

  • Then we get married and start a family of our own. A joyous occasion. You are proud as a peacock that you have made this tiny little person that belongs to you. You learn how to be a parent and hope that you can be as good of one as your parents. You call on your parents for advice about your child or children, lesson learned, you find out your parents were right all along!

Now your parents are getting up in age and their health starts failing them. It breaks your heart because there is nothing that you can do but be there to support them. You remember back to your childhood and think, Where did the time go? How did my strong parents get to this position in life? I thought they would be here for me forever! Lesson learned, it is hard to let go, but let go we must.

  • Time goes by and your children are adults now and you are feeling the sting of getting older too. Before you know it, you are a senior yourself and you think, Where did the time go? How did my body fail me this way? How long, or short, of time do I have left? Lesson learned.

We all must make the most of everyday. Life is a precious gift that we must treasure. Take the chances that you are given so that you won't regret not taking them later. Slow down and look at our beautiful world. Take time to enjoy nature, go on trips every chance you get. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Senior Years

Cherish your Life!

True wealth is Love!
True wealth is Love!


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