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Every experience is a great lesson!

Updated on February 11, 2014

Troubles are stepping stones!

Time is a great teacher in life. We undergo many experiences in life during life time. We need to understand that each experience is meant for educating us regarding the aim of human life. Many of us usually resent undergoing testing time. More than favorable periods, it is difficulties and trials teach us lessons quickly. If we are not attentive, we will miss its purport. Ups and downs of life is common to everybody. They are intended for our welfare and uplift. Pleasant experiences are quick to pass whereas sad experiences weigh around and it is not easy to shake them off from the memory. It has a purpose. Children relish sweets but the Doctor administers bitter pills to ward of fever etc. Sweets spoil the health of the child whereas the bitter pills cure the indigestion or fever. If the road is smooth without any bump, the frequency of accidents are more. Hence speed breakers are introduced at the appropriate places to prevent such accidents.

Smooth roads tempt us to increase the speed which invariably ends in some mishaps. If the road offer rough ride with lot of obstructions, every driver becomes cautious and there will be slow driving with zero accidents. This is the main purpose for troubles and trivial in life. Edison, the famous inventor has spent years in experiments to find out many things. He used to neglect even his food for many days. His focus was always on his experiments. During those days, the facilities for research were lacking. Hence he has to start his experiments from scratch since there were no previous research on the subjects he took for research. Today, the researchers have access to millions of topics from the net and there are sophisticated instruments to measure accurate results in every subject. But during the time of Edison, everything has to be worked out manually and he has to invent the ways to record his findings. He meticulously recorded thousands of pages of data. Unfortunately, due to some fire accident, his data caught fire and reduced to ashes. But, he never become desperate. His zeal for new inventions triggered his memory and he became successful to invent many things for the welfare of mankind.

Today, everything is available on computer network. Researchers can access many research papers online pertaining to their area of research. But the zeal of Edison is rare. Hence we must understand that troubles and obstructions are really stepping stones and we have to climb one step above with the experience thus gained. If we look at the life of great achievers in this world in any field, their path was never rosy.They struggled at each and every step of their journey. But relentless efforts made them to move in inches and after many years of struggles, they could reach their goal. I will demonstrate here some of the greatest in history who made lasting contributions in many fields. First and foremost, i can quote M.K.Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) who enabled India to gain Independence from foreign yoke. Though he was born in a well to do family, yet the orthodox and disciplined way, his parents brought him up is worthy of mention. His mother has a peculiar habit of seeing the moon before taking her dinner. Young Gandhi, was always posted outside the house every evening to let his mother know that the moon has arisen. Out of affection to his mother, one day, Gandhi told a lie that the moon is visible, though it is a cloudy day. His mother reprimanded him for telling lie and punished him. The maid, who was the care taker of Gandhi in younger days, told him the beautiful story of Harischandra, a king who sacrificed everything for Truth. The story impressed him a lot and he vowed not to tell any lie under any pretext.

Gandhi studied well and once he got an offer to pursue legal studies for getting the prestigious degree of Bar at Law.Though he achieved his aim, the culture of foreign life never suited him. Before departing, his mother extracted three promises from young Gandhi. He should eat only vegetarian food. He should never drink. He should not move with western ladies. Gandhi followed all this in-spite of many problems to get vegetarian food. At those times, he ate fruits and vegetables, nuts and grain to quench his hunger.. Since the life there was very costly, he even tried his hand to cut his own hair to avoid paying dollars for the hair cut. One thing greatly affected his feelings. The discrimination met out to Indians and Asians in foreign land. He had undergone racial abuse at the hand of an European in the train. He was thrown out of the train though he purchased proper ticket. This stet him into thinking to do his might to prevent such racial discrimination. His work led him to South Africa, where he witnessed the atrocities underwent by fellow Indians and Asians. He started Non-cooperation movement in a non violent way. He and his followers were beaten and brutalized. Gandhi gladly underwent all this to prove to the world that mere force or fear can never quell the feelings of freedom. His stubborn adherence to his principles earned him a great respect from Asian community there. Even the European Judge respected Gandhi though he pronounced that Gandhi should pay fine. Gandhi simply said, i have nothing to pay. Can you lend me five shillings? The judge offered to pay the fine on behalf of Gandhi.

His freedom struggle subsequently when he returned to India, continued. He understood that the economy lies in agriculture and the villages are the backbone of economy. But the highhandedness of colonial powers ensured utter poverty in the villages. Hence Gandhi personally toured the entire rural India to have first hand experience of the struggles of people there. Hence he conceived the idea of "Self-rule in a non violent way. Many times he was arrested and put into jail. His wife died when he was in prison. After much deliberations and after many struggles, the British yielded and granted Independence to India. But he could not survive to witness the young India and he was shot by a foolish man for advocating unity of Hindus and Muslims. Such great people have lived in the world to show that struggles ultimately lead to freedom!


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