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Every journey commences with a first step!

Updated on July 15, 2013

The boy Krishna lifts the Hill.

Confidence in the Inner SELF!

Many people do not start at all. Then how can they reach their destination? Reluctance, hesitation and a host of other reasons like fear of failure deter one to commence a journey. Every one is aware that to commence a journey, they have to take the first step. But remaining in the home and day dreaming about the destination will never take you to the goal. All tasks need a starting point. One step at a time will ensure progress in the journey. Then why people hesitate and fail? For performing even a small task, we need confidence in ourselves. Confidence arises from the Self and hence it is termed as Self-confidence.

For one to gain self confidence, several factors contribute. When a baby is brought up by the mother, her love and affection towards the baby instill confidence in the baby slowly. When it grows up as a boy or girl, it undergoes schooling with similar aged children. They learn to adjust and pursue their initial studies in the schools. At every stage, confidence is gathered little by little from undertaking small tasks and encouraging environment. Though the confidence seems to come from outside forces or events, the confidence lies in each soul as the Self. and we term it as 'self confidence and not as body confidence or mind confidence. Hence the mother and father, other siblings and co-students enable the confidence to come to the fore. One who relies on the strength of the body, status in society or wealth can not really be self confident. Actually in the longer run, such confidence derived from these ephemeral foundations will vanish. The deep rooted Self confidence will stand as a 'fort' in all your endeavors.

Here, i am reminded of a nice story which the readers might have come across. A rabbit and tortoise were about to start a running race. It is funny how the tortoise has agreed for such a feat.But really, the tortoise has tremendous Self-confidence. It was not thinking about the capacity of the rabbit and its own slow pace.The rabbit is a little bit arrogant. When the race started, it started thinking about its agility to win the race without much effort. It was watching the slow steps with which the tortoise was moving inch by inch. The rabbit thought, "I will take rest until the tortoise is above half way. Then, in a trice, i can run and finish the race. The tortoise seems to move in still slower paces. Again the rabbit thought, 'there is considerable time. I will rest a little more. The tragedy is that the rabbit has not started the race and it was weighing the pros and cons 'when to take the first leap'? Now the tortoise was really near the goal post, hardly few paces away! The tortoise never worried nor slackened its effort. It was simply moving inch by inch. The persistence and perseverance at last bore the fruit. It was only a few inches away. The rabbit could not gauge the position of the tortoise. It started taking the first leap but it was too late. The head of the tortoise has already touched the finishing line!

Many of us suffers due to 'over confidence' like the foolish rabbit. They imagine about their super skills but they fail miserably in the race of life. We are proud about the strength of body! How long the body will keep its strength. Soon 'senility' will set in. A youth can not maintain the stamina always. There are many a distractions on the path. Hence never underestimate others. If you really care, you can tap the strength of "Self-Confidence"!


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