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Every little thing is a wonder, if we think deeply!

Updated on September 5, 2013

The wonders of little things!

The summer rays of the sun prepare the soil for the next cultivation. Though it dries up the surface, many nutrients are ingested in the soil due to Sun’s hot rays. When the rain starts, the field become ready for tilling and seeding. But for the summer, no cultivation becomes possible. We are all aware that green leaves of the vegetation need the rays of the sun for the process of ‘photosynthesis’ by which food is preserved for the growth of the vegetation. Even in places where Sun’s direct rays do not pass, many leaves move their stem in the direction of sunlight.

We fret and fume during summer heat. But it was really a natural gift for the world. The light and heat are essential for preservation of many lives on earth. Likewise, water is the harbinger of life. If the body’s fluid level deplete beyond certain limits, we automatically get thirst to drink water. Hence our survival depends on the fluid levels in the body. During ‘diarrhea’ patients loose much quantity of fluid. Hence water mixed with salt and sugar is prescribed by the Doctors for such patients. Apart from this we need ‘oxygen’ for life. Blood circulation enables the oxygen to be drawn by the cells of the body. Lungs and kidneys perform purification of carbon dioxide and impure blood.

Our lungs are never tired of breathing, and the heart pumping the blood. Though nothing is visible outwardly, many functions are carried out in the body by an intelligent network of nerves, arteries and muscles. In this regard, our brain acts as the central processing unit of the computer. There are many memory cells in the brain. Like RAM and ROM, we too retain permanent and temporary memory. Once Lord Krishna asked Arjuna “what he partook on a particular day few weeks ago? Arjuna replied, ‘I do not remember. Again Krishna asked him when and where he first met his wife? To this Arjuna recalled from the memory, the exact day when he met his wife. Then Krishna told him, “You remember significant events of your life very clearly whereas you tend to forget routine tasks. This is how we retain long term memories and short term memories.

Inputs of data are through the senses and sense organs. They are processed by the brain. Then we get the results also from certain part of the brain. Hence, instead of key boards, we have the senses and sensory organs. Instead of the monitor, our brain itself makes us visualize things through the connection of the mind. Otherwise, we can construe that our consciousness as the pure white screen on which all impressions are received and seen. Hence, there are lot of similarities between our brain and the computer. But the capacity of our brain is ‘infinite’. We do not tap its complete potentials. Everyone uses around 5% of the capacity of the brain whereas Scientists like Einstein and Newton might have utilized around 10%. There are trillions of cells in the brain.

Today lot of research is going on in “DNA mapping”. It is really a mind boggling attempt. Only with the aid of computer data processing methods, the hitherto unknown area is b being investigated. In a way, the earth and all living beings are the greatest mysteries of life. Each speck of the soil is a subject of interest. Otherwise, we would not have ventured in ‘silicon chips’. When you consider it as a raw one, it is nothing but sand or mud. But how much potency ‘silica’ has got? But for this research on soil, we will not be working on our computers. The seemingly useless things are made to obey the commands of programs. Every little thing in this world is really a wonder, if we think deeply!

brain is like a CPU, Sun aids cultivation!


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