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Every little thing is predestined?

Updated on October 27, 2011


I think i have started a most controversial subject. Yet it is good for us to discuss a little about these unknown subjects. It is not my idea that 'every little thing is predestined'. How i got the idea is an interesting episode from the teachings of Ramana Maharishi who lived in Tiruvannamalai,a famous temple town in South India. He was a 'self realized soul' and practically lived through his life without any thought of body conscious. Hence many people around the globe are interested in his philosophy. Paul Brunton is one such philosopher who was interested in the teachings of Ramana. Now coming back to our story, once when Ramana Maharishi was resting in his cot in his room, many devotees came there to see him. As the climate was hot, one devotee had brought a hand fan made of palm leaf. He was using it for some time and then placed it on the floor. He suddenly asked Ramana Maharishi, 'whether his fanning and keeping it on the ground are predestined? Immediately Ramana Maharishi told him, an emphatic "Yes". He added that nothing is accidental and every thing is predetermined. Many of us would not bye this statement since we do not believe it logically or rationally. We have heard about 'sooth sayers' who correctly predict future events. They will be roaming aimlessly but their predictions turn out to be true. If that event is not predestined, how they can foresee the future? We have all read about "Nostradamus" and his famous book "Centuries". Though interpretation of the couplets is a bit difficult, yet many of his predictions of future events coincided with his prophesies. Again in the Bible, certain incidents were foretold. Even Jesus has predicted during the last supper that one among the disciple will betray. To another disciple he revealed that the disciple will tell false three times before the early morning. Every thing has happened as predicted by Jesus. In matters of spirit rational analysis or logical approach can never reveal the Reality. Even after Jesus has revealed that He is the Son of God, only few believed him. But many of his disciples understood his prophetic words and relied upon him until the last moment. They never questioned him and hence the holy Bible is read and revered even after the passage of 2000 years. Some people believe that the time of birth and death or predestined. Building on the same logic, i can say that when end points are fixed and irrevocable, the interconnecting points too is fixed and it can not remain isolated from the end results.

Now we will discuss about "freewill". Many theories have evolved around this single word. There are pros and cons. Just read the word. It is the combination of two words, "Free+Will". It implies that one who is "Free alone can exert his Will". Can any of our esteemed readers state that they are absolutely FREE? No! Every one of us are depending purely on the society for our needs. We depend upon our wife and children as a matter of necessity. Even if some body is single, he has to depend heavily on the outside world for all his needs. How can we tell that some body is Free? Only God is FREE and all others are bound. Rest in next hub.

Blessings from above!


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