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Every one needs to follow human virtues!

Updated on January 8, 2016

Message of Plato!

Gandhi quotes!

Be a true human being!

All the species, except human beings follow only their instincts and they can’t deviate. No beings possess the faculty of thinking mind except man! Why the mind has been given only to man? It is solely for the purpose of realizing the self within. But most of us use the mind for mundane purposes like, earning wealth and properties, gathering relatives, acquiring fame and fortune and leading a cozy comfortable existence. Man has the ability to observe the nature around him. Also, he observes the animals and birds and their behavior and nature. He observes the sun, moon and other stars in the sky. He understands the monsoon pattern. He has also learned to sustain himself, family and society by various activities like growing grains, fodder for cattle, trees and shrubs which yield fruits and flowers etc. But his attachment to the pleasures offered by the senses, entice him to seek more and more pleasure by hook or crook. Thus he deviates from moral ways and sink into bottomless pits.

From very ancient days, there were two types of man. One who fears god and observe morals in life, the other one cultivating demonic thoughts, follows the whims and fancies of the sensual mind. The first one ascends in the ladder of existence and evolution whereas the second one slides down from his current position. Discrimination, devotion and discipline are the hallmarks of a perfect human being. He need not follow the animals. One who uses his intellect more often to distinguish between the right and wrong ways of behavior will follow his own conscious to move along the divine path. The one, who is subdued by the mind enslaved by the senses recede to animal levels. The human life is granted for the precious purpose of reaching God. If man wastes his time and energy on mundane existence like eating, drinking, sleeping and mating, his entire life become waste!

Several thousand years before our existence, our forefathers, the ancient sages and saints have written codes for human behavior on earth. “Manu smiriti” is one such code. In that code, like the Bible, many dos and don’ts have been explained. The teachings pertain to various stages of human life like the student stage, married stage, house holder stage and elderly stage. A baby can behave in any way it likes, but not the student. Students have to lead a disciplined life, obeying the teacher in schools, maintaining friendly relation with co-students, helping the parents at home and taking care of their younger siblings. A married man is supposed to protect his aged parents, in addition to taking care of wives and children. He has to feed the guests. He has to give to the poor food, clothes and other helps. The status of the married man is high since he has got all round responsibility to serve his people as well as society. He has to tend the cattle, take care of their needs by maintaining cattle shed in his home.

The guests may be in the form of relatives, pilgrims, saints and sages of varying capacities. It is the duty of the house holder to look after their needs, giving them shelter in the night and rendering all the help they need. In addition, he has to worship the deities in home as well as in the temple. It is the collective responsibility of the villagers to maintain the temple, maintain schools for children and even a home for destitute. Of course, the king has the responsibility to construct rest houses and feed the poor. Festivals and other celebrations are conducted with the co-operation of one and all in the society. In a village, there will be many people following their own traditional occupation like the washer man, barber, and care taker of temples, care taker of public tanks, trees and cremation Ghats. The barber will double as the village doctor practicing herbal medicines etc. People were leading a happy, peaceful life and lived harmoniously by following the codes for human beings.

As time passed, the adoption of morals has dwindled, since man with the whimsical mind has started following the sensual path. With the degradation of moral behavior, everyone started living as per the dictates of the mind. Hence, time and again god sends great sages to the earth to correct human mind set. In a way, animals, birds and other species are far better than human beings since they never follow immoral or unrighteous behavior.

Nature retaliates for all the transgressions of human beings. Hence everyone here needs to cultivate the human virtues of truth, righteous behavior, peace, love and non-violence. The world will become a veritable heaven if the mindsets of all the people are transformed towards moral behavior!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago

      Exactly as you said, thank you a lot manatita44.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Gandhi's values are striking, and of course Plato was and still is a great spark in the Ocean of Consciousness. When man lives without these paramount values or virtues, he degenerates to the forest of the beasts. Hari Om!