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Every thing in this world is "Null and Void"

Updated on September 12, 2014

Dreams within dreams!

Are our experiences real?

Everything in this world is ‘null and void’. Every experience in this mundane world is also ‘null and void’. These are like the dreams experienced by the dreamer during his sleep! In a way, everything is dream and has no reality beyond the dreamer’s dream world. What constitute a dream? It is an illusory experience of the dreamer due to the effects of mind. Mind is the creator of dream experience while the individual is sleeping. Sleep is really ignorance veiled in rest. Your true state is ‘Pure Awareness” and hence the dream experience or sleep are really veils covering the ONE who in his pure state is a ‘simple witness’, a mute witness, an unaffected witness. In a way, the world of creation is a continuous dream of the creator, who witnesses them without involving in the dream.

Once, a great King Janaka was lying in his beautiful cot which has silken mats and silken pillows. The maids were fanning the King with peacock feathers. The King was asleep for a while in which he had a very terrible dream. He was on a hunting game in deep forests. His body guards and aids could not follow him since the King was pursuing some wild beast on his horse. The forest was thick with tall trees and thick growth and the King lost his way. He waited for his aids but not a single guard could be seen in the vicinity. The king was forlorn with thirst. He was searching for water but he could not find any source of water nearby. He was crying for water and the maids heard that the king was crying for water. The queen who was standing nearby brought the best fruit juice and implored the king to quench his thirst. The King got up and seeing his queen waiting with a jar of juice, asked “Which is true, this or that? He was continuously asking the same question repeatedly. The preceptor was brought in. He looked at the condition of the King. He too was queried by the King “Which is true, this or that? The preceptor silently meditated for a while and understood the paradox. He told the king, ‘neither of this is true”, “You who is the witness of both states is really true”

The King understood the answer but the maids or the queen could not understand the answer! Hence it may be seen that the witness of the states of sleep or dream or waking state is the reality. The states change but the unchanging one is the witness who prevails in all the states! Hence, it may be stated ‘all that change is like the dream state and hence they are illusory! For instance, ‘you are eating a sweet dish’. You enjoy the sweet as long as it is on the tongue. Once it is sent to the gullet, you no longer enjoy the sweet. Hence all sensory pleasures which are only momentary are really dreams.

Now let us see ‘what is space? Space is really ‘nothing’. But the space accommodates every little thing we perceive! How ‘nothing’ can contain anything? It is really illusion created by the mind element. When the individual was lying in the cot and dreaming, it is the mind which creates the dream world, persons, and things, situations which are life like, and create a false you also and make you to react in the dream world. All the while, you were lying in the cot. How can you aver, that the mind is incapable of creating a dream world in the waking state too? When the mind has the ability to manifest a false world during sleep, it is quite capable of creating a dream like world during waking state too! But this realization will come to one when he wakes up from the dream of both night and day. Once we wake up in the morning, we realize that everything we underwent during sleep is a ‘dream’. We have to wake up from the day dream also once we realize our reality as “Pure Awareness’, not subject to waking, dreaming and deep sleep states!

Hence Buddha also has realized that everything is false and everything is grief! What is grief? It is not realizing the Truth! Once we realize the Truth of ourselves, we won’t undergo grief or pain of any sort. We will be in the perennial state of Bliss!


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