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Every thing is a Dream!

Updated on November 20, 2011

Dreams are never Real.

Every thing is a Dream! Whether we believe it not, accept it not, every thing here is a big dream. This is what the Upanishads and other scriptures proclaim to the world. To realize this great Truth, lot of introspection is necessary. Now let us analyze a normal dream we undergo during our sleep. Every one in this world be him a beggar or king, be him a learned pundit or fool, all people invariably get dreams during sleep. We go to sleep in the night and sleep overpowers us. We are not aware of what happens after we sleep. Many strange things happen. Though our body is lying on a cot, our mind is active. It creates scenes by its own inherent deluding power. In the dream, every one undergoes variety of experiences. In the dream, time and distance do not matter. We dream about a far off land, meet many people, converse with them, eat with them and enjoy many pleasant adventures too. Psychologists say that the unfulfilled desires lying dormant in the sub conscious comes to the fore. Some times we dream fearful scenes as though we are chased by some terrorists. We run for our life and mysteriously the fear itself awakens us from the horrid dream. Some times many VIPs are seen to talk with us. There is no logic or sequence in the dreams. Some times we feel that we are harassed by the Police for some crimes which we have not committed. Some receive huge sums of money from some body. Many dream about a voyage to foreign lands by Planes and Ship. In my young age, I used to dream about big fighter planes bombing residential areas. I found myself as a target. At other times, we meet some beautiful girls, talk with them, dine with them etc.,

Well! It is time to wake up in the morning. You are lying in the bed but you have undergone many different experiences and emotions during the dream. Some dreams, we vividly recollect and other dreams are hazy. Now I ask the readers one vital question. Is the dream experience real? Just before waking up, while dreaming, we took every thing as a reality and hence our hearts misses a beat during some fearful events. Some people wake up profusely sweating since it was so real. Once we wake up, we feel relieved since it was a dream. Now we understand that the mind is capable of projecting the dream experience out of nothing!

The sages and saints declare that the waking state is also a dream! But we will realize this once we wake up in the SELF. Hence the saints do not react to the experiences of the outer world. They know it is an illusion. When the mind is capable of creating an illusion during sleep, it is capable of creating illusions during day time also. But this Truth will not be clear to the people involved in worldly affairs. Only a man of wisdom who is Self-Realized soul is capable of realizing the Truth. Rest in next hub.

Saibaba's Mahasamadhi view


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 6 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      I think that the dreams are the in depth feelings of our past which had not been fulfilled yet, and when we are at deep sleep, our mind recollects those feelings and make it run as cinema.I also heard about that animals also had dreams while they were in sleep. is it?