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Every thing is our own imagination!

Updated on February 8, 2013

Sri Krishna teaches Bagawat Gita to Arjuna!

Mind is full of imaginations only!

First of all, let us ponder over the term 'imagination'. It is the play of the mind! When we are not engaged in any particular work, the mind will be weaving its own scenes. This is imagination. It is not real. In a way, dream is also an imagination of the mind. Before we imagine certain things, we might have formed a mental image! Sometimes we find that the mind is always in constant chatter. We are aware of those thoughts, discussions, pro and cons which is being ruminated in the mind. What is the function of the mind? It is only imagination. Yes, the mind imagine a impending trouble and start worrying from that moment itself. Fear is the product of imagination.The mind confuses the individual and confabulate him. How can we take the stratagem of the mind as 'helpful' to one?

Now, our interaction with this world is through the mind only. If the mind is absent, we won't get any inputs. Though we may be watching a TV program or reading a newspaper, but if the mind is seriously thinking about a problem in the family or office, then one may not be aware what he is watching or what he reads! Hence the mind is a vital link for all our activities in the external world. We have seen in the above paras that the mind mostly weaves the web of imagination and get entangled in the same. Some times two or more alternative suggestion to some problem will be put forth by the mind and we will be perplexed to choose any of them. The main reason is that the mind relies on the sensory inputs and it has no inherent wisdom! If the mind is guided by the 'intellect', it will function well and help us to move forward. If it relies only on the senses, it will plunge us in great trouble. Intellect alone can guide us in correct path.

Now let us take the case of great Mahabarath war! In that great war, five brothers were pitted against their hundred cousins. The might of those hundred with enormous army of men, horses, chariots and elephants are great compared to the small army of the five brothers. But the brothers had the Divine as the charioteer! That was the greatest strength for any! Shri Krishna, the Avatar of the age has conceded to remain as a charioteer to the famous Arjuna of Pandava brothers. When the war was about to commence, Arjuna requested Krishna to place the chariot in between the two sides so that he can take a look at his opponents. What he saw was a bewildering sight! Yes, he saw his great grandfather Bheeshma as the Commander in Chief, his preceptors Drona, his uncles and cousins! How he will raise his bow against those who brought him up with love and affection. When he was a child, he was caressed by the grandfather Bheeshma. How he will aim those fiery shafts at his chest? He was crestfallen. He could not come to any conclusion. His bow loosened from his firm grip. He was in tears. He pleaded with Krishna, "I do not want this bloody war in which i have to kill my own people! What is the use of slaying all and enjoying a kingdom. Who will remain? He was gasping for breath in the agony. Krishna saw the weakness that arise in the MIND of Arjuna. He said, "You are going to fight a righteous war! You have not sought this war. The war was thrust upon by the so called relatives! Oh Arjuna! even if you do not slay them now, one day or other they will die!Do not give into body consciousness which is the cause of your weakness. Arise! Take your bow and fight remembering me! You won't incur any sin!

Now, we have to understand that Arjuna imagined the gory scenes of the war and hence he fumbled!. He relied upon his mind and hence this weakness! Had he relied upon his intellect and discrimination power, he would not have uttered the words which is a shame on the part of a warrior. In the war, no relationships should be considered. It was a just war. The five brothers tried their all to avert the war but the hundred cousins refused peace and hence the war. Hence never rely on the imaginations of the mind which will misguide us and follow the intellect!


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