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Every thing was blank before i start posting!

Updated on April 25, 2013

Teachings from the verses of Bagawat Gita!

Actions and reactions!

This has been my consistent experience before i post any hub. I have no idea or subject or the theme even. Just like a blank paper, I log on to the hub pages. Then a word flashes in the mind. Here i start. As though filling an empty pot, the ideas pour in and i just operate the key board to fill the capsule. I do not think about the next sentence or the words even. As though, it is a garland, the flowers of thoughts adhere to the central thread. After finishing it, i go through it. Till such time, i was not aware how the hub is going to turn or end! I can only imagine that some invisible force activate my brain and fingers and post the thoughts on the hub pages. It is only for name sake, i am the author of the web. But the author is invisible and activate not only me but every other contributor in a mysterious way. Of course i could perceive the force behind the posting. Others may simply post.

In a way, we are all 'instruments' in the hand of God! Some realizes it and others fail to perceive it. As clouds raise from the sea due to evaporation by the sun's rays and pour forth as rain on earth, things happen automatically. We hear about the orbits of various planets in space. Who sets them in motion? Who controls the motion of planets? Who prevents the accidental collision of the planets or even the millions of pieces of debris that were stranded there by the acts of man. In a way, there are automatic signals which are not man made but they are part of the creation. From the orbit of electrons inside an atom to the orbits of huge planets and asteroids in space, every thing is his play. We have to contemplate a lot to understand the creation and cosmos and the hand behind them.

Let us take an example. We have not willed our birth on earth in a particular family and to a particular birth. These things are 'pre-decided' as per the effects of our past deeds in various births. Yes, we are in the middle of series of births starting from the plant kingdom and we have evaluated into rational human beings who can analyse, think and postulate theories. Because we have powers of thinking and volition, let us not commit the mistake of thinking that we are the 'doers' of deeds. We have not brought the powers of cognition along with our birth by our efforts. Our birth itself is the result of permutations and combinations of the effects of our previous deeds. We have not invented that two + two adds to four. It was a fact which remains the same for ever. Hence Newton has made thorough research to find out, "every action produce equal and opposite reaction". He only invented the theory but the theory was already in place in the Kingdom of God!

It is said in the Bible, that God has warned Adam and Eve, "not to eat the forbidden fruit". The very condition put forth by God made them anxious to find 'what is there in the fruit? What will happen if we eat the forbidden fruit? Only after consuming the fruit, they were made aware that they are naked and they need to cover them. Till such moment, they were like innocent babies. Their innocence vanished, the moment they partook the fruit? Is it the mistake of God? He has granted the power of discrimination in human mind. When they failed to use it, they will have to suffer the consequences! Hence while creating man and investing in his the discrimination, God has warned him! "Whatever you do on your own volition will recoil back upon you. If you plant a mango seed, you will invariably reap only mango fruit. Otherwise, how you can hanker for mango fruit having planted the bitter neam (margosa) seed? Hence, God is just a witness of our feelings and actions and he is not involved in the decision making process. He has given us discrimination to judge and decide. If we fail in the process, God can never be blamed.

Saibaba has said, "God is like a Postman". He simply delivers the mails. He is indifferent to the contents of the mail. He ensures that he delivers the mail to the correct addressee. No doubt that these mails contains only such information for which we have worked!. It may be good news for some and to many it may be bad news! Why blame the Postman?


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