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Everyday Charms

Updated on January 30, 2012

Negative energy bounces far, far away.

Positive energy is here to grow and stay.


May the Powers that Be enhance my charms,

Bring love and friendship into my arms.

Whole love will strengthen in me,

Full of warmth and ecstasy.


May luck continue in my hand,

So what I seed may expand,

Thus I may secure a financial stand.


Healing Light surround me now,

Relieve my spirit’s darkest hour.

Through the journey of my soul,

Keep me healthy and free of ills.

Peace of Heart

Dispel the cloud upon my brow,

Uplift my spirits here and now,

Show me the charms of smiles,

Sing me the spell of peace.


Essence of fire burning bright,

Cleanse my world with flames of light.

Purge the disease of evil thought,

Reclaim all that has been lost.

House Protection

Unwelcome energy, fly with the wind

Be banished from this place.

For all who reside within,

Let this home stay safe.

All who enter must do so with good will.


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