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Everyone should contribute to the society!

Updated on August 23, 2015

The tree!

Every individual is a limb of the society and he can not live an excluded life!

Man possesses vast knowledge but he is not putting them into proper use. He has discriminating faculty but he keeps it in cold storage. He has choice making capacity but he chooses the wrong path most of the time due to the promptings of senses which enslave the mind.

The mind is the greatest force in the universe. In fact, it is the mind which caused the creation and cosmos. But, the mind derives its strength only from the Self and without the self; the mind is null and void. Before the manifested universe came into existence, the Self alone existed in its pristine pure state. Every one who is in the jewel making industry is aware that ‘pure gold’ can not be shaped into any ornament. A little dross in the form of copper or cadmium is mixed with the gold to enable the gold smith to make the desired ornaments. In the same manner, no creation can emanate from pure self. Before creation the mind was in a merged state with the self. When the mind comes out of the self, creation starts. But the creation can not go for ever. After each cycle of Yuga (aeon), the mind merges back in the self and the creation is absorbed back in the mind. We all know spiders weave beautiful webs out of the saliva in its mouth. Once the purpose is over, the same spider absorbs the web once again through the mouth.

Similar is the function of the mind. In the world, we have many plants and trees. The seed of each species of the tree is different from the rest. But the seed contain the DNA of the entire tree. Out of the seed, springs forth saplings and in few years, the sapling grow into a big strong tree with many branches, twigs, leaves, flowers and fruits. From a single seed, the entire tree grows. What is really a tree? It is nothing but the manifestation of earth into different ways like branches and leaves, flowers and fruits. Every thing looks different but they are the outcome of the single seed. Likewise, the mind is the seed which manifests as the universe. But the mind derives its powers from the Self alone.

Now, the tree offers man many valuable lessons. Trees give shade to the very wood cutter who cut the tree with sharp axe. Many people rest below the trees during hot summer days. The tree is the home for varieties of birds and insects. Almost, all the parts of the tree is used in many different ways. There are ripe fruits which are eaten by men and animals alike. Many species of monkeys, squirrels, birds and beasts eat the varieties of fruits, leaves, and nuts grown in the trees. Compare the body of man with that of the tree. Even the dry barks and branches are used as fuel and for manufacturing varieties of furniture. The dry leaves also become fuel. Also many useful medicines are manufactured from the roots, barks, flowers and fruits of the tree. The human body when it dies are cast away in fire or buried deep under earth. None of the body parts are useful except for practical anatomical classes in medical collages. Only some parts of the brain dead person is extracted for implanting in other patients, that too within the prescribed time limits.

We consider the human being as the most valuable creation on earth. The value is due to the intellect and thinking faculty. Of course, it is man who probed the outer universe and deep oceans and recorded valuable data. The scientists and astronomers are responsible for the great stride in scientific discoveries. But

The sad truth is that most of the researches are used for destruction of the world and humanity. Advances in atomic sciences are mostly used for manufacturing terrible weapons of war. The same atomic energy could be used for enhancing the living conditions of many people around the world. But the world leaders are mostly concerned with stockpiling of atomic weapons and missiles systems.

We have the beautiful tool in internet. But how the world uses it? Terrorists around the globe use technology and communication tools for destructive ends.

Students easily access forbidden web sites and become morally corrupt. How much portion of the net is used for the welfare of the poor citizens around the globe? Hardly 5% of global population benefit due to information technology. Many lives were lost or spoiled due to unbridled freedom of net access. How the world governments are going to rectify this state is a million dollar question.

People are interested in accumulating wealth by hook or crook. The river flows and offer solace to many on the way. But the accumulated wealth at one place is like the cesspool which is not utilized for the poor community around the globe. Hence Ford and Microsoft CEOs found that there are moral obligations to the society from where they earned millions. They founded charitable trusts to alleviate the sufferings of poor in many third world countries. Only after they reached 40 years or more, they started thinking about the plight of the poor. They realized that they can not take a single penny to the other world when they pass. They have taken good decisions to start those foundations. Many poor HIV afflicted patients are now able to get medications and treatment due to the philanthropic inclinations of such multi national companies.

Hence every one should develop a helping tendency and offer whatever help is possible by them to the poor in the vicinity. Small drops of rain become a rivulet and finally develop into big rivers!

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