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Everyone want to remain happy!

Updated on May 20, 2013

Be Happy like Sai!

The Self is the repository of all happiness!

All human beings on earth without any variation desires to lead a joyful life and to remain happy forever. It is not wrong to desire such things since our innate nature is "Bliss". Hence we desire to remain in bliss forever. It is written in the scriptures that man is essentially Divine and hence he desires to live forever, gain all knowledge and to remain ever in bliss. But the methods adopted by man to attain the above from the external world and through the senses become futile.

The creation is essentially dual. Otherwise, there won't be any creation or cosmos. For instance, earth alone can not produce any plant. A seed is needed. Only when a seed is planted inside the surface of earth and watered around, a sprout will occur in few days. Likewise for all procreation, two factors are needed. When everything is white, nothing can be perceived. Only when there is black color, we can perceive the white and black. Duality and contrast make life on earth possible.

The Veda and Upanishads from Hindu philosophy define God as 'ambrosia'. The world of creation is a sport of God. As we enjoy watching the games of saucer or cricket, God too enjoys the sport of creation. Varieties of living beings inherit the earth. The sages of ancient lore has written that there are eighty four lakhs of species in this world. God loves variety. He is not satisfied by creating identical variety of species. If you take the case of fish, there are many varieties abounding in ocean and water bodies. Likewise birds are created in different colors, sizes and shapes. But man has no time to enjoy nature. He always broods about his own problems which are woven by him. God has never thrust problems in human beings.

God has given a sort of free will to man with one condition. When you embark upon any action voluntarily with your own free will, you will have to face the results. There is no escape from this. See the condition of the worldly man today. He seeks enormous wealth. He flexes his entire brain to earn wealth somehow. In this process, sometimes he adopts certain short cut like cheating, usurping etc. The results will be endless grief for the seeker of wealth. All his actions will definitely boomerang upon him one day and he will end up in lock up one day. Hence it is said, that we have to discriminate and then act. Think before you leap is the proverb. We have to deliberate the results of our actions and avoid such actions which will bring misery to us in the long run.

Though man is part of the supreme power, yet he has forgotten his heritage. He thinks that he is limited to the physical frame. This is a great mistake on the part of man. Had he understood the identity of himself with God, he would not have acted as per the dictates of the mind which is enslaved by the senses. We are all aware that all beings perish one day or other and their bodies are either buried or burnt as per the custom of different religions. But he always seeks comforts for the perishable body. He feeds it with tasty food. He cloths it with fine dresses. He travels in comfort. He sleeps in air conditioned chambers. He enjoys all luxuries of life. Yet he is discontent. Why he is discontent? He relies upon illusory instrument called the body, mind and senses. The pleasures, we derive through the body, mind and senses are momentary. It never lasts. Hence man always try to get varieties of experiences through which he wants to enjoy all pleasures. But the result is only pain and grief. The illusory pleasures are like paper flowers. They are never real.

The real bliss lies in the realm of the Self and not in the outer world. In fact, whatever pleasures we enjoy in the outer world is only an imagination of the mind. For instance, a dog finds a piece of bone and starts chewing it. The hard surface of the bone inflicts wounds on the gums and mouth of the dog. Blood oozes out of the wounds. The foolish dog thinks that the blood comes out of the bone and it enjoys it even more. We mortals are in a similar situation. The pleasure we seems to enjoy is similar to the experience of the dog. All joys and bliss emanate only from the Self and not from the outer world. When we understand the futility of worldly pleasures, we would have gained a little knowledge through which we will seek the Self which is the fountain head of bliss.

Hence, there is nothing wrong in man desiring for perennial happiness. But the source of perennial happiness lies within him. It is his self and not the body! The Self is eternal, it is neither born nor die like the bodies. Bodies suffer birth and death but the Self which inhabits the body is Eternal and the Self is Bliss!


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