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Everything Aries

Updated on November 29, 2014

The Basics

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac and it always has been no matter if the astrology concept is old or modern.

Element: Fire

Placement: The 1st

Quality: Cardinal

Affinity: Yang

Key Trait(s): Courageous, Leads a Thrilling Life, Competitive

Planet: Mars

Animals: The Ram, Lamb

The Nitty-Gritty

There is no other sign like Aries that enjoys competition more than them. They live for the thrill of it all. They love being in situations where the stakes are high, and everyone is completely dependent on them.

A good example of an Aries is this guy:

Now if you look at the guy in the pic above, and if you've played Samurai Warriors and/or the Warriors Orochi series, you'd understand immeadiately. For those who haven't, I'll elaborate.

Yoshihiro Shimazu in the Warriors games lives for the thrill of taking risks, especially big risks, and then overcoming them. Now obviously, in some of those risks, he didn't come out unscathed. But does he care? Of course not. Even in the WO games, when he fought Lu Bu, the most powerful and brutish warrior of the Three Kingdoms era of China, he said, "To die at your hand would be an honor and a privilege."

Not only that, but in the Samurai Warriors games, he has led his forces against insurmountable odds, and if not for his brash fearlessness and indifference towards the fact that they had no literal chance of survival, I doubt the Shimazu would've gotten to where they were, as short lived as their conquest of Kyushu had been.

Also, I'd like to point out that the Aries is ruled by Mars, the Roman God of War. Like their ruling planet, Aries are fearless leaders who are capable of leading their followers in and out of insurmountable odds where the chance for survival is highly low, and win. Out of all the signs, they possess the most courage out of them all.

Okay wait, time out.

Now I know what you're thinking: just where do Aries get all this courage from?

The source of an Aries's courage comes from their Cardinal affinity. Cardinal signs are the signs that signify the beginnings. If you notice, Aries season starts at spring, Cancer at summer, Libra at fall, and Capricorn at winter.

Cardinal signs like to get things going, they like to start stuff and the like. Now as far as them actually following through with it and completing what they started; that's a completely different story.

Aries don't like to stay in one place a lot. Like their masculine sign cousins, they like to pretty much be all over the ducking place.

An Aries on the not so greener side.

This also brings me to some of Aries less desirable traits.

An Aries sometimes have a tendency to shove their ideas down other people's throats without even asking. They tend to say/do things without even thinking about it, and this does get them into trouble sometimes.

Usually, it's just because they can't help it. Aries is a sign that naturally projects who they are unto the world. They don't really have a lot to hide in the grand scheme of things. They simply desire to leave their mark on the world, which leads them to do things like this.

However, it is because of this straight and true temperament that makes them awful in battles of deceit.

An Aries can't tell a believable lie to save their life. It's because they're so straightfoward and honest about who they are, among other things half the time that this makes them terrible liars.

But do they care? Not really. An Aries is fairly good at brushing failures off and moving on. This is because they're too worried about the next big project in their lives that they just can't be arsed to dwell on it like other signs.

Who's the best?

An Aries, being the first sign in the zodiac, the first fire sign, the first cardinal sign, among other things, are generally the best at portraying all the things that their astrological info says about them.

These guys are the poster boys of their cardinal sign relatives. Because, as said, cardinal signs like to get things going. And there's no one better at getting things going and keeping it going than Aries.

Like Gemini, however, an Aries, depending on whether or not the project can keep them interested, may or may not finish what they start. They have to stay interested in order to keep motivated to keep going at it. If they lose interest in whatever they've started, there is nothing that will make them stick around.

They're also the best example of what a fire sign is (sorry Leos ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). That fiery impulse that makes them jump into danger regardless says more than enough about them, methinks (remember Yoshihiro).


1. I like an Aries. How can I make them like me?: Get their interest and do whatever it takes to keep their interest. Don't be afraid to get close though. Aries are open books, like the other fire signs, so it's rather unlikely for it to bother them.
2. How do I spot an Aries?: An Aries is someone who's either the life of a party or someone that looks really athletic, with a lot of scars (possibly; see Yoshihiro.)
3. Do you have any compatibility information for Aries with other signs?: It will available eventually. I can't give an exact date, however, but I do plan to write a lot more articles regarding astrology so it's really just a matter of time.
4. What about Aries by their gender or age?: I didn't distinguish them by gender/age because regardless of that stuff, they're really the same (yes, even the girls. Most girls who are Aries tend to be tomboys)
5. Where can I access this World of Astrology page on Twitter?: . Be sure to follow us! We follow back everyone ^_^
6. This doesn't describe me at all and I was born into this sign: Sun Signs don't usually tell you everything about someone. For some reason, people tend to look only at their sun sign when that's just a tenth of who they are, and then say astrology is bullshit. It's kinda like someone who's only played piano for a week or two, and then tries to play Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu (which, btw, is a song I still can't play and I've been playing for 4 to 6 years) and then, when they epically fail, call piano playing bullshit.

Anyway, point is really, in order to know your personality through astrology, you have to look at more than just your sun sign. You need to look at your birth chart as well; the signs the planets fall under as well as the houses your planets fall under on your DOB.
And remember this: Astrology can help us understand someone better, but it shouldn't be considered as fact. Don't use astrology as a substitute for meeting people and actually getting to know them with your own eyes and not the eyes of what their birth chart says.

To get a birth chart, go here: . For questions about your birth chart, go to the Ask Astrologers Subreddit on

Closing Section

I hope that gave you some insight on who and what the Aries person is and how they're like ^_^ Until next time!

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