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Everything Cancer

Updated on November 29, 2014

Sun Guotai

Sun Jian, a very good example of what Cancer's can sometimes be.
Sun Jian, a very good example of what Cancer's can sometimes be. | Source

The Basics

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Affinity: Yin

Key Trait(s): The Power of Love, the Bonds of Friendship and Family, the Home, Hearth, and Honor

Planet: Moon

Animals: The Crab, Elephant, etc.

The Basics (in detail)

Cancer's are the more maternal ones in the zodiac. There's no one else that appreciates the home life more than this sign. There's also no other sign that struggles more with their emotions than themselves. Out of all the signs, this is the one that needs the most emotional encouragement, support, and security than any other sign. Their moods change quicker than the ebb and the flow of a waterfall, which is usually for no apparent reason to others.

But the true reason for that is because they have such intricate emotions that run so profoundly in them. So deep do these emotions run that they themselves don't even know how to control them. This is the reason why they value their home life more than anyone else. Because they know better than anyone else that there is truly no place like home.

A Cancer without a home is like a crab without its shell. Without it, they cannot survive the horrors of the deep blue sea. This can be said for the Cancer's human incarnations as well. A person born into the Cancer needs to know that, in this cruel, cruel world of ours, that there is a home, a shelter that they can retreat to to escape from the dangers of the real world.

The Good

Cancer's are probably the most loving signs out of all the zodiac signs. If they had to choose between fame and fortune over a quiet life at home with their family and friends, it is all but certain that they will choose the latter. Most Cancerians put their friends/family and loved ones before themselves. For them, they would sacrifice the world.

Because of their loving and sympathetic natures, this makes them the most supportive out of all the signs. Even if it is a lost cause, a Cancer will never give up and keep cheering on their loved one from the sidelines. For they could never forgive themselves if they gave up on them.

Even when everyone else has given up on you, the Cancer will still be there. They will never do anything to hurt you. For they themselves know too well the pain of being double-crossed by someone whom they loved.

And if, one day, you find that you are without a place to call home, go to the Cancer. Everyone is welcome at their house.

The Bad

I know I just made them sound like the most perfect little angels, didn't I? But for everything good, there is a hint of darkness.

While Cancers are generally accepted as the most sympathetic of the zodiac, they can be very moody and a chore to be around. It can be for no apparent reason at all, and sometimes it can be over the littlest thing, like that moment in Yu Yu Hakusho where Yuusuke's teacher was killed by her old companion, Toguro. Or when Itachi is killed by Sasuke in Naruto. Or when Naruto and Sasuke call each other's name as they prepare to strike each other down. Or even that moment in Romance of the Three Kingdoms where everyone's crying as Zhuge Liang mourns over Zhou Yu's death.

I could keep giving examples, but this isn't about media. It's about Cancer the Crab, and its bad aspects.

Anyway though, back to the moodiness. A Cancer has very extreme highs and lows. This is because of their ruling planet, the Moon, who shifts into a new phase every 2.5 days or so.

They are either very happy or very sad. They are either as energetic as a monkey swinging through trees, or as lethargic as a sloth. There's no in between.

To put things in perspective, it's this sign's moodiness that puts into play all it's other bad aspects, which I will explain further.

A Cancer can sometimes also be extremely possessive of things. If their home, loved ones, or anything else they hold dear is threatened, they may just get a bazooka and shoot it at you. This possessiveness comes from their sometimes clingy natures. Cancers have a very hard time letting things go, esp. heartbreak or the loss of a loved one. It's a very tall order for a Cancer to make themselves feel better when they feel they've been hurt or wronged in some way.

This clingyness when something goes wrong can also lead to them being incredibly over emotional and sensitive. Like, literally, even a piece of tissue falling onto the ground as they wipe their tears will do nothing but make their sobbing even more intense.

Naturally, the Cancer will want someone/something to come along and make themselves feel better.

And when someone comes along that feels for them, Cancer might drive them away without even realizing it. It's because of how overbearing and clingy they are when they're hurt that when someone tries to help them, they end up being too much for them and it drives the person away, which does nothing but further the intensity of their emotions.

When Cancer feels that everyone around them has seemingly given up on helping them, they might resort to drugs or alcohol.

I hate to say it, but yeah, sometimes they do end up feeling that helpless where they feel like that's their only choice.

If you're someone who's involved with a Cancer, then my advice to you is to not give up on them. No matter how overbearing they act to you, you must never give up on them. Ever. This sign needs emotional support and security more than anyone in the zodiac. And, if you do end up sticking around, you might be surprised with what they reward you with ;)


I'm attracted to a Cancer. How do I get them to like me?: If you wish to attract a Cancer, then you must make every moment of your lives with each other behind the closed doors of your abode as special as possible. Give them emotional support and security, never give up on them no matter how overbearing they are, and you're already one step ahead of the game.

Also, be respectful of their family, and also try to demonstrate to them how much you care about your own family too. Cancers respect a person who puts filial piety above all else. Be especially respectful to their mother, however. One day, you might find that she's living with the two of you, one day.

To put emphasis on the last two sentences above, srsly, if you can't find it in you to meet middle ground with their mother, then don't even think about it. I'm afraid they're far too out of your reach.

I have a Cancer BF, and they keep cheating on me for some reason =/ : It is not uncommon for Cancerian men (and sometimes, Cancerian women as well) to cheat on their woman(or man) or demand too much from their spouse (see: Bill Cosby). If you are in involved in a relationship with a Cancer like this, then unless you really love them and are willing to put in effort to make it work regardless, then break it off. It's these types of Cancers that are...well, literal cancers.

I'm a Cancer, and this doesn't describe me at all?: Get a birth chart from and then go to the askastrologers section of reddit and ask them for details based on the info of your chart, then come back to me


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