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Everything Leo

Updated on November 29, 2014

Saika Magoichi

Saika Magoichi, a man who was most likely a Leo irl
Saika Magoichi, a man who was most likely a Leo irl

The Basics

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Placement: 5th Sign

Affinity: Yang

Key Trait(s): Positive Energy as boundless as the Sun

Planet: The Sun

Animals: Any wild feline like a Lion, Tiger, etc.

The Good

You see that person that everyone can't help but revolve themselves around? You see that guy that makes ladies swoon even when they know he's such an despicable bastard who's literally hooked up with everyone and their Mom's Mom or that girl that's always getting asked out at least once a week/month?

Yup, that's a Leo alright.

Leo's are very vibrant, vivacious characters who, like the Sun, everyone surrounds themselves around. You'll never be bored around them. This sign not only wants to be the center of attention, but he needs to be the center of attention (which I will explain in detail later on).

Leo could make someone like the Snooge lighten up. You can't help but smile when you're around them. And that's why he/she will always have a group of admirers. They're always smiling and giving off positive energy, it's hard not to want to be around them.

And you see the guy in the pic above? He's sort of the Leo poster boy. Magoichi was always hitting on girls, thinking of ways to hook up with them, etc. While everyone knew how incorrigble he was, they couldn't help but like him. I mean, c'mon, that devilish smile, those calm and relaxed eyes, and if that wasn't enough proof check out his SW1 alt outfit and you'll see why people like him.

Another defining trait about Leos is their compassion. I knew one Leo at one point, and even when everyone had given up on me, he still defended me. God knows where he is now, but that's not relevant to the subject matter.

Also, lots of Leos are natural born leaders. However, you're likely to find a Leo being the HBIC of a band of renegades or rebels.

Speaking of, let me tell you a bit about the Saika.

Magoichi led a ragtag group of followers, made up of his family and friends, and they were known as the Saika Renegades. The Saika were probably some of the best gunmen in Medieval Japan. But, there's always a bigger fish. Compared to the Oda Clan, they paled in comparison. Mago himself was very skilled with a rifle, apparently.

He was also very prideful about his band of renegades and his skill with the gun.

And that, is another defining trait of Leos: their pride. A Leo will put their pride over all else, even if it means jeopardizing something they've been working so hard to get. To Leo, their pride is everything, and nothing should ever require their sacrifice of it.

Leos can also hold a grudge too.

Nobunaga Oda destroyed Magoichi's hometown of Saika (though this may be a fictional account, but its still worth mentioning!), and when Mago got the news, all that cool, calm positive energy turned into hatred and spitefulness.

Leos, like Taurus, can be very materialistic, and like Cancer, their home is everything. The difference is that Leos are likely to become extremely destructive and vengeful when their home has been overturned unlike Cancer who will likely sob about it.

So don't fuck with a Leo please.

Yuan Shao, a good example of everything bad about Leos
Yuan Shao, a good example of everything bad about Leos

The Bad

Where there is good, there is bad.

One of Leo's major flaws can be their want/need for attention.

I've said this in one of my other articles, but Leos are deffo not attention whores. An attention whore is someone who wants attention just for the sake of having it, but that's not true for the Leo.

Leos cannot help but attract people to them, literally. It's hard to dislike them tbh (unless their chart says otherwise). All that positive energy they radiate all the time and whatnot; how could you dislike them?

But see, the problem itself is that sometimes, they may let all that attention get to their head. And that's especially true with Yuan Shao (the guy in the pic on the right).

And it's very easy for a Leo to let it get to their head. This can make them incredibly arrogant and pompous, and an overall chore to be around them. If Leo doesn't learn how to not let it all get to their head, they may find that their circle of admirers don't really want to be around them anymore.

Now see, let me tell you what Leos element being fire has to do with this. The Leo represents that bonfire that people gather around or the fireplace in which the family gather round to get warm. What do you think will happen when that fire no longer has people surrounded around it? That's right. It will either go out or intensify.

And when the fire in Leo's heart goes out, they can be very destructive to themselves and the people around them.

This is why Leo needs attention. This is why when people aren't paying attention to them when they're giving a big speech on something, they get annoyed.

But this is also why Leo needs to learn how to not let it get to their head. They need to practice humility, accepting someone's better or more popular than them. They need to learn to not let it get to their head. And if they don't, they'll end up being like Yuan Shao: a person with all the power and charisma in the world, but too shrouded in their own arrogance, not realizing who it was that helped them make it there in the first place. Too shrouded in their own arrogance that they keep drawing people away from them unintentionally and/or subconsciously.


I like a Leo, how can I make them like me?: Shower them with gifts, praise, adoration, whatever, and they're already tied around your finger.

Got any other questions? Ask up in the comments and I'll answer here :)

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