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Everything Taurus

Updated on December 23, 2014
Sima Zishang. A good example of what a Taurus is
Sima Zishang. A good example of what a Taurus is

The Basics

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Placement: 2nd Sign

Affinity: Yin

Key Trait(s): Stubbornness and a Will of Iron

Planet: Venus

Animals: The Bull

The Good

If you were to ask me to give you one word that would best describe Taurus, I would tell you: Patient.

Out of all the signs, Taurus is the most patient of them all. A Taurus will wait years, decades, centuries, millenniums even to get what they want. They are patient to the extreme, in fact, patient might be an understatement.

This patience comes from their stubbornness. The Taurus is a very obstinate creature. They will not do anything they don't want to do. This can make them seem lazy to others, and, sorry to say, they're right.

Irl, a bull in the wild is usually seen lounging around under the trees, chewing on something like a piece of grain. However, they are not lazy with themselves. For example, if their job demanded it, even if they're personally against it, they'd still do it. I mean, they need money.

The Taurus is also very meticulous in hiding their rage. I've seen a Taurus hold in their rage for months at a time, and then finally let it out like an erupting volcano. And once a Taurus gets pissed off, even after they let it all out, they can be very hard to approach, like the aftermath of a severe earthquake.

An angry Taurus is extremely dangerous. Don't think just because they look weak (see: Choji from Naruto) that they aren't any cause for concern.

Are Tauruses generally very angry creatures? No, not really. They're actually pretty mellow and chill half the time, and that's exactly why when they're angry, they're extremely scary. What do you mean, you might be asking. I shall leave that to your imagination.

But anyway, to emphasize on that mellowness of their's, Taurus is a rather easygoing sign. They have a quite the knack for appreciating the finer things in life. It's hard to dislike them tbh.

Taurus is all about the good life, tbh. They want nothing but the best of the best, and dream of living in luxury every day.

When everyone else is panicking, they're just sitting there, sipping tea and reading a book. Apathetic? No. Indifferent? Lol no. Stupid? Hahahahaha.

Those are all wrong.

In 207 A.D (possibly earlier), Liu Bei called on the help of Xu Shu to help their army under siege by Xiahou Dun, an officer of Cao Cao.

While everyone was out fighting, Xu Shu was just on standby, sipping tea and reading through scrolls. Everyone, esp. Zhang Fei, was fed up with his carefree nature. It's like he didn't even care.

But, he was actually coming up with a plan to counter the subsequent attacks.

And that plan is what saw them through that tragedy.

The point of telling you this story?

Point is basically is that the Taurus might look carefree and apathetic in times of chaos, but he's actually coming up with a way to solve the problem. And it usually works.

Need more evidence?

You see the guy in the pic on top of the page? His name was Sima Zhao. And he's just about everything I've told you about Tauruses thus. Zishang could/would only do something unless he was forced. Course, the only people that could do this was his wife, Wang Yuanji, and his family, in other words the rest of the Simas.

Everyone around him, bar the people I mentioned in the last paragraph, thought he was very carefree about everything around him. He would always try to get out of doing shite, and was seen as a very lazy and incompetent individual. But when he's forced, when he's been backed into a corner, that's when his real ability shines through.

With Taurus, you really can't judge a book by its cover tbh. They might seem lazy, but put them in a situation where everything they love/strive for is being threatened, and they turn into a completely different person.

The Bad

Where there is light, there is dark.

Taurus is an extremely possessive sign. If something is there's, they won't want you touching it unless they say yes (and they rarely say yes to that).

They may even get jealous if their spouse talks to someone of the opposite sex. They're so self-conscious about their things that it drives them to the point of paranoia.

Taurus, like their opposite sign, Scorpio, is extremely prone to jealousy. One of the major differences is that they both have very different ways of handling their jealousy. Scorpio's are the best schemers in the zodiac, and when jealous, they will get you back so bad that you'll never want to do it again. To that end, they'll hide it as covertly as possible.

Taurus, however, will likely not bother because they don't know how. In fact, they're more likely to just express it bluntly.

Thankfully, they would only do this to their loved ones out of possessiveness. Though they may be prone to being envious towards people outside their family/friends, but that's another story that doesn't really even need to be gone over.

Most Taureans are not known for their mental acuity and have a very simplistic outlook on life. This isn't a bad thing however (at least imo, hence why I mentioned it)


I like a Taurus. How can I make them like me?: Fortunately, Taurus isn't that hard to seduce unlike his Earth Sign cousins.

Just try to smell nice, look your best and look appealing when speaking to them.

This guy is attracted to the simple stuff, so you won't have to wear a bowtie and a suit every day or a white gown, but do try to smell nice.

This sign is always about beauty and relaxing. Remember their birthday and every other holiday. If they're relaxing (as they usually do) offer them some candy, gum, whatever.

Just remember these things: simplicity, appealing, and giving.

Oh right, I almost forgot about the giving part. Go out of your way and do them favors. Just try not to seem like a sycophant, but do be generously generous, at least.

What signs work best with Taurus?: All the water and earth signs, and Leo and Libra. The least compatible water sign is, ofc, Scorpio, but it can work, but it'll take a shite ton of work.

And the worst?: Aries, Gemini. Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Got any other questions? Make a comment and I'll add it here :)


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