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Everything You Need to Know About a Capricorn and Aries Relationship

Updated on January 31, 2017

Capricorn + Aries

Capricorn and Aries square each other, and square relationships are fascinating. That means they have the same quadruplicity, meaning in this case they are both cardinal and yet are not opposite of each other. Keep reading, this will start to make sense. I promise.

Capricorn's complete opposite would be Cancer, and Aries complete opposite would be Libra. Capricorn is the beginning of winter, it is the 10th house, and the latter half of the zodiac have softer temperaments and are more reflective. Aries is the first house and they have strong temperaments and are known to be initiators, leaders, and quick to get into the thick of action. So you can see how these two are going to handle situations differently as they arise. Capricorn may come off as more introspective where Aries may come off as more egotistical. Aries is the start of spring, it is seen as the new year in the zodiac.

Cardinal signs are the beginnings of seasons, and so they shift the energy from one context into another one. They are not the dead center of the season and the identity that comes from that. They understand that the season before them has passed the torch. Capricorn comes just as the holiday season gets into Christmas, so you see the end of holidays and the boisterousness there set by Sagittarius. Aries is given the torch after Pisces essentially sacrifices itself, because Pisces is the last house and is about unconditional love and the act of sacrificial love. Aries gets its power from this act. So Aries gets the chance to experience something very strange. We go from having a blank slate, a snowy-white world turned to slush, and then the arrival of budding flowers. When we really think about this, it is quite strange that our planet has the capability to have vegetation come out of it with just the right amount of elements from the distance to the Sun, to soil that accepts crops, and the right amount of precipitation to allow it to grow. Aries is about that transition from the lack of life into the spring of life. This is why Capricorn and Aries have some similarities in the way they see, but also some major differences. Capricorn sees the boisterousness of life shift into hibernation, and so Capricorn really understands hibernating, saving up what you have, and introspection. A lot of Capricorns really make for sturdy people, capable of being hermits, and capable of surviving really tough terrain. They are hardy people who really are in tune with the planet. They are cerebral in a sense because they are so in tune, and they know how to gently look at the world around them.

Earth signs are about the physical manifestation of our reality. Earth signs are into acts of service. They want to help others see their dreams as reality. Unlike Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is seeing that the manifestation of physical reality ends up being depleted, and this encourages them to rethink reality. They are in tune with the world, but they don't put as much faith and energy into it like Taurus who has a difficult time seeing outside of matters when it comes to concrete matter. Capricorn understands that it is through metaphysical reality that we are given physical reality, and that may have to do with being consecutive signs with the fixed sign Aquarius.

Aries and Capricorn are both witnesses to very odd parts of reality. This can make them have an ESP like quality and then other times feel really muddy about each other. Aries is a highly cerebral sign. They are getting that spring of life in their mind. The third eye chakra or even crown chakra has to do with Aries, because in the zodiac Aries is seen as the mind -- this is why the horns of the ram are seen so visibility in this sign's symbol. Some say the age of Aries is Moses. You see a huge transition in energy among the Jews under the leadership of Moses and what he is able to bring out with the law. It's because of the Jews' faith and leadership at that time that they were able to build a foundation for later generations to arrive. Because of their bold Exodus from Egypt to no longer be slaves but independent that they were able to mark the world in their own way with their own customs, their own laws, and their own rituals. Aries marked a sign of independence for the people at that time.

The Ram and the Goat: Square Relationship

What's nice about Capricorn and Aries as square signs is they have different temperaments from where they sit in the zodiac. This can help even out the natural tension within the relationship. A Capricorn and Libra relationship may struggle as square signs because their temperaments are more similar, making it difficult to get the energy to flow within the relationship, but there is a lot of mystique in that relation that would cause for attraction. Aries and Cancer would face a similar rockiness as square signs, although Cancer is so emotional and coming from such a different place than Aries that it is kind of its own beast regardless of it being a square sign relationship.

So the jump from the 1st house to the 10th house can be a good thing. It allows for different temperaments to tender the relationship as opposed to two people who are more similar than not kind of covering the same ground. Aries is seen as the ram and Capricorn is seen as the goat, two animals that could easily be seen together. This relationship will have a lot of strength.

As a fire sign, Aries is a lot about willpower, igniting the hearts of the people, doing rather than just saying. As an earth sign, Capricorn is about the physical manifestation of reality, about doing acts of service, about managing ones goods in a way that serves the planet well. These two might not be the most gushy of couples since they are not dominated by water at all; they will be strong willed to take charge and also manage it extremely well. They'll be deep in thought and somewhat detached at times, Capricorn is more detached than Aries. This is partly because Capricorn is so close to Aquarius who is very detached and good at being a social mayor.

Present vs. Past

Aries will take action and Capricorn will delegates plans to others. Aries is all about the present, about what is fresh, and what is new. Aries as the spring will seek for what is relevant and how to make that prosper in the relationship. They may need some encouragement to see how past actions influence their present. They need to look at cause and effect, and not just effect. This is why Aries can have a strong temper is because they are so deeply into the effect, into the here and now, and don't always see how they need to look deep to see the belief system that is behind all of their course of actions. Cause is more important than effect. Cause is where things are malleable and set the stage. Effect is merely just the reaction.

Capricorn, on the other hand, sees how the seed grows, becomes a plant, and then withers. So Capricorn really studies and focuses on what is the past and what does it mean so that they can help prevent the mistakes of history to repeat again. This is an opportunity for the two to teach each other about the different realities we have in life. Capricorn can teach Aries to be more introspective, and Aries can teach Capricorn to stay more active and enabled to make ideas happen. This is great because the two can work together to spot-check where the other one may miss vital information.

Perks of a Square Relationship

Square relationships have a certain magnetic quality to them. They have the right amount of opposition and similarity to prevent themselves from being platonic or enemies. They are not very good at platonic or demonic. They might try to be, but they end up being drawn to each other, because they are opposites like in magnets but they are made of the same material. So it can be quite fascinating for them. They are not getting an exact mirror image, but they're not getting a competing image either. It's a fascinating flow of energy and can really help both of them to be more enlightened. So if you are part of a square sign relationship you probably know what I mean. Because there is a certain push and pull attraction, and even seduction to all of it. You both charm each other and sometimes don't even want to admit to it.

Work Toward Emotional Availability

These two will really naturally be able to build something together. Aries as a leader won't be able to walk all over Capricorn and get them to do whatever they please. Capricorn is more serious and sound. They don't just fall prey to whatever their partner asks of them. Capricorn has really high expectations for their relationships and does a lot of vetting to make sure they have a quality partner that is going to last. Aries goes and gets what it wants. It sometimes has to work on lowering itself to be more dependent on its partner.

One thing you'll need to work on is being vulnerable and playful with each other. You two bring so much seriousness to the table that sometimes outsiders are not going to get the appeal or romance of it, and really it's none of their business.

Humble both of yourself to try to incorporate more emotion. You need to try not to always have your eyes on the prize. You both are really wanting to succeed in life so sometimes you forget to play, or understand the point of playing. I think you would do well as a couple to go on vacations, plan for vacations, or outings of some sort so that you can put work behind you. You do need to navigate and look through each others' emotions in a relationship, otherwise that integral part of yourselves could get very weeded. Tend to your relationship like a garden. You don't want to neglect your emotions. You can help yourself open up to emotions by reading books which develops empathy, exploring music which is the language of emotions, and writing which helps you to contextualize emotions.

Creativity is highly related to emotion, especially art. Embrace this so you can understand it and bring new lessons into your relationship. You two will probably have similar presets about emotions, and that is probably a good thing because you'll understand each other. It can be kind of awkward to deal with when you have one partner who is significantly more gushy than the other, that can make for conflicting preferences in interactions.

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