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Everything You Need to Know About a Gemini and Pisces Romance

Updated on February 3, 2017

Gemini + Pisces

Gemini loves to talk and Pisces loves to give love. Pisces will like having someone who wants an attentive audience. Gemini is a conversationalist, flirty, and charming -- and they are also moody so they can relate to water signs.

Gemini can be childlike and goofy, while Pisces can be dreamy and an old soul. Gemini will be looking for something lighthearted, refreshing, and bubbly. They are a very active sign. They want to be on the go, collecting ideas, and want to give a lot of attention in relationships. Pisces, on the other hand, wants to give as much as possible in the relationship, be the nurturer, and help soften the relation.

Since Pisces is such a gentle sign and Gemini likes to keep things light, this could help create a good connection. Gemini needs to explore life and needs some independence. But they will want to come back to talk about the new things they discovered. Gemini is flighty, they love to go a million miles ahead, and they are afraid they don't have emotional depth. They need someone who is patient with them. Someone who wants to talk a lot in order to get to the emotions.

Pisces can help Gemini put words to their emotions, and Gemini can help Pisces expand its conversation skills.

Confused but Empathetic

Even though water and air can be different, they can work out these differences and be able to look out for each other making for a magical combination. I think air and water signs do well when they are both cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Gemini and Pisces are mutable which has to do with being scattered, going different directions, an exciting energy, and a multitasking energy. Gemini is great at understanding nuances, and Pisces is great at empathy. These two can confuse each other and also inspire each other. Pisces can be full of vision, fantasy, and emotions, and it can all change rapidly and be difficult for Pisces to explain. Gemini is dealing with constant changing thoughts which can also be difficult to understand. I think these two will have empathy for each other, but they can confuse each other with so much energy.

Be quick to nurture and appreciate.... be slow to judge and disregard. This relationship reminds of Peter Pan in Neverland (Gemini) and the Little Mermaid (Pisces). You have someone who is constantly going into new territory, socializing immediately, and having a very young heart. The other person is ready to love, sacrifice themselves, and is literally living under the sea in imagination.

Sometimes clarity in this relationship will come after the fact. Don't be too quick to decide, if you don't understand give it a moment and try to allow yourself to process what is before you. Both of these signs are sensitive. Pisces may struggle with Gemini and have a hard time pinning them down. Don't be afraid to open up your emotions and be vulnerable in order to help wake Gemini. It's okay if Pisces cries or sees the world differently than you. Don't run, Gemini. Try going toward your partner's emotions and learn more about your emotions. Embrace the emotional times and the times that you are just in your head.

Pointers for this Combo

1. Gemini will talk to you about anything and everything. Don't be alarmed by how much Gemini talks. Be alarmed if they stop talking.

2. Gemini, don't ignore Pisces. Pisces likes the sentimental and to cling -- embrace it Gemini and try to see these qualities as positive even though it may shock you.

3. Pisces, make sure to respect Gemini's space. It's okay if they need boundaries or some space from you. It helps them to clear out their thoughts.

4. Pisces have a natural mermaid like quality that draws Gemini in -- and that depth is what Gemini likes. Gemini will like learning about the layers of you, and it may come from a cerebral place.

5. Pisces will appreciate Gemini for its fast thinking, both fascinating and shocking Pisces.

6. Both of these are mutable signs, so you'll find some common ground here.

7. Gemini deals with extremes, duality, and a lot of busyness. Don't be surprised to see a lot of different characters out of Gemini.

8. Pisces has the ability to step into any sign and understand it. This is part of the gift of having the 12th house. They have seen everything and experienced everything in being the last house. So it can step in and understand Gemini's duality.

9. Pisces needs help sometimes finding itself rather than its chameleon like nature. Pisces can put too much emphasis on merging in order to find its identity.

10. You both care about emotions and conversation, but you will come to it with different lenses. Be patient and understanding in order to grow with your partner.

11. Pisces feels like they have value when they are able to take care of someone.

12. Gemini is constantly on the go. Their interests will change, they will find new things they find enjoyable, new hobbies, skills, and the like. Gemini is a dabbler.

13. Gemini can struggle to commit -- the wind signs are this way. Be patient with the Gemini here instead of trying to force them to commit.

14. Both of these are fairly easy going. Pisces is compassionate and forgiving, but they can focus a lot on darker ideas. Gemini can't hold a grudge for long or stay angry for long without just moving on.

Pisces is a Dreamer; Gemini is a Talker

Pisces loves to space out and let themselves dream. Sometimes Gemini wants to talk and can sometimes use that energy in other ways. Pisces wants a conversation out of pure interest, not just talking to talk. Water wants authenticity. Gemini wants to explore and have fun.

It will help you to plan dates. Try new things and get out of the home. This can help with the ebb and flow of your energies. Be open minded to try new things, explore new ideas.

Both signs are going to be naturally interested in each other, and you'll be able to naturally fix the bumps on the road. Remember you two are there to support each other. Not be hostile. I think if you remember your partner isn't hostile and that you are safe will help you to relax around their energy, how to handle it better, and how to make it grow and be even stronger. Relationships are about growing together, learning about each other, and sharing lessons on love together. Gemini reminds us to look everywhere for discoveries and Pisces reminds us of the lesson of unconditional love.

Watch Hayao Miyazaki

Gemini is constantly looking for thoughts, and so what's great is being with a Pisces who is naturally philosophical, looking for fantastical ideas, and beautiful thoughts. Gemini will be inspired by this and gets to grow by Pisces. Gemini constantly has their head in the clouds, so it is nice to have someone who can see the world in an abstract way. These two are very complimentary, with some similarities in their temperament. They are kind of like a Hayao Miyazaki movie. His movies almost always have a scene up in the sky, but it is always so imaginative and deep. You might learn something from watching his films whether Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, or Princess Mononoke.

Allow yourself to be free in this relationship. Let go of expectations and see where it goes. This will allow your energy to flow and be free. You'll find that letting go of expectations allows you to enjoy the beauty. Enjoy the ongoing conversations. Best of luck to you!


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      Andrea Lawrence 14 months ago from Chicago

      Thank you!

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      Interesting read.