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Everything You Need to Know About a Pisces and Taurus Relationship

Updated on January 30, 2017

Pisces + Taurus

Pisces and Taurus are winter and spring signs. Earth signs and water signs often have an interchange that fits each others' weaknesses. Pisces will be caring of emotional matters while Taurus takes care of more physical matters -- as in with the five senses.

Taurus is in the here and the now. They are centered in the middle of spring. They care a lot about what is in stock and how to develop it. Taurus people are gardeners, either of literal gardens or of the mind, people, hobbies, etc. They are dedicated to making sure what they have is going to survive the harsh weather patterns of spring -- changing temperatures, differing precipitation, longer and sunnier days. Pisces is at the end of winter, and essentially self sacrifices their energy in order to make spring happen. Pisces clears the slate, switching the old of the past into the spring of the new. A good chunk of Pisces is in March, which most people forget is a winter month because it functions so differently than December, January, or February. Keep that in mind. Pisces operates as a winter sign in a much different way than Capricorn who is seeing the beginning of it and Aquarius who is surrounded by it. These are different parts of the year and offer different cycles to keep our planet in balance.

Keep in mind with astrology that this is a blueprint. We are looking at signs, symbols, and patterns in nature. The more you get to know something on a personal level, you'll see the fine details that make the things you interact with unique. I do not claim to know everything or even much about astrology. I see it as an ancient method meant to teach us about what matters in our world and ultimately that the 12 signs are lessons on love. I believe if you are to look around the natural world any combination in the zodiac will work and will also fail. We have to understand the combination and what it is bringing into the world to know how to operate in it. Some of these combinations can sound much more complicated than others -- but just as all the signs exist, all the combinations exist for a reason too.

The study of astrology is very broad because it encompasses so many things. It was used to try and understand the body, our calendar year, predicting famine and storms, and the like. We can learn a lot about this system and why people wanted to place certain symbols together. Much of it continues to help open doors for people in understanding the reality we all live in.

The Old Soul and the Spring Well

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, so they have seen and been through everything. They are the end and also the beginning. They make for great mentors because they understand so much around them. They are old souls while also maintaining a certain youthfulness to their dreams, thoughts, and aspirations. Part of this youthfulness comes from refining themselves, unless you are coming across an immature Pisces.

Taurus may get confused by Pisces' bigger than life dream world. Taurus is so connected to the here and now that it doesn't always see the point of abstraction or extrapolation of reality. This can be one of the bigger issues Taurus and Pisces have. Taurus wants things to make sense in a tangible way. They are already in the manifestation of spring -- they get to see and experience the flowers, the rain, the green trees, the mysterious snow. It's weird to go backward and say there was an energy before that which triggered it. When we only focus so much on the physical world, we are looking at the effect of things and not entirely the cause -- which is why abstraction takes place. Pisces may struggle to see why Taurus isn't inviting itself out of only seeing a flower for a flower. The two will need to be sensitive to each other and why they are seeing the world with different, yet necessary eyes. How you two complement each other helps steady any bumps you will have on the road. Both of these signs are caretakers. Taurus will want to provide for Pisces with a home, family, food, furniture, money. Pisces will want to provide Taurus with emotional warmth -- vulnerability, sacrifice, selflessness, expression, and insight. These two need to be patient and listen to each other to understand why they have such different approaches. Split the responsibilities down so the two of you can focus on what is your strengths, and mentor the other person to get stronger in their weaker areas -- and do this gently of course. Pisces is a sensitive sign, and sometimes Taurus could use more sensitivity to understand the world around them better. Taurus runs into problems when it loses empathy and only looks to its practical mindset. This can cause Taurus to get blindsided or corner itself unnecessarily. Pisces can help prevent this if Taurus is open to a Pisces. Language itself is built upon metaphor. When we only look to practical matters and avoid figurative language, we start to have difficulty in actually understanding language... and much more so the world. There is an important to understanding reality without just what is concrete.

Alchemical Relationship

A really healthy Taurus and Pisces relationship will have the Taurus appreciating the Pisces' thoughts and being able to bring those thoughts out into real action. A Taurus who is in love would want their partner's hopes and aspirations to be living and not just a dream. The benefit here is Taurus will get to experience the Pisces' dream world in a more tangible way. This is great for a business relationship or a romantic partnership. Earth signs are great as business partners for signs that are focused so much on their dreams. Earth signs can help with the building blocks and make it happen, and they tend to be eager to do this because Earth signs are oriented toward acts of service.

I find water signs are oriented toward affection, merging their energy with another, and focusing on telepathic energy, which is communicating and reading others through their feelings.

Emotional Navigation

Taurus needs to give in to the relationship and to remember to do their emotional homework. Pisces is not there just to take that work (or burden) off your shoulders. You'll be hurting the Pisces if you overwhelm them with that much work. Taurus needs to find humility, and Pisces should make certain their Taurus is humble before committing. Otherwise, this could turn into a toxic relationship. Taurus will just go about their business and do whatever they want in the world while Pisces carries the relationship. Pisces will go to great extents for a relationship, including dying for it. Pisces needs to encourage their Taurus to be vulnerable, to speak about his or her emotions comfortably, to try new things and experiment. It is abusive when you put all the emotional work of a relationship on one partner. Pisces should ask questions to help prompt Taurus to think and consider their emotions and put their emotions into their own words. It can be hard for emotionally intelligent people, regardless of sign, to avoid putting words on other people's emotions and letting them discover that for themselves. Emotionally intelligent people will want to straight away give the answers to them, but it is more important to help them realize the tools they have for self-discovery.

Yin and Yang Relationship

This is a yin and yang relationship, with Taurus as the yang and Pisces as the yin. Taurus as a sign has a lot of masculine energy, it is always ready for war as a bull, and it is a lot about spreading seeds and making as many flowers grow as possible, along with conquest and liberation. Spring is an incredibly prideful time of year because that's when the bulk of new life comes into the picture, but without the other nine months of the year (just like a woman's pregnancy) none of that would be possible. This is why spring signs need to work on humility and seeing other perspectives. They have all the right keys in their hands, but don't have some of the sage wisdom and experience as other signs, like the Pisces.

Pisces is a strong yin sign with a lot of feminine qualities. It is seen as the age of Christ, who yes Jesus is the son of God, but he while here had many qualities that allowed him to build bridge with women. He is gentle, caring, full of vision and wonder. He understood various peoples around him from every sector of life. He is willing to sacrifice himself as a perfect and good person for people who honestly don't compare. You can see traits of this in Pisces people. Jesus would be the most well defined example of this, and a powerful testimony to the story and the purpose of Pisces being about sacrifice and resurrection. We have to believe in nature and the story of resurrection to see why nature itself demands it, hints at it, and explores it. It's inevitable by looking at nature to see that humans are drawn to stories on saviors. You can see this pattern anthropologically across many peoples and their stories. If anything nature is a reflection of God and gives us an insight to his master plan -- which is ultimately life. In its most honest form, the zodiac is trying to wrestle with what are the plans in nature and how it connects back to the universe and God. We see through Pisces that death is just a door and not a final end.


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