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Everything You Need to Know about a Gemini and Virgo Romance, Couple, or Pairing

Updated on November 1, 2019
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Andrea is a dating consultant who gives people advice on relationships and couple stuff. She's also a fan of traveling the world.

Gemini + Virgo

A Gemini and Virgo pairing is a rather unusual one. It seems to make perfect sense on paper and the surface, but a lot of times when digging deeper the two have some complex communication struggles, while they both have a certain tenacity for each other as they are both grounded in two of the most beautiful seasons of the year. They're two very beautiful coming together, but they find their beauty in completely different ways.

Gemini is a wondrous complex of nerves. He is a brilliant thinker who mostly wants to keep things lighthearted. This sign is really confused by emotional shifts, and he doesn't always understand them well. If the Gemini borrows more from Taurus, he'll likely fall for a Virgo. If the Gemini borrows more from Cancer, he may have emotional qualities that the Virgo finds interesting.

Virgo is a hard-working and accomplished woman. She is also a masterful thinker in part because she studies so hard. She doesn't feel the need to be highly fashionable or decorative. This is a woman who usually likes to keep her belongings simple and clean. The Gemini who is bound by chaos will be attracted to this clean sensibility.

The two have the potential to have a long romance ahead of them that can last through the decades.

Gemini and Virgo at a Glance

Air / Wind
Zodiac Number
Planet they are Ruled by
Personality Traits
Duality, mimicry, sarcastic, intelligent, funny, silly, chaotic, lighthearted, and anxious
Hard-working, faithful, intelligent, serious, loner, studious, clean, and precise
Shoulders and arms
May 21 - June 21
August 23 - September 22
Late Spring
Late Summer
Earthy Hues

When Wind Meets Earth

Gemini is born when all the hard-work of spring is done, so they have the joy of walking around in the beauty of spring without having to work too hard to maintain the season. Gemini is lucky in that they get to enjoy and explore the mysterious of life. This is a sign that by its very nature is kind, sweet, humorous, sometimes sarcastic and insensitive -- because it is completely unaware of the struggles and burdens others go through in other seasons.

Sometimes Gemini is hated because they seem to have so much going for them -- and naturally. They tend to be smart, part of the cool club, capable of attracting beauty and wealth. They're not brooding and emotionally morbid like a Scorpio. They're not existential and constantly delving through different dimensions like Aquarius. And Gemini doesn't have the intense ego and insanity of the hot and powerfully dynamic Leo. Of course, I've just compared Gemini to the fixed signs and not the mutable signs, which is Gemini's signature... so of course Gemini isn't rigid like them. Virgo, on the other hand, is a mutable sign.

Virgo is an elegant, faithful, and hard-working soul who must take on the chores to cleanup after the previous signs and the passion and chaos of summer. Virgo is late in summer and cleans things up so that fall can be as enjoyable as people. Virgo takes care of the financial tasks, the harvest, the good things. It's a time when the weather cools down a few notches, sometimes when the rain explodes in certain parts of the world, and when school picks up for many.

Virgo is studious; it's the first sign that prepares for the holiday season. This is someone who can be somewhat of a loner, monk-like, even celibate. Their scholarship will be attractive to Gemini, although sometimes they'll come off close-minded which Gemini finds paradoxical. How can someone be intelligent and close-minded?

Something Feels Similar, but Something Feels Different

These two signs will constantly feel an intense connection to one another but also a mysterious pull.

That's because they are square signs within the zodiac, a certain amount of spacing that causes them to not entirely be opposites of each other but also not entirely the same. Gemini is the relaxed part of spring with all the flowers, graduations, often the biggest wedding season, and the time of year when people move or take on new projects for summer. It's an exciting time about taking things on, new adventures, a real celebration and acceptance of life. It's an incredibly hopeful and beautiful time of year. Gemini is defined by all this merriment and busy excitement. There's something incomplete about it -- there's the end of one chapter with the beginning of the next chapter. Gemini is full of duality. It's this alchemy sign that allows for conversions. Gemini by its very nature is drawn to relationships. This is someone who flourishes with a partner, not alone -- like how Virgo often wants to be.

Virgo, on the other hand, is about strong new beginnings. Summer has ended and people return back to their studies, people at work plug in harder for fourth quarter sales, and there's a certain maturity and understanding of experience that Gemini doesn't have. Virgo has seen sorrow, and knows that sorrow is to come. Virgo feels like they're standing between those sorrows and griefs, and instead they like to shield themselves from it, in almost a hermit like fashion as they bury themselves with knowledge.

Gemini will feel compelled to bring them out of isolation to show them the beauty of life, the beauty of the flowers -- Virgo will find this enticing, while they try to show the Gemini the complications of servitude, virtue, and the fruits of summer. Some of this will be attractive to Gemini, some of it will elude him.

The Nuance of Chaos and Charm

Gemini and Virgo are a fascinating relationship. Gemini is a wind sign, so they're constantly thinking -- and to the point of having a nervous breakdown. Some argue Gemini is the most intelligent sign of the entire zodiac. I would argue Virgo is the most intelligent earth sign. Virgo would school both Taurus and Capricorn; however, these two other earth signs know plenty from how they work directly with the planet. Taurus' efforts are felt for the entire year -- he is a strategist. Capricorn's efforts are all about survival -- his intelligence brings him a long life. Virgo's intelligence is about epiphany through solitude.

Wind signs work to understand thought. They're constantly dealing with different forms of philosophy and communication. A wind sign never stops communicating and thinking, until they're tired -- if that. Their brains are a maze of thoughts.

Earth signs are much more grounded. They move at slower speed: think about how quickly wind moves and how slowly the ground below you moves. It doesn't mean they are less intelligent -- they are strategic, they understand the physics of how things move around them, they are in tune with their senses, and they are somewhat more materialistic.

Virgo can really be into appearances or passions where Gemini might take these things for granted. Virgo is a clean type of energy, where Gemini brings in chaos and mess but at the same time beauty. Gemini is orderly to himself.

These two fall in love because of their love of thought. They make for great dinner companions. There's a certain simplicity to what they want, and often they both like to focus on what is here and plain rather than beyond the surface, but sometimes that can feel lacking. They want someone to bring them out more, but they often feel like they're struggling to do so.

Gemini wants Virgo to see the flowers, but Virgo can only go so far and starts to reduce the flowers to a plant as if they never were a flower. Virgo wants Gemini to see the beginnings of scholarship, but Gemini is too focused on graduation and has already accomplished. Virgo is working hard to accomplish something, Gemini is already on the go. When wind talks to earth, it seems fast, almost childish, and frenetic. When earth talks to wind, it sometimes is boring, too short, too serious, and too stodgy. Sometimes these two have a really hard time seeing eye to eye and need counseling to learn new communication methods. Other times, these two understand each other so well, that they are content to be with each other in quiet, reading a book, and drinking some tea.

They like each other and have high standards. They are both at times of the year when their is reduced heat -- Gemini is ahead of the insane heat of July and August, and Virgo has just come out of it. Gemini is perplexed by this thing that has come out of the oven -- while Virgo is perplexed by what Gemini was before going into the oven, if that makes sense.

They both despise heat in a way. The heat ruins the pretty and amazing colors that spring brought into the world that Gemini loves. Virgo hates the heat because it prevented her from getting some real work done. Gemini wants to play; Virgo wants to work. Gemini is successful at work because they know how to turn it into play; Virgo is successful at play because they know how to turn it into work. There's all kinds of nuances here, and they can make your head spin.

Ways to Make This Relationship Work

  1. Gemini needs to write down things that Virgo says. Gemini needs to let these things soak in their head, and then come back to talk about these points later. Sometimes Gemini is so in their head that they're not listening to their partner. Not listening to Virgo could lead to the breakdown of the relationship.
  2. Virgo needs to stop being critical of Gemini and the relationship. A love of perfection will destroy it. Gemini doesn't fit evenly into a box; they're overflowing with love and spring-like energy. If you try to reduce and re-frame it into something simpler, you could kill it.
  3. Gemini needs to say sweet things and practical things beyond sarcastic and funny things. Show more of who you are and don't act like you are a one-dimensional creature. Show your sweeter and kinder side.
  4. Virgo needs to be open to talking about what bothers them. Don't just reach for the nuclear option and breakup because you refuse to come out of your shell or because it seems like the easy option. Gemini has more feelings invested in you than you realize.
  5. Gemini needs help understanding what's important to others. Really know your person, and don't offend them based on the big things they really love whether that's Harry Potter, music, something else.
  6. Virgo needs to not take things so seriously and hold a grudge. Let go of the grudge and don't beat it over someone's head.
  7. Gemini needs to make plans and step in to help with cleaning. Gemini also needs to set boundaries and know when other people are in control. Gemini is bad about this because spring is wild and expansive that it runs over everything.
  8. Virgo, you have blind spots too. You can be cold and calculated. You can hold onto grudges way too long. You can hinder Gemini's creativity if you try to put your foot down. You need to be more open-minded and relaxed. Stop worrying.
  9. Gemini needs to communicate when it might cause anxiety. If you are running late, give a phone call. If you are in a bind, give a call.
  10. Virgo needs to make their expectations clear. When you make your expectations clear to the Gemini, they can then try to reach those expectations.


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    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      6 months ago from Chicago

      I try to always include that last part in these hubs, feels like it's often what people want.

    • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrea Lawrence 

      6 months ago from Chicago

      You're welcome! Look around for other posts to see if they help.

    • profile image


      7 months ago

      As a Venus in Virgo, I appreciated the practical "How to Make this Relationship Work" at the end of the article. It's a nice overview overall, and it helps to know that there are other planets in other signs that will also have an impact on how the relationship plays out, e.g. Moon signs, Venus signs, Mars... the personal inner planets interplay gives a rich idea of the potentialities of the relationship between 2 unique people.

    • kattysexy profile image


      7 months ago

      Nice post. Thx


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