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My encounters with the paranormal (1)

Updated on January 28, 2013

Spirits of those who passed

If we were able to prove the existence of ghosts does this prove that there is a God who rules and governs every fabric of the universe. A scientific proof that the spirit of a human is capable of surviving its biological life would send religions into overdrive and send science into free fall. Is this the reason scientists decided not to humour the human need to know what happens to the " Soul ". Is it easier to say when we die our brains stop producing sparks of neurological energy that drives the human body on its merry dance of existence and that on death we just degrade into an endless sleep.

I for one hate the idea that we just stop at the termination of our lives, we can't just rot away with our flesh. Our consciousness and spirit must live on, it seems such a poor finale to a life full of wonder,passion,actions, memories, feelings and love. I think that as a man who believes very little in the dogma of any organised religion, the simple truth is that there is more to this earthly plain than we give credit for. So when I do hear or read of a ghostly encounter a part of me is reassured by it.

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Work based experiences

I currently work in a public house in the city centre of Peterborough(UK), the building has not always been a drinking venue. It has been used for retailing and i suspect at some time in its past it had been a merchants house, purely from the layout of the interior of the building. The building that I work in is close to 200 years old but it has had numerous buildings on its site since Peterborough has existed. The most disturbing part of its location is that it is near the site of where the livestock was butchered and the fact that the land surrounding it was at one time the cities parish burial ground ( only for a short while though 1800-1850 AD.)

A friend of mine's mother and father visited the city and after walking towards my workplace both commented on the " Stench of death ", this was on a lovely bright summers afternoon. Peterborough and its surrounding area has a fair bit of haunted history associated with it, with Roman occupation and Viking raids there has been a lot of bloodshed in the area. In the Second World War a lot of Fighter pilots lost their lives in the skies or at airbases in or around the city. As Peterborough is situated in a rural area of Cambridgeshire, it also has tales of Demon Dogs, Devil Roads and Wild Hunts where the dead are chased by other spirits for sport.

American Ghosthunting

site of old white lady
site of old white lady

Having worked at the pub for about three years I have noticed a few strange occurrence's and have been told a few of the experiences that others had encountered. The first encounter I ever had there was very shortly after starting there. I would often hear noises I could not attribute to anything else, and the kitchen door had a tendency of opening and closing on its own accord. This is weird as the door is a heavier than household use fire door, and you need to open it with some effort. The next thing I noticed was the amount of shadows which moved about to certain areas of the kitchen. When I say shadows I guess I am saying dark shapes, and they were never noticed when you focused on it. I think you could attribute it to corner of the eye syndrome, I am not alone in this as several co-workers have noticed it as well.

The next major thing I noticed was a year or so into working there I saw a man dressed darkly appear for a split second and disappear into an open door, the open door i saw was the lift area for transporting food down. It was so much information for my mind to take in I can only describe the figure as a man in his late 40`s any more detail is blurred. It is strange that I saw a male presence as the female staff has seen more feminine spirits in the building. My old Kitchen manager say an old lady in white on the stairs and a work mate has just seen legs walking towards him with no torso.

where the dark figure disappeared.
where the dark figure disappeared.

We decided to look into the reasons for why we were experiencing the strangeness, we quickly ruled out massive drink induced hallucinations, although I am sure drink would be the answer to a full bodied apparition appearing and having a conversation with me. We discovered that a lot of bodies where dug up by grave robbers and given the close proximity to the graveyard. The buildings around there would be ideal to store before been handed over to eager medical students.

My place of work is not the only spooky location in Peterborough, there are numerous ghost stories attributed to most of the buildings in the old town. Less than five minutes from my work place is the museum which has several ghosts attributed to it. I did the ghost walk which explained how much history leaves behind in the spirits of the people who once inhabited the buildings. Peterborough has everything to murdered monks to the sounds of American fighter pilots dancing to the 1940`s band music. Surely the amount of stories and lore through out recorded history must make us all believe that ghosts excist and when we die it is not purely the end.


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    • outdoorsguy profile image

      outdoorsguy 7 years ago from Tenn

      Ive heard alot of those kind of storys over the years. one of the Times I was in the UK I went to the old Montrose Airbase, that has alot of interesting storys attached to it.

      keep up the good work.