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Evil, destruction of life?

Updated on November 16, 2014

Good is Evil?


Does Evil Exist?

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What is Evil?

Evil-profound immorality and wickedness, especially when regarded as a supernatural force.

Evil is the destruction of life? Is it the thought of...? Or is it the belief of....? The simple answer is no one can really knows what evil is but why? Well the simple answer is we don't know. What is evil, other than something we can not justify. Life is full of evil but many religious orders claim to be able to purify you from able, that is not possible but is it?

Take Hitler, was he evil? Yes or was he just pursuing his belief? Yes. So that means that you can sort of justify what he did except what he did can you? No. Why? Well it's because we have all been brought up to know that the Nazis were evil or at least horrible people. However if you flip the coin and say that Hitler won World War II then we would thin that the allies and Jews were evil, or maybe just Jews but anyway it would be a horrible way to live or would it? Since our philosophy would be totally changed we would think that the racist beliefs we have are perfectly fine.


Messed Up Evil?

The destruction of life is always hard to justify but is it justifiable at all? Also war is very hard to justify, the most common war referred to as unjust is the Vietnam war as it was a war that killed thousands of Vietnam citizens that weren't actually fighting so how can you justify that?

Unfortunately evil is messed up if it exists at all. You see people see evil as well evil but how can it be if it is possible to justify it?

Religous Evil?

People sometimes call something evil if they don't agree with it.
People sometimes call something evil if they don't agree with it.

Evil Terrorism

Is Terrorism Evil?

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Belief of Evil

In my opinion there is no evil there is only belief and that how ever hard it is to come to terms with something you consider wrong but just think of the other side. Life in general is full of things that most don't agree with so they call them evil and then say that anyone one that looks similar or believes in similar things then they are also evil, do not think like this because if you are you are a racist, which you might also consider to be evil.

People think that terrorism is evil yes? No it's evil in our belief. So does that mean that any religious order that agrees with a terrorist's point of view, not even with what there doing, are also evil as well. People take their beliefs to the extreme and/or make them stereotypical and if you become stereotypical then you are one or more of the following:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Ageist
  • Sizeist (if that exists)

So don't be stereotypical!

However when watching a video that was calling the Jedi evil it really makes you realize how good is not necessarily good but evil. You may think that Jedi are not a good example but they really are because in this video you will understand more how stereotypicalness of good can actually make you ignore the bad.

Jedi Are Evil, Prove That Good Isn't Always Good

Evil Exists, It Has To... Doesn't It?

Well you see life has a way of throwing stuff at you and larger groups of people and we consider these things evil.

"So does that mean that we are all evil?" No what I'm trying to say is that life is evil. I mean why wouldn't it be? Life is tough and some people even say that

"It's Life!"

People also use stereotypicalness to say that life is not evil such as calling certain traits evil like sexism and racism, when these are just traits that we were brought up to know as wrong, yes? Or is that just what we think so we don't go mental thinking that we all disagree with each other on what evil is.

Now people think that because lots of other people think the same as them that they are right, they have to be because that's what the world thinks, right? No, the Nazi collaborators went along with Hitler because they thought that due to his high popularity that he was right but was he really? No of course he wasn't but does that mean that we're wrong and that we are and that in history we'll be remembered as wrong people in history?


Questions, Questions, Questions

You might be asking why is your hub filled with question? Well it's because people believe in different things and so I can't say that this hub is 100% true to you but that's why there are all the questions, so you can know that this hub is 100% accurate and not codswallop.

But of course a lot of my hubs are filled with questions so you can question yourself to change your mind about the subject, it might even be what I have written. Anyway that's why there were so many questions because without them this hub would be unreliable.


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    • Skulduggery Jones profile image

      Nathaniel Plumtree 3 years ago from Basingstoke

      Thank you for your comments, soon I'll be releasing a hub analysing good.

    • profile image

      Lavinia 3 years ago

      Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep loiokng for your posts.

    • profile image

      Shanna 3 years ago

      You write so honsetly about this. Thanks for sharing!