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Evil forces will be subdued and God will bring harmony for the rest.

Updated on November 2, 2016

Attitudes of beings create wars!

Man has not evolved in spite of his intelligence!

Awareness is a greatest asset. Many a time, we find ourselves ‘listless’. If we always practice ‘awareness’, old age problems like loss of memory won’t affect us. Be doing something useful, something productive always. Do not crave for rest. The craving for rest is the greatest obstacle in man’s path. See the ant! Have you ever noticed an ant taking rest, lying or sleeping? Daylong, it will go in line with other ants, carry many times the weight of its own body, always hardworking, persevering and caring for the colony in which it resides. There is absolutely no selfishness in ants and bees.

With all intelligence and thinking capacity, man can never equal to ants either in hard work or discipline or sharing nature! In fact, god has provided man thinking capacity to raise himself higher in evolution. But man uses his entire intelligence and capacity for earning and hoarding wealth. Man has become so crooked in his thinking that he never helps others; he is ready to grab whatever is left from the homes destroyed by fire. We have heard about such incidents in the media. When natural calamities like floods and earthquakes happen, there are certain queer people who search for valuables among the dead and debris. They might be foxes in the previous incarnation, which roam in the jungle to search for remnants of dead animals or those killed by lion or tiger!

Yogi Aurobindo quotes.

Many become refugees in other countries!

Humanity has lost human virtues bearing few holy and good natured people. If a thief enters the houses of neighbors, many people never open their doors to help them since the thief may attack them. Hence there is always selfish considerations in whatever people do or desist. Many countries are refusing the entry of refugees from other countries. Some countries drive those pathetic people away with the result, they drift in the ocean and many lose their life in the ocean water! They have left their countries due to intermittent war or terrorism. There is no safety in their home turf. They want to live and lead their life in a dignified manner but the terrorists or rebels in a country never allow them to live peacefully. Hence there is large scale exodus of people of all ages1

Previously, it was world war which has driven many natives out of their countries. Poverty and famine drove many to seek employment in distant lands. There was exploitation of labor since they were forced to work for eighteen hours with lesser emoluments. There are myriads of reasons for people to move away from their native countries. In India, during partition, many Muslims preferred to go back to Pakistan and many Hindus preferred to cross to Indian Territory. How much trauma and mental agony people, people might have undergone during such periods. Due to political decisions and partition of India and Pakistan, such sorrowful things happened. Many have lost their life due to fatigue. Many families walked their way to India from Pakistan. These are all black marks on history. Even migrating birds return to their home back after few months. Likewise, problems in Sri Lanka forced many Tamils to take refuge in India in Tamilnadu. India has a population of refugees from Burma (Myanmar), Nepal and even China. Of course, some of them came in search of Job and sustenance. Now, the world has become really a global village. We hear about ‘native Americans’ who are refugee in their own country.

Miracles will happen!

God alone can fulfill the peaceful ambitions of humanity!

War, colonization and occupation of allied forces that are powerful made one refugee in their own place! India suffered colonization for around 200 years. Plenty of resources, cheap labor and other causes favored the British Empire, who stealthily entered India in the garb of East India Company and devoured the entire Nation! It was nothing short of aggression. However mighty a Nation may be, it cannot prolong its nefarious activities forever. One day or other, the suppressed people will raise their voices against forced labor and looting! Those Nations which used the ‘divide and rule’ policy are feeling the rebuff from other countries and they are no longer the mightiest nation on earth. See the pathetic condition of super powers now. They have lost their credibility in the world scene now. It seems China is slowly gaining supremacy among the world nations. There is a fear among the super powers that once suppressed India is slowly gaining the foothold in world forums. The economy and productivity of both India and China is catching the attention of the world.

It is evident that everything turns into a circle. Super powers are struggling to keep their people happy. Actually they spend trillions of dollars to fight terrorism. Wars cost a nation huge. Hence those super powers are slowly losing their relevance! In another decade, the positions will become diametrically opposite.

Hence people of America, Russia, and Britain are anxious about their future and their children. The American election is going to be an eye opener for the Western countries. Already many voters are in great confusion that they chose. It is going to be a very tough election this November! The prolonging war in Syria and Iraq is going to be a great headache for whoever becomes the President. Russia is steering its own course in war torn countries. None is happy about the way; the superpowers are engaging themselves in the never ending war. There is neither diplomacy nor transparency. The future of the world peace greatly depends upon the outcome of all the above.

India too is in great confusion as a non-aligned nation. Circumstances force it to align with former friendly nation. At the same time, it doesn’t want to distance from other super powers.

Ultimately, it is not the Political leaders who are going to evolve solutions to problems of humanity. God alone will interfere and set right things soon, which is going to be a world shaking event. Lot of purging of evil forces is necessitated. Hence there is going to be a war between the demonic satanic forces and noble and godly forces. The world population need to live in Peace and Harmony and God will take care of this intricate problem!

God's plan will enfold all

Peace and Harmony on earth!

Is it humanly possible to unite all people?

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