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Hauntings in rural Singapore

Updated on July 28, 2014

Evil Lairs

The best source of inspiration to gain from is nonetheless in haunted places. This is where I thrive to seek out contemplating secrets and untold stories in rural Singapore. Singapore has it's fair share of horrifying tales dating back since 1942 when the ruthless Japanese bombarded and invaded the little red dot during the second world war.

A hundred year old hospital, an old estate and military camps haunted by the most despicable demonic presence, still stood rooted to its soil. Captivating to many paranormal enthusiast, I spoke to some of the investigators regarding the places they have conducted researches on and I was astounded by their findings.

Let's begin with an abandoned hospital I personally investigated a couple of weeks ago.


The Old Changi Hospital

I would be more afraid of this place due to its current inhabitants. Besides ghostly entities, this place is a nesting ground for drug addicts, murderers and satanists. Built in the year 1935 as a British military hospital, it was subdued by the Japanese in world war II. Closed in 1997, its patients were then transferred to another newly build hospital.

Taunting graffiti's were all over its walls as I approach the entrance. A huge compound with many obsolete medical equipment scattered all over the floor dating as far back as 1983. The wards were destroyed, broken windows were sealed with planks to prevent the intrusion of sunlight(Or something else).

Satanic symbols such as the pentagram, the hexagram and the star of David were sprayed on its floor and the ward I was in certainly had a strong presence of evil to it. I've collected reports on the place being a "Torture Chamber". Somewhere in the vicinity lies where thousands of innocents passed on. Men, women and even some children were gruesomely tortured to death and its wailing could be heard on certain nights.

A local paranormal investigator by the name of Aziz Iskandar decided to shed some light on his findings to me. He discovered a tunnel underneath the hospital and was believed to provide an escape route for the Japanese in case of an emergency. On the 11th February 1998, not long after the hospital was closed, he revisited the site alone and placed a modified walkie- talkie that allowed him to listen in to the other end inside the tunnel.

Two hours into the session, loud static noises were heard from the walkie talkie that was placed next to him. He shone a flashlight through only to discover that somehow the walkie-talkie had been moved deeper into the tunnel. "I remembered placing it right below where I was standing". He said.

Giving it another chance, he decided to stay for another hour to determine what caused his walkie-talkie to drift further into the tunnel. Forty-five minutes into the session and he started hearing a very feint footstep. A sudden dragging noise was heard. He shone his torchlight and later discovered the walkie-talkie that he left inside the tunnel was missing. Gone. "I even placed my head halfway in and shone my powerful torchlight but there was nothing but darkness at the end of it. My walkie-talkie was nowhere in sight".

The tunnel has now been sealed off by local authorities


Neo Tiew Estate

Neo Tiew estates was inaugurated by a Chinese man named Neo Tiew(1884-1975)who was a sheriff in that former village. Situated on the banks of the Kranji river and was administered by the Lim clan. Vacant in 2002 and instead of demolishing it, the estate was used to conduct urban operation training by the Singapore Armed Forces.

This small uninhabited housing estate shares many ghastly tales and rumor has it that it's been left vacant due to the occurrence of paranormal activities. In one case where many had reported about a banana tree spirit lurking in the vicinity.

Serving with one of the Singapore's army infantry battalions, I've experienced dozens, if not, many disturbance during my stay in the estate whilst on military training. Being in a 6 men group and wasn't allowed to sleep all at the same time, I stood guard near a kitchen window overlooking a wrecked playground on the first floor.

Minutes seem like hours and I could barely open my eyes due to the fatigue. There was a sudden pause to my breath. The trees stopped rustling and the air was completely still. A strong scent filled the air and it was the kind of scent you get when entering a bouquet shop.

It was definitely the scent of flowers. My ears were then intruded by strange noises coming from the nearby playground. The see-saw was swinging up and down slowly and it gave of a chilling squeaking noise. In less than a minute it stopped and I noticed something was moving away from the playground. It did not seem like it was walking though.

The banana tree spirit is probably one the most infamous story about Neo Tiew. "The lady in green" as they call it who possesses a banana tree and believed to fulfill the sexual desire of many lustful men. I would refer to this spirit as the Succubus, a sexual female demon traced back to the medievil era.

This spirit is often sighted in a secluded compound behind the estate. Strands of strings we're found tied to the banana tree as a method of contact.


Old Kranji Camp

Located along the Kranji reservoir, this was once a former artillery and transport base. Constructed out of bricks and wood, it is definitely safe to assume that this place has been around for a really long time. Not to mention that a portion of this military camp has already been consumed by thick vegetation.

An old Muslim cemetery is situated conveniently behind it so I am sure it'll make this a fun yet creepy place to explore. Kranji has shared its soil with many military base since the colonial British era. On the opposite site is the Ordnance Supply Base also known as OSB or Woodlands Camp I which was established September 1970 -- A storage cache for ammunition, weapons and vehicle parts.

Decomposed animal remains filled the air with incredible stench and traces of bones were found that are believed to be that of a dog. Many who traversed through the camp claim to hear the laughter of a women in one of the barracks situated on the first and second floor of the vicinity.

Footsteps can also be heard at night on the wooden walkways above on the second floor. This area holds many spiritual entities that are evil in one way or another. The unidentified cemetery behind the camp still bothers me and I have yet to study its history.



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