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Evolution Needs a Creator

Updated on November 18, 2014
For by him all things were created.
For by him all things were created.

Who says evolution does away with the need for a Creator?

Most Christians, like most unbelievers, agree that things change or evolve over time. Some embrace the idea of common descent within evolutionary theories, while others maintain only that from the point of creation, life adapts for purposes of surviving and thriving. It is not the intent of the present article to speak for or against the validity of the theory of evolution, but rather to speak on an untrue and concerning assertion by many zealous advocates of the theory – that evolution eliminates the NEED for our Creator.

According to the theory of evolution, all current life has descended from a common ancestor through the process of mutation and natural selection. A key word in this theorized occurrence is PROCESS. Whatever the extent of truth or falsehood within the theory, evolution theory at best describes a PROCESS by which we come to be.

Whether simply theorized or actually discovered, evolution (as explained within the theory) has some eager advocates who attempt to make mini-gods of the natural processes involved, as they claim that these processes eliminate any NEED for a Creator. In fact, it is the GOAL of many of the strongest proponents of Evolution Theory to do away with the need for a Creator. Evolution, it’s claimed, “can do it all on its own through natural processes - mutation and natural selection”. Can it? What a peculiar idea! Even from the start? A PROCESS can come to be and dictate how other things come to be ON ITS OWN?

Certainly this assertion runs counter to that which we ourselves observe in life: that even the very simplest of things MUST have a creator, and that order and brilliance are purposefully designed to be orderly and brilliant. Consider any number of things created by human creators: clothing, essays and novels, paintings, toys, buildings, vehicles, airplanes, medical equipment, and computer programs. Let’s say we discovered the process of one of these creations – what was used and how it came together to form the end result. Would we ever suggest that knowledge of the process eliminated the need for the creator BEHIND the process for these orderly, brilliant creations? Or would the creator be just as necessary and acknowledged as before the process of creation was discovered?

It doesn’t take much probing into the theory of evolution (and related theories) for questions to arise, and for us to discover that no answers are forthcoming. If this process of evolution exists, where did it come from and what caused the process to begin? Where did mutations come from? Where did natural selection come from? For that matter, where did anything for any processes to work from / on come from?

We’re told that in the beginning we’ve got these chemicals, these amino acids; we’ve got things like lightening. But where did THESE come from? There’s this “big bang” discussed in modern theories and/or the biblical creation account. Miraculously the “right” elements become present. Then miraculously the processes themselves are there and can get to work. That’s a lot to swallow, and none of the theories are very satisfying to the more deeply questioning, reasoning mind.

Explaining a PROCESS does NOT do away with the need for the Creator of that process!

Evolutionary theories attempt to describe that which relates to the “what” and “how” of life – what is happening and how is it happening. “What” and “how” have to do with observable phenomenon and their processes. Science is both concerned with and also necessarily limited by its focus on the observable “what” and “how”.

As stated previously, evolution is nothing but an alleged PROCESS of how things changed from one form into another. This may be the extent of what science is able to offer in terms of an understanding of life. Yet because the most basic elements must at some point come to be, and because the process itself must come to be (not to mention any potential), a process CANNOT stand on its own, but will always be IMPOSSIBLE without the “Who” – the Creator!

The more philosophical, spiritual, and/or analytical person will seek to understand not only the “what” and the “how” (for knowledge of these can never satisfy greater desires for truth and wisdom), but such a person will also seek to know the ever more important “Who” that is making any known processes possible, and the related “why”, which is making it all MEANINGFUL. We will ask: Why would all the elements be there? Why would they contain what’s needed to begin a process? Why would this process begin and take off? Who is responsible for all this?

Even the most basic beginning chemicals and processes REQUIRE a WHO, a Creator, as surely as the existence of the most advanced life requires a Creator. Evolution Theory takes us NO closer to eliminating the need for the One who created these initial elements, the potential for life, the processes that begin to take place to initiate that life and on and on.

Take out your little tools, created beings, and study the “what”, study the “how”. Yet you’ve answered none of the greater, more important, still just as pressing questions! These don’t disappear because you’ve theorized about or even seen a process!

How do we get to the higher truth about the “Who” and the “why”?

Science can’t take you there. Science is limited to the observable “what” and “how”. Relying on ourselves and our scientific methods, we will find that we are “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (3:7, 2 Timothy).

So how do we come to a knowledge of the truth? The Way is simple! Call out to the One who can tell you the truth, the One who says lovingly, “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” (33:3, Jeremiah). It is written, “if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But he must ask in faith…” (1:5-6, James). The Holy Spirit himself will lead and guide you into all truth (16:13, John). The Truth that He will lead you into is Jesus Christ, the Savior given for all people. Jesus Christ laid down his life for us and became the atoning sacrifice for our sins, so that we are made perfect in him, and we may therefore approach and reside in the presence of the Holy Father. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to the Father above. God is our Creator, and we were created in his image (1:27, Genesis). He will tell you, beloved, why he created YOU, his masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10), revealing your true purpose in life and giving your life the meaning it lacks without Him. These greater, higher truths – the ones science and humans cannot bring you to – are obtained from God himself!

May the Lord bless you as you earnestly call on His name, and as you seek Him with all of your heart, until you at last find the One you have been looking for, and at last you are found by Him. May those who look in faith come to know the Lord who is and who was and who is to come – our Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Amen and amen.

Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people.. (Psalm 100:3).

For by him all things were created.
For by him all things were created.


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    • Cat333 profile image

      Cat333 2 years ago

      Thank you James. Yes, salvation has already come through Jesus Christ, but some have not yet taken hold of it.

    • jacharless profile image

      Charles James 2 years ago from Between New York and London

      Should anyone believing in Creator have the time to read, thoroughly the Genetic Account of said creation, it is blatantly obvious it speaks of evolution in a way far exceeding natural selection, as we define it -aka survival of the fittest. I am of the mind to see it as the process of natural selection, as defined by the progressive layering of creation until a perfected stasis was achieved, whereby a summation or resting period came, allowing the previous to become harmonious. Regardless, the purpose of the text was to give the broad-view of creation in its entirety.

      Miss Cat. An excellent and thought provoking read, save the "salvation sales pitch" at the end. Salvation has already come. It cannot come again. It's time humanity evolved into that understanding so the restoration can happen in each one.



    • Cat333 profile image

      Cat333 2 years ago

      You're welcome, and thank you for your comment, Craan!

    • Craan profile image

      Sheila Craan 2 years ago from Florida

      Thank you, @Cat33! It is extremely comforting to know that God Created All Things for our benefit. The Theory of Evolution misses the mark and takes God out of the Equation. Ignorant people who are mostly atheists believe the lie of Evolution. Scientist's haven't figured out anything, they are lying to us and conjuring up false theories. There is absolutely no way anyone can qualify Billions and Tillions and Zillions of years and come up with something meaningful. God created the earth, and the heavens and the sea along with the first man Adam in 6 days. How's that for the creation of our species?

    • Cat333 profile image

      Cat333 2 years ago

      Thank you, Ericdierker!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very well done. A difficult subject to traverse and you have done quite well at it. Indeed a creator is needed to fulfill the beginning of anything.