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Evolution is Problematic

Updated on October 4, 2009

Proof by probability

Evolving by design

I loved the piece in the video about the Jaguar. The argument that it was created by design rather than by random chance or Cosmic Accident is of course true. But the purpose of Intelligent Design is to prove that Evolution did not occur. And the story about the Designed, engineered, and manufactured Jaguar say exactly that.

That is what the Cool guy in the nice leather jacket says in plain English. That is what the narrator in the video says in plain English. What they don't say is that the Jaguar did evolve. That ain't your Grandfather's Jaguar ,Cool Guy. Year after year, scientific engineering has add new things and removed old things to make it competitive in a changing world.     If they really   had been arguing that it evolved by design that would be true, and that is the public image they want out front to combat public opposition to what they really want to teach. To teach evolution even by design would destroy the Teaching of their Religion even if God did it.

The public myth is that the proponents of Intelligent Design believe that Evolution occurred but that God directed it to his desired outcome. They encourage that mis-information because it helps them slip it into the Public School System as Science. The Courts have already ruled that it is designed to promote a very narrow religious view of Conservative Christians. I will depend on the Intelligent Judges in our Court System to stop their plans by use of the Intelligent Design of the Constitution.   My objective in this article to argue against the Public Myth

The method I will use will be the old Checkerboard Math challenge. Only I will just use half of the checkerboard and I won't use the challenge Question.  I'll just show the math to prove my probability proposal.  Not only did evolution occur but chance was sufficient to accomplish it. 

Evolve by choice

Improbable may be Inevitable

The Public Myth concept is that our present ecological system of species including Human Beings is so complex that it is improbable to the extreme and therefore impossible.  The only solution to this impossibility is that a Supreme Being designed it step-by-step from the beginning. And now it is time for man  to fulfill his mission in the Worship of this Benevolent-Loving Being of Creation and Salvation.

Taking a Chance

My proof of evolution by chance is a little game in probability theory. Take a coin and designate a Head and a Tail. Flip the Coin and Record the Head as #1 and the Tail as # 2. I did one in advance as a pattern to duplicate.

#1 - 1 #10 - 2 #19 - 1 #28 - 1

#2 - 1 #11 - 1 #20 - 1 #29 - 2

#3 - 1 #12 - 2 #21 - 2 #30 - 2

#4 - 2 #13 - 1 #22 - 2 #31 - 1

#5 - 1 #14 - 2 #23 - 2 #32 - 1

#6 - 2 #15 - 2 #24 - 1 #33 - 2

#7 - 2 #16 - 1 #25 - 1 #34 - 2

#8 - 1 #17 - 1 #26 - 2 #35 - 1

#9 - 1 #18 - 1 #27 - 1 #36 - 2

The object of the exercise is to flip a coin 32 times and record the heads as #1 and the Tails as #2. See how long it will talk you to duplicate the results I have recorded here. You are intelligent. You have a preset design as you say God did. You have a simple method to accomplish the task. After trying for a while without success you may invite a hundred praying preacher to come and ask God to assist you in this task. Surely He would want you to succeed to prove his creative power and faith in his word. After all, I did this simple miracle purely by chance. God has the power of Design to aid you in the endeavor. Just to help you know what chance can do, I will show the odds by groups of 5(five).

#1... 1               #20... 524,288

#5... 16              #25... 16,777,216                   #30... 536,870,912

#10... 512

#15... 16,384

You say that man cannot do this because the odds are to great? Only an all powerful creator could accomplish even this simple task. And yet is is done ever so often purely by chance in our Multi-State Lotteries. Any pattern set by chance can be repeated by chance. Remember the old story about about an unlimited number of monkeys pecking at an unlimited number of typewriters being able to write the works of Shakespeare.

But the real point to be made is not that evolution successfully created a predetermined ecological system that we have today. There was no predetermined ecological system, just as there was no predetermine pattern of Heads & Tails when I started. Nature started with a favorable set of life conditions and chance did the rest. The results we called the process of Evolution. The Church must find a way to kill the truth - or loose the power of the myth over man and let him be free at last. If you cannot live without your chains, then carry them as you will. Just leave the rest of us alone.


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    • profile image

      Robert Emory 

      8 years ago

      Is it really so hard for people to say to themselves "I believe the bible tells me what God did and science tells me how God did it."? Do they really need to go around picking a fight because they might have to learn something, to use the intelligence they claim they have and that God gave them? "Science is wrong!" they say as they type it into thier computer while eating their microwave dinners, listening to XFM radio stations in their climate controlled homes.


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