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Evolution of human being is a long process!

Updated on March 22, 2016

Evolution of human brain!

We evolve in a snail's pace!

Evolution on earth is a very slow process. Spiritual evolution is in snail’s pace. At no time, we can feel happy about our progress in spiritual path. It is like this. In a clock, the needle pointing seconds move quickly. Only after full revolution of the second needle, the minute needle advances to one division. Only, after the minute needle makes a full revolution, the hour needle advances to next number. Our physical activities in this world are like the movement of second needle, perceptible to us. After performing many good deeds, our conscious advances a little like the minute needle. When we consistently carry out good deeds, the conscious advances to the next stage. Hence, the progress is not perceptible to us.

The evolution of human species from minerals and plants might have taken millions of years on earth. Even after one secures the precious human birth, there is no guarantee that he will pursue noble deeds. In the primitive stages of human evolution, people were searching for food, some leaves to cover their nakedness and a shelter to dwell during harsh weathers as well as to escape from wild animals. For millions of years, they were hunting gathering tribes. When they started inventing fire, when they learned to keep milk animals, they made small steps in evolution. With the invention of copper and other metals, the life style started changing. Man has learned to consume plant products, fruits and other rich tubers. It was after many years of living, they learned to produce their own food through grains such as ragi and millets.

People from other parts of globe, slowly started exploring the adjoining lands to feed the cattle. Whenever a place has become inhabitable, they started migrating to better places. Thus river valley civilization happened. Water has become essential for drinking, feeding the cattle, washing and watering the crops. Slow advancement was made in cultivation. People started experimenting with different kinds of seeds and produced enough for their community. They learned storing of grains. Trade by commodity exchange prevailed during that time. But valuing goods have become difficult. For instance, to purchase a rare item, even a big buffalo was exchanged. Needs decided the values. When people from other regions brought rare metals, pearls and spices, demand to possess those items increased automatically. People started bartering even essential items to possess such rare things. The foreign traders found that there is huge market for cloths, ornaments and spices, they brought ship loads and sold them to the rich people there.

Bartering involved many hardships and hence copper coins were used instead to bargain such goods. When both parties agreed to trade with copper coins, goods started selling to the needy people. The rich people could afford costly items and thus differences in society started appearing. This naturally led to master servant societies. Those who are in need of money worked in the fields of rich people, performed manual duties at the houses of rich people, including tending the cattle, milking the animals, cleaning the homes, and helping in kitchen etc. They were paid little but due to poverty this master servant culture flourished everywhere. The nobles kept even slaves for their personal work. Hence, even in ancient societies, the difference between rich and poor manifested in many ways. The poor hankered to earn but they were at the mercy of rich. When populations increased, the needs have increased. This is how differences started from the ancient days. The traders flourished everywhere. With the money at their disposal, they started hoarding essential items of consumption and sold to the poor people at exorbitant rates. Desires and greed started showing their ugly heads from early civilization.

When people become discontent and started protests slowly, village courts started to exist... Unfortunately, the head of such courts was occupied by the rich and influential people in the villages. Hence the poor rarely got justice. This is how society has become fragmented from early days.

civilization is a slow and long process!


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