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Evolution of the Soul

Updated on July 19, 2009

Moving Onward

In a few of my previous hub articles, I have spoken of the Soul and about how our Soul evolves through time and space. I would like to expand on that a bit in this article, as well as give my perspective on the similarity and differences between the concepts of sin and karma.

Hopefully, everyone will agree that “knowledge is key”; one of the greatest keys, to understanding one's self, others and aspects of life in the world. It is especially important to note that a broad spectrum of knowledge is the most beneficial because that as a storehouse of reference, it is the basis of inner communication between one’s Soul, one’s Highest level of conscience, each of one’s own four lower bodies (mental, emotional and physical and etheric [spiritual]: see other of my hubs for further information) and of course God (or whatever you desire to call that Ultimate level of power and knowing) as the vast Creation

As always, I preface that my perspectives are my own as far as the conclusions that I make, even though they are of course similar to the concepts most people are familiar with across the spectrum of world religions, belief systems and philosophies. Also, my perspective will change and grow with time, so that if anyone should ever quote me, it will be with the understanding that that is what I thought at that particular time and space, and was taken in the light of one’s own personal connection for understanding the subject.

That said…

In the continuum of concepts of God and the Soul through the ages, there are infinite stories and renditions of stories, call them what you will, myths, legends, truths, witnesses, etc…it is important to recognize that each and every one of those stories is a rendition of the human mind, a construct of that individual Soul’s experiential perceptions: all unproven or provable. It is only in the unique combination of mind and Soul in search of “God” that another Soul could “sense” a similar connection with their “God”. A lot of times, that may be the only “bonding sense” between any two or group of people. Of course, we have to factor in the many other bonding components that bring people together also, but this particular “sense” is eventually recognized as most special and continues to be sorted out as such from the other bonding components…hence we end up with spiritual fellowship and/or the various forms of human relationships.

In studies of the world’s religions, philosophies and belief systems, always having had a sense of personal need to look for the unity in the diversity of systems, it became quite clear to me that "a concept" of reincarnation had to be accepted, because I was “seeing” a progression of Soul awareness as I studied the histories of the ages of humanity.

The Eastern philosophies were not religions in the Western sense because they did not talk about an Ultimate God, per se; at least that is not what has been interpreted from succeeding historians’ stories. But rather, they talked about the unique individual relationship each Soul has with the Creation, especially at levels that have come to not be readily accepted by Western thoughts on God.

For instance, the Tao and Oriental medicine made the connection with the unseen levels of the human being, the meridians and one’s energy as power to command, as being a responsibility to maintain, and to use for benefit to all of life. And the concepts of India and the surrounding areas, of various gods and creatures that a Soul needs to learn from and deal with, to be able to balance one’s karma.

Both having an unseen component to life; that we are more than we appear with the human eye alone, and that that point is important to reconcile with.

Western religion came to call these unseen forces evil, and refuted them as valid to human life. I am not saying they are evil; but rather that they are important to recognize as a step in the evolution of the Soul in her journey to understanding God, just as Western religions are an important step. I believe that the most evolved form of these forces is the Holy Spirit, our Highest connection with God.

It is a progression for the Soul to acquire, or rather, to re-acquire the belief in the connection with God, being One with the Spirit. When one sees the Spirit as a whole picture, each Soul has the need for all the same pieces to make the whole picture, but each Soul also has the need to find particular pieces at particular times, and that process is not the same for each Soul. So, there is equality because we all need the same pieces, but uniqueness in the process in becoming whole.

The concept of karma in Eastern thought is taken as a personal responsibility, to balance, to make right. One has good karma and not so good karma, and together is to be used to balance one’s life in seeking to reunite with the Creation; it is one’s Dharma as the purpose for being. It is accepted as the way things are, as unconditional, like a Mother that believes that her children will succeed in life, even as they go through life making mistakes and learning from them.

The concept of sin in Western religion is taken, also, as a personal responsibility, to love and forgive others and one ’s self in order to be worthy; to please God by following the “Laws” of Heaven. This is like the Father that is conditional, the Law is the Law and one must obey the Laws to make things ultimately right with God.

It seems apparent to me, that maybe, Souls in the world have needed to continue to reincarnate through history to learn and find the pieces to their picture. For instance, having lived in the East, the Soul learned concepts of being the Mother and child, so it was necessary for the Soul to experience the Father and child in the West. Or vise versa. Or maybe a Soul had not “strayed outside the Laws” to such an extent, and that Soul needed only to experience the Father and the child in the West, or vise versa. The possibilities are infinite because we are all so unique in our needs, in light of the paths we have taken.

Now, these are both overly simplified versions of Eastern and Western concepts of who we are in the Creation and who/what God is, but that is the point to look at. It is important to realize that as individuals we have had unique and diverse experiences in our cultures. But basically, across all cultures through the ages, there are similarities.

Father holds the vision of where the Soul is to go, and Mother helps the Soul learn to reach the goal. Both are important, you can’t have an evolving Soul without both. There is a dynamic between them that can be good. Like a good marriage, there is give and take, a continuous sine wave of tension and release, a love that is unconditional with conditional parameters to stay within. How can that kind of relationship be a bad way to live life?

It is healthy to have an Ultimate Goal, to have goals and boundaries. It is healthy to have support and guidance, disciplined work and joy in relaxation. It is healthy to learn from one’s mistakes. Life is dynamic! And if a soul is not dynamic in life, she is burdened, or depressed, controlled or controlling, angry or apathetic.

Here is the “rub”. People can come off as saying, I am right and you are wrong, because the human ego has the need to feel right. Well, sorry folks, that is not being dynamic or healthy, but it is a step moving toward the whole...if it is recognized!

So, my point is that since each Soul is both Father and Mother, as well as the child/children; it is entirely about learning to create that healthy inner family. And all of us have things to re-learn about what a family is…that is our karma, and our sin, and our responsibility, our purpose in life.

Let us accept where we are and where another is, yet see if there is something we can learn from each other as well, until we find our unity in our diversity!

Many Blessings to You All!

The Divine Self

The Mighty I AM Presence is God, the ringed spheres of Light at the top. The Holy Christ Self is the mediator between the I AM Presence and the individual. The lower figure is the individual in time and space.
The Mighty I AM Presence is God, the ringed spheres of Light at the top. The Holy Christ Self is the mediator between the I AM Presence and the individual. The lower figure is the individual in time and space.


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    • profile image

      Nick Lucas 

      7 years ago

      Very well written thought provoking piece!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      reincarnation must be accepted ,

      realize- what we reap is what we sow

      we like inmates each one sentenced ,each one charged with

      their own crimes.

      each one here to experience,get experience in overcoming themselves...

      the soul knows its journey.......let it use fighting it.deprogram our minds from preconcieved ideas,by ideas put by others,even religious ideologies..

      the answers are all waitng inside of us to ask..

      where shall you begin to ask...and you definitely will get an answer-as long as you pay attention...look around and you will see the answere fleeting by ,even a whisper,a thought,a written word,,the answers are there,no matter how wierd the question..

    • d.william profile image


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Wonderful article. The major problem with today's mentality is that people are conditioned into thinking that a "religion" is God, and theirs is the only true way to salvation. There are many paths to follow in this life, and each and every one of them lead to the same place: to The Whole, The Creation, The Creator, or God; they are all one and the same, as are we. Good job, and an enjoyable read. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts. dw

    • aslanlight profile image


      7 years ago from England

      This all makes so much sense to me. It's taken me years of searching to come to a similar perspective as you. I hope that you'll continue to share your insightful mind with us!

    • Jalapeno10 profile image


      8 years ago

      This is so good. Continue to give more inspiring hubs for a spiritual strength. Thanks

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Very nice article Sparkling Jewel. You propagate universal spiritualism and health- quite appropriate style. Wish you all the good luck.

    • cheaptrick profile image


      8 years ago from the bridge of sighs

      I am not as eloquent as you and Denno but I do understand and agree with you on most of what you have presented here.I see the Spirit as the"Spark"of "The One"with the Goal of developing the Soul over many lifetimes,this is done threw experience in the Realm of Matter.My understanding is Christian Gnostic so frame of reference is that the Spirit Nurtures or detracts from the Wholeness of the soul threw the Spirit's sensory use of the mind.Free will provides the ability to Select from life in the material world those experiences that contribute to the positive or negative essence of the soul.I am left wondering what the Purpose of the fully developed soul has...

      "Have I not Told ye that ye are All Gods"

      Superb piece of work you have presented here

      Thank you


    • SparklingJewel profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from upper midwest

      It took me many years to come to that conclusion...and a lot of reading and pondering on the concepts...makes sense to me :) :) :)

      thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very well-said. This is a concept that is struggling to be understood by a great number of 'lost' souls. When someone talks about a 'God', if you will, it is the source of something bigger than yourself, not necessarily a Deity on which religions can be built. If this had been seen by a greater number of people earlier on in history, an enormous amount of suffering could have been avoided. This hub is an oasis in the desert of misconception. Thank you for a wonderful read. :-)


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