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The Key Question in Primordial Soup Theory

Updated on July 31, 2015

Evolutionists believe in the Primordial Soup Theory, as their best argument regarding the origin of life. According to the PST; millions of years ago; all the 17 Amino Acids required to make protein, were present in water somewhere in the world and a magical spark poured life into it, resulting in the creation of a tiny single celled organism, the First Primordial Life Form. And they say that since there is no God, it all happened by accident. This single celled organism underwent the process of Evolution comprising millions and millions of years until complex creatures like animals and man came out. Though it is not clear whether; it was just an isolated pocket of stagnant water or the entire ocean was primordial soup. But since the process of how non-living chemicals transformed into a living organism is absent in their theory, it cannot be termed as a valid Scientific Theory.

This theory is buy-able to the extent that the 'primordial life form' was created. The problem arises when we try to imagine who taught it to reproduce. A single celled organism may have a very small life span of hardly a few hours or days. My question is; " who taught that organism to multiply in that short span of time?" It just can't be evolution, which requires millions of years. Reproduction is one of the most complex systems in living things, which the evolution could not have taught in that small life span unless; it was programmed already in its genes.

One has to accept that such information had to be already programmed in the Primordial Life Form, to carry out so quickly. So, who could have programmed it - The Evolutioner?

Evolutionists are also very devoted in their beliefs, like the believers and they don't like to question the basic assumptions, upon which their belief system rests. Some even went to the extent and said that; there was another magical spark which taught the Primordial Life Form to reproduce. Now that brings another instance of magic into a theory that is strictly considered as Scientific. It even makes one wonder; if the Evolution vs Creationism debate is all about; "was it God or Magic"? I am sure that the Harry Potter fans would choose magic over God.


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    • ARSHAD MAJID profile image

      ARSHAD MAJID 2 years ago

      @ChristopherJRex - that would mean that if humans are born again and again, one of them may live up to a few thousand or million years.

    • ARSHAD MAJID profile image

      ARSHAD MAJID 5 years ago

      @ChristopherJRex-- Thank you very much for reading and posting a reply. I appreciate your participation in this discussion.

    • ChristopherJRex profile image

      ChristopherJRex 5 years ago from Fort Wayne, IN

      Actually, I attempt to break down this process so that it is more understandable in a hub of my own: To address your main point directly, though, all that life had to do was survive and reproduce. This could have required life to "emerge" a large number of times before finally surviving long enough to reproduce. There's nothing wrong with that. Humans can hardly grasp the concept of considering every single moment for their ~80 years of life, much less trying to think of every possible moment during hundreds of millions of years (which is how long it took life to get a foothold).