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Exam Dream Meanings-Test Dream Meanings-Exam Dream Interpretations-Dream Interpretations

Updated on May 25, 2013


Dreaming that you are taking a test or exam is a fairly common dream theme that men and women have. These type of dreams can be an exam at school or perhaps a test for a job. When it comes to dreams about test, there are a variety of different scenarios that one may have portrayed in their dream. You may be running late for an exam or you may not be able to get into the classroom. It is possible that you may not be able to find a seat in your test dream. If your lucky enough to set down, you may realize that your pencil is broken. Worse then that, you may enter the exam room without anything. In this article, we will discuss exam dreams and exam dream scenarios. You will learn about exam dream meanings and how they may pertain to your waking life. In the end, we hope that you will have a better chance to correctly interpret your dreams about test.

Dreaming about taking exams are quite common among younger adults and teenagers. This is because of their current association to school. You may still be in school or going to college. Since exams and test are part of your everyday life, you are more likely to dream about them. Dreaming about taking an exam can represent an exam that you will take in the future. Since we can have a variety of different emotions before we take an exam, it is quite possible. More then likely though, dreaming about a test or exam is brought on by your current emotions that you are feeling in your waking life.


Dreaming about exams and test can symbolize a variety of different emotions that we are feeling in our waking life. Although some people are happy to take a test, the majority of us are anxious, nervous, or terrified. Your exam dream may be representing these same exact emotions. Dreaming about exams may represent that you are nervous about a certain situation in your life. This situation could be anything. This is why it is important to remember exactly how you felt when you dreamed about taking an exam. These emotions that you felt in your test dream can be the same emotions that your exam dream is portraying.

Dreaming about taking a test can also symbolize that we are being put to the test in our waking life. This type of dream is suggesting that you may have a lot on the line. You may have a big report that is due soon or you may have a deadline that is approaching fast. Someone may be counting on you to get things done. In our waking life, exams bring on emotions of stress and worry. Your dream about exams is portraying the stress and worry that you are feeling about this certain situation.

Test dreams and exam dreams can also suggest that we are lacking confidence in our waking life. And in turn, this brings down are self-esteem. Something or someone in your waking life is making you feel uncomfortable, insecure, and out of place. You may even feel that you don't belong, which can make you question yourself. Is someone effecting your confidence? What is causing your low self-esteem? Why are you lacking confidence?

Dreams about test and exams may also symbolize that we are unprepared for certain situation in our waking life. There is a specific situation that is causing you stress and anxiety. It is possible that you are not prepared for a test. More then likely, this exam dream symbols your emotional state and feelings in your waking life. When we are prepared, we are confident and ready for the challenge at hand. When we are not, we constantly worry. Take this as a sign to get prepared for the challenge at hand.


Dreaming that your taking a test may also suggest that you are being judged. This is nothing new because people will judge you until the day that you die. Even then, they are still likely to judge you. If we know that people are judging us, it does make us uneasy. Have you did something or said something to be judged for? Are you being judged at work, by your family, by your friends, or some other type of relationship? Once again, this can point to a variety of different circumstances in our life. It is up to you to learn how this pertains to your life.

Exam dreams may also represent that you have lost all your confidence. Test dreams can symbolize that we are lacking motivation. This can be caused by a variety of different things. What is making you feel this way? Have you lost motivation at work? Have you lost your confidence in your relationship? Exam dreams can also suggest that we are feeling alone. You may feel that you are lost at this point in your life. You may be scared that you are going to be alone the rest of your life. This can also be the reason that your self-esteem is low.

Dreaming that you are taking a test may also depict that you are feeling disappointed and insecure. This can reflect on various situations and circumstances in your waking life. Why are you feeling this way? Remember, you are the only one that can change your current situation. Your the only one that can make the correct choices. Nobody can do it for you. Get back on your feet, dust yourself off, and create opportunity.


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