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Examining Other Belief Systems part 3

Updated on September 29, 2011


So tonight I have chosen to explore Hinduism. Usually I can get a solid grasp on a religion but after studying and studying and more studying, I have found that this is not a very easy religion to understand.

Where did the Hindu religion Originate?

Well this is still to this day being debated. Some scientist believe that it originated over 4,000 years ago by the area of the Indus River in India. They say that the term Hindu comes from the name of the river, well this is true, only if you take into account that the Persians that traveled to the Indus River area called the river Hindu and the land Hindustan so they naturally called the people in the area Hindus. But I wonder what the people would have called themselves?

There is also a belief/theory/myth that the Hindu religion was brought to the country by a group of Indo-Europeans or Aryans, which I have studied in other pursuits and personally even to me- an un-scholarly mind seems odd, who invaded the land and took control of the land. That theory is hard to believe for many reasons.

Some scholars place the religion 4000 years and others at 5000 years. And no one can place the religions exact origins.

What is Hinduism?

Basically it is a collaboration of many different religious ideals. The Hindu religion is one of acceptance and accommodation. The have scriptures called Vedic and the live by Dharma-They believe in a universal truth/law. Hindus believe in reincarnation, karma, and the worship idols of their Gods, Goddesses, and Household Gods (which altogether make up an Absolute called Brahman). Hinduism warns you not to devote your life to one God. The worship the individual parts of the environment.

What is Brahman?

Brahman is the power that is thought to be the one and only Absolute of the universe. Brahman is made up of the thousands of Goddesses/Gods that is responsible for bringing all of Creation into being. Brahman is a complex being and is everywhere.

Hinduism is non-violent religion and it's peoples are devoted to the teachings of their scriptures which is broken down into 4 parts, they also believe in the stages of life which are also broken down into 4 parts, and they have a caste system in which there are also 4 levels.

Interesting Facts that explains what looks like a lack of research

Okay so Hinduism is supposedly the oldest still practiced religion, well according to some...but if the carbon dating comes back and proves that Astrology is 20,000 years then it would stand to say that Astrology is oldest still practiced religion.

Also there is no real historical data on the account of the Hindu origins, so all anyone has to go on is theories.

They have way too many Gods and Goddess to try to write in one Hub.


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