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Excellent bible study material for teenage girls

Updated on August 18, 2010

Me As I Stand

I started working with my church's high school youth group as a volunteer leader about two years ago. This is the same youth group I went to when I was in high school. Being a leader to teenage girls is nothing like going through it yourself.

I committed to being a co-leader for a girls small group last school year. The group consisted of 7 girls ranging in age from 15 to 18. Being a teenage girl once myself, I know how challenging and tempting the things of this world can be. As a teenage girl, all too often we put God aside and put our concentration on things like beauty, boys, celebrities, and the media. I tried endlessly to find a devotional that could create the confidence our girls needed without much luck. Then, my co-leader came to me with the perfect devotional for our group of girls.

The Truth for Battling Lies is in Your Hands

Lies Young Women Believe

Lies Young Women Believe is a devotional based off a survey taken by 1000 teenage girls. It's geared to identify 25 common lies young women believe including lies about God, guys, relationships, media, and even Satan himself. Nancy Leigh DeMoss teams up with Dannah Gresh to deliver this amazing devotional for girls 13-19 years of age. Identifying the lies in our lives is only the first step. DeMoss and Gresh provide endless amounts of scripture to help battle each and every lie. The two authors give us a lot of insite through testimonials of other teenage girls as well as how they've personally battled the lies they've believed.

The book also has a separate workbook to accompany every section of the book. I feel the workbook is essential if you want to get everything out the book you can. Each day has questions geared for personal use and group discussion. The authors put a little thought balloon next to each question they feel is good for group discussion. Talk about making it easy on us leaders! The website has tons of tools and blogs for future study and reference as well!

Our small group girls really opened up through this study. They were able to identify lies they were believing without realizing. Now they are equipped with the tools they need to battle the lies with the Truth. To be honest, the book was written towards teenage girls but I learned a lot about my 25 year old self too! It turned out to be an amazing devotional for each one of us. If you are a leader or a teenage girl looking for a strong devotional...I strongly suggest Lies Young Women Believe. Check it out and let me know what you think!



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    • Jupiter1385 profile image

      Jupiter1385 23 months ago from Illinois

      I liked that each girl had the companion guide because it helped them walk through the questions before bible study. But my new small group just walked through this book and they did not have the companion guide so it was more of a tool for me to use as the leader. I think it just depends on what would work better for you and your girls.

    • profile image

      Lisa Tullis 23 months ago

      Would each girl need the book AND companion guide? Or are one of them meant for just leader?

    • profile image

      Youth Group Names 5 years ago

      Any recommendation as to the best place to purchase this book/workbook? Thinking about doing a group bible study--do you know of a store that offers bulk discounts?


      David Stanton

    • Jupiter1385 profile image

      Jupiter1385 7 years ago from Illinois

      FriendofTruth: I think this would still be good for 12-14 year olds. It has a little bit about relationships and boys but most of it goes through lies about God, self image, etc. I can think of one lie that states, "I have to perform to be loved". A lot of younger students can relate to their parents wanting them to be in plays, sports, get good grades, etc and feel they have to do that or nobody will love them. I think this book is still good because a lot of it has to deal with things a lot of us believe whether we are 12 or 45. Check out the website for the has some great information!

    • FriendofTruth profile image

      FriendofTruth 7 years ago from Michigan

      Question: do you know of any devotionals for younger teens, or would this be good for them too (age 12-14)?


    • Jupiter1385 profile image

      Jupiter1385 7 years ago from Illinois

      It was one of the best devotionals I've done. Thanks for the comment!

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Looks like it'd be a great read. Young women definitely need something to relate to them and help them learn what is real and what's not.