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Exorcism - Explaination and Belief

Updated on July 3, 2013

The Way Jesus Did It

The first exorcism to have ever been preformed was by Jesus found within the book of Matthew. He preformed I believe 11 exorcisms throughout this book. If one looks close at to how and what Jesus cast out, you will see that it wasn't always demons that he cast out. In actuality, it is recorded that Jesus only cast out two actual demons. The rest were unclean spirits.

The first demon that Jesus cast out was while he was teaching in the temple. The possessed man looks as him and says, "Jesus, thou son of David. Hast thou come to torture us before our time?" The second demon, found in Matthew chapter 8, was from a lunatic man who had broken free from chains and running the hillsides naked. When he came upon Jesus, he snarled and growled. Jesus ask, "What is your name?" He replied, "Legion for we are many. If we are to be cast out, bid us to go into the swine."

Now, Jesus didn't go into this big long ceremony of prayer and reciting of the scriptures, crosses and holy water. The first demon, he simply said with authority, "come out of him" and the demon left. The second, he simply said, "Go" and Legion went.

Many would argue that he was the son of God. He had authority over them from the beginning. He was full of Gods power. He wasn't even human like us. Though all this is true, but didn't Jesus say unto his disciples, "These same things that you see me do, you shall do and even greater things shall you do."?

BEWARE: In Matthew 12:43 tells of a man that had been delivered from demon possession by an exorcist and after a while, they had returned seven times worse than when they left. This is due to not changing ones lifestyle after the deliverance. If you do the same old things that brought on the demon attack in the first place, your just keeping the door open for them and more to return and regain control.

Demons vs. Unclean Spirits

Demons are the rulers and generals set forth by Satan to govern his kingdom. It is my belief that the 1/3 of the angels that Satan took with him when he got thrown out of Heaven are these very ones that we call demons. They're the nasty, ruthless spirits that cause the change in personality, defilement, embarrassment, and even death. They are the ones after the soul of man.

Now, demons will try to kill you if you try to stand in their way. They have been the cause of the lives of many priests and victims alike to be lost. Their sole purpose is to prey on the weak minded and collect as many souls as they can for Satan before the Judgment.

Demons will use all kinds of trickery and deceptions to obtain what they want. Satan for example portrays himself as an angel of light to deceive Gods children and cause them to sin against God. A mere step to claiming their souls. Demons are liars and they hide behind the one possessed. Many times, Priests have to draw them out into the open before the rite is preformed to ensure a successful deliverance. If this is not done, the demon could lay in wait for weeks or even months before resurfacing to continue his work.

Unclean Spirits are different. They are the nasty little buggers that aggravate the fire out of you with illness'. Man has classified these with psychological illness and prolong the devils work with drugs and institutions resulting in a lack of recovery of the patient. This is just another cover up the devil as devised to hide himself. Many time along Jesus' travels, he healed the deaf ears, blinded eyes, the dumb, and the afflicted as well as the stricken with seizures. Unclean Spirits are responsible for the deaf, dumb, blind, crippled, mental illness', chronic psychical pains, etc... Along with these evictions, Jesus gives you the key to never having them to return as mentioned in the last section. That key is in what he said to them all, "Go thy way and sin no more".

The greatest trick that the devil was ever able to accomplish is the make man believe that he doesn't exist. Think about that.

The Exorcist - Peter Blatty film staring Linda Blair

Signs of Possession

There are a few signs to look for when determining if someone is possessed. These are set in stone nor constant signs. They are a guideline of the most common.

1. possessed becomes withdrawn

2. normal routines change drastically

3. big change in their mood and personality

4. gets angry at the mention of religion, the names of Jesus

5. religious item make them uncomfortable and refuse to come into contact with them

6. display of superhuman strength

7. speak in a language that they normally don't know or ever been around

8. possess an insight on past, present, or future events that otherwise they could not possible know.

9. sometimes vomit up foreign objects such as nails or glass to name a couple.

vatican city Rome, Italy:
Rome, Italy

get directions

Headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church where the renowned exorcist school is located. Rome is reported to have the highest volume of possessions

Personal Experience

I dedicated my life to the Lord at the age of 15. At 16, I was playing music and singing during the special song segment of the service. At 18, I felt I was called to preach the gospel. From that moment, my life wasn't the same. Everything was good. Oh sure, I had my ups and downs, trial and persecutions, but as long as I had God, everything was going to be alright.

At the age of 20, I walked away from the Lord. I felt like I never got a chance to experience what it was to be young and be bad I guess. At this point, I'm not going into detail as to all I got into, but lets just say I learned a lot about sin and the devil. Somewhere around the age of 30, I made my way back to the Lord. The devil didn't like that. He just lost one of his prize possessions...a fallen minister.

During the time that I rededicated my life unto God, I have been involved in two exorcisms. Bare in mind that not all faiths preform the rite the same way. The Catholic have a long ceremony that they use to expel the evil. The Pentecost have laying on of hands and commanding them to leave. Other faiths have other styles and some doesn't believe in possession at all. My belief is along the lines of the Pentecostal, yet I don't claim a denomination. I worship with all faiths that believe in God.

The two exorcisms that I was involved in was the possession of a young woman. This woman was in to drugs very heavily and knew was taught that you could do whatever you wanted in life as long as you ask forgiveness every night before you go to sleep. This lifestyle and the heavy use of mind altering drugs opened the door for such a possession.

I was able to recognize the possession by her actions. She wasn't acting like herself more and more. Then she began bad mouthing God and religion and tore at the cross around her neck. From that point, she began to speak in a third person form. To test my suspicions, I had her hold a bible. After a few seconds, she threw my bible claiming it burned her and broke into all forms of cursing. After this confirmation, I began the rite of exorcism.

This next part is a prime example of Matthew 12:43 (demons returning 7 times stronger) mentioned above.

Three years later, the same young woman began acting strange again. More secretive and deceiving. I noticed her cross wasn't around her neck and she was speaking third person again. Again I tested my suspicions and tossed my bible in her lap. She moved like a scared rabbit and there was murder in her eyes (if you can conceive what I'm saying). Once more, I began the rite of exorcism. This time it wasn't that easy. It held on and refused to leave. The demon threatened that if I didn't quit, it was going to kill her and her children. I had no choice but to fight harder. In the end, the demon left and to this day it hasn't returned. I found out later that this young woman was still using drugs and fully turned her back on God. After this second battle, I'm proud to say that she is in the service of the Lord, off the drugs, and doing great.

As a minister, I have learned a great deal about unclean spirits and demons and the rite of exorcism. It is a very big part of my faith and like Jesus, it's given freely.

Life Today

Today, I live a life doing all I can to live for God. Though true possession is rare and a full medical and psychological evaluation should be done before seeking an exorcism, I don't believe that it is a dead service to todays society. It's needed even more than it was in Jesus' time. As a minister, I will help anyone that I can whether it be through information or making arrangements to get to where someone needs deliverance. As a Christian, you are to be Christ-like. Jesus helped everyone he passed and asked for nothing in return but to go their way and sin no more.

God is still alive and sitting on the thrown ready to help whether you believe it or not.


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    • Capric222 profile image


      5 years ago

      No problem :)

    • pentecost777 profile imageAUTHOR

      Scott Yates 

      5 years ago from Ohio

      I do apologize for the unclear statement. I realize after you pointed this out that I should have explained that this was the belief at that time. Again, I apologize.

    • Capric222 profile image


      5 years ago

      I found this article quite interesting until I read about the "unclean spirits" you mention in the article. I have a deaf brother and I do not believe that he is deaf due to an unclean spirit. He was actually very premature and almost died. Therefore, it is my belief that his hearing was not fully developed when he was born. I do not believe for a minute that my loving brother has any type of unclean spirit. This statement is quite offensive.


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