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Expectations and Wonder by Merwin

Updated on December 15, 2012

Do you have those moments when, over small things that you are trying to accomplish, that the expectations you have for the sequence of events are just not there?

For me quite often, when I am doing a small task that I’ve done hundreds of times, I “expect” the series of steps to be relatively mindless, allowing my thoughts about other things to marry with the thinking process required for… making that first pot of coffee, as an example.

Each day the steps for the routine are the same, and so… my expectation is for the results to be the same. Many times when these events are marred by my clumsiness and then, repeated clumsiness… it gets to be a major irritation and of course robs me of my peace.

God is wonderful.

This writing is a result of His intervention in my “expectations”. And as is typical with our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, their tender intervention and subsequent loving lessons have depth, and manifold applications.

The intervention…

Typically, my normal routine for making coffee, I get the paper filter out of its nest with all the other filters and give it a toss, usually, it generally would “float” through the six or so inches of air space before landing directly in the coffee maker’s basket and then I put in the scoops of coffee.

Well… this morning I gave “the toss” and the filter “floated” down, but rather than coming to rest inside the basket, it balanced on the edge, which kind of caught my attention in a good way. So then, I give it a nudge toward the inside of the basket , and the filter rather than go inside as “expected” it travels around to the opposite, far side of the tiny coffee filter basket and is once again “balanced” on the top edge of the basket, and I think, wow. But then I give it another nudge toward the center and inside of the basket and it again walks around the top edge and again comes to rest “balanced” on the edge of the basket, this time right in front of me… WOW.

That was His intervention of my expectations, the beautiful wonder, and now came my “lesson”.

As mentioned, all too often when my “expectations” are interrupted, it just irritates me, especially for small things like the above. Getting “mad” at myself for my own clumsiness, has always seemed like a safe way to vent stress. So, with what happened above there was a departure, yes, a departure… from normal “Merwin” reactions.

Again, normally I expect things to go a certain way, and when these small expectations are not met, I “expect” myself to act like a big baby and pitch a bit of a fit.

Though the tiny mini miracle of the falling filter being balanced, did not yet qualify as anything necessarily special, the next round of “balancing” filled me with a pleasant wonder, and the next, multiplied that wonder, and His lesson for me…

He, Jesus intervened in my expectations, set them aside, and in a very beautiful way made Himself my balance. He reset my expectations on Him. He has promised us He will never leave us. And He reminds us from time to time of his loving, abiding presence inside us.

We were chosen from before the foundations of the world, by our Father who’s Son, is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world.

They choose at every moment to live in us, with our imperfections and lame expectations. We have no perfection of ourselves, it is given to us, our imputed righteousness is one of His gifts to us. Because our rightness is like filthy rags… He clothes us in His righteousness.

If I can set aside my expectations for myself, I will experience less frustration.

But, regardless of that, God in His love, will always at some point, intervene and restore His balance for us. He loves us and is always and at all times, making his home in us. We may “expect” Him to do so, for He has promised it by His wonderful love.


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