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Experience Jesus through His supreme Love and sacrifice!

Updated on December 24, 2015

Jesus, the Divine son!

Jesus as we learn through the scriptures!

The same spirit which rose as “Krishna” at one time arose as “Jesus” at a different time. The time and place are selected by the Divine according to the needs of the situation in society. It is natural for humanity to slide into error due to laxity to adhere the virtues exhibited by the great prophets and saints. The worldly mind is attached to pleasures derived through the senses and keeping the body in comforts at all times. But, this goes against the laws of nature. Every rise has to sustain a fall too. Likewise every joy has to slide into sorrow soon. Only from pain, pleasure arises. Pleasure never arises from pleasure. Pain glorifies pleasure whereas pleasure never imparts any lesson in the mind of the individual. He becomes weaker when pursuing pleasure.

The human life is granted to us to learn great lessons from life. First, we have to understand that we are not separate individuals but part of the Supreme power. Even while we are part of the supreme, we feel that we are separate individuals, thus suffering sorrow and joy in alternating succession. This mortal life is ephemeral and fleeting. Hence the pleasures derived through the senses are like the lightening during thunder. Every lightening is followed up by severe thunder. The clouds pass through the sky in quick succession. Hence the sages have termed the mortal life akin to passing clouds and mirages in the desert. Nothing is true here and nothing lasts. Our relationships, our experiences and feelings undergo modifications every moment. Hence Buddha asserted that ‘everything is transient and grief.

Anything coming in the middle departs also in the middle. Only one thing survives time and that is Divinity called as self or Atma or God. For the sake of convenience, we have named it as Rama or Krishna or Jesus or Allah! Call it in any name which pleases you, but remember it is one only. It responds to all the silent prayers from innumerable souls throughout the cosmos. The most valuable thing in the world is Love, which was depicted as ‘selfless love’ by Jesus and Buddha. They never hated any in the world. In fact, they loved even the direst critiques. Many tried to harm Jesus and Buddha since they could not tolerate the purity and all compassionate nature of them. We have heard about dogs barking at the Sun. The sun never suffers any dimunity due to this. It is absolutely unconcerned and moves along imparting light and heat to the entire globe! Likewise, whoever hurls abuses at Jesus and Buddha never knew that they are equal minded souls, who never care praise or derision.

How many of us can love our enemies? Practically none, since we are steeped in body consciousness giving rise to ego. But Jesus did. He was absolutely unconcerned when grave charges were framed against him and he was about to be crucified. The King knew that Jesus was absolutely innocent. Hence he washed his hands when the majority wanted that Jesus should be put on the cross and a cruel murderer be released instead. This is the way of the world. Throughout history evil seems to have an upper hand over good. But evil will be dethroned and truth alone will triumph!

The world has witnessed many horrors throughout history. Nature retaliates when people go on abusing the laws of nature and slide into animal tendencies. When evil accumulates beyond tolerable limits, nature leashes out with storms and tornadoes. The autocratic and self-styled leaders also inflict pain and grief on their citizens in equal measure. In short, greed and selfishness has entered into the mind of almost all people of the world. Amid them, there are few pious one who silently suffers the atrocities of evil elements like the terrorists.

It was during one such time, the Lord took pity on the erring humanity and decided to send his only son among the people. He was born in very humble surroundings. The mother was chosen by the Lord to bear the divine child in her womb whereas Joseph was simply the guardian of both. He was also revealed the Immaculate Conception and he humbly accepted the Divine decree. Mary was given the indications by strange events and the angels pacified her. When they were on the move as per the orders of the king, Mary developed labor pains and only an animal shed was in the vicinity. The Divine child was born at the specified hour and a mysterious star guided three people to the shed where Mary delivered the child. They sprinkled perfume on the child knowing well that it is of divine origin.

Joseph was a carpenter and he tried to make both ends meet by his hard work. When Jesus grew as a lad, he helped his foster father Joseph in his work. Sometimes he will flee away from the home and Mary used to search for him at all places and finally she used to find him at the temple premises giving wholesome advice to the passersby. Everyone was astonished at the behavior of the boy, who seems to speak in authoritative tones. None was able to fathom him. Many people rebuked his teachings and started complaining about his behavior to the temple priests.

There was a period when none knew about his whereabouts. Many historians point out that Jesus travelled to many places including Kashmir, Tibet and Afghanistan. It is greatly believed that Jesus after his ascension moved away and his tomb is somewhere in Kashmir. None could ascertain the facts. Whatever may be, He came to this world to guide humanity towards the Lord and induce in them many virtues essential for humanity. He lived in the spirit and hence he tolerated all the tortures inflicted on his person by the authorities. He preached pure love which is lacking on earth. May we honor him for his supreme self-sacrifice and pure love on the occasion of Holy Christmas!

Jesus as a boy in temple!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Dear friend I love Jesus equally as I love sai. Thank you always.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      Very beautiful and appropriate Hub. Your covered the topic excellently! Higher blessings.