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Experiencing a Oneness Blessing on 12/12/12

Updated on December 16, 2012

Feeling a Kundalini Blessing

I have been working with energy for approximate 10 years. I have been a free spiritual agent for about 7 years. This week I participated in a Oneness Blessing. I thought I would write about the experience. It was done at the Fellowship of the Inner light in Virginia Beach, VA. There was around 100 people there. The blessing originates from India. It involves extensive breathwork.

My desire for the experience was quite powerful. My heart is aligned to One Love. The planet is ripe for the movement of this blessing. People are hungry for love to manifest everywhere.

The method for raising kundalini involves a rapid breathwork that traditional medical people would call a form of hyperventilation followed by a deep exhale and a guided meditation focusing on various chakras. Then a deep inhale and again the focus on various chakras. This is yogic in nature. Yogis for centuries have studied the breath.

Once the 20 minutes or so of quick inhlations and exhalations, there was a guided meditation which further focused on the crown chakra. And finally, a multitude of trained practitioners acted as channel for the Divine. God's love was distributed through the hands of the practitioners. The Divine in them touched the Divine in me and energy poured forth manifesting perfect Oneness between our souls.

As the kundalini was rising up the chakras, there was a lot of laughter released. As I experienced the kundalini, energy shot out of my left arm. And now I continue to pray that that blessing would move throughout my life liberally. I have faith that God is going to shock the world. Our Source is going to generously open the hearts of mankind. People are going to be amazed at the power of LOVE. I know this is the plan of the Divine. I can't wait for mankind to realize this wonderous Way. I pray that I am on the planet when it does!!!

Life is unified. We are all One.


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    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA


    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very Interesting. It is nice to read a personal experience such as this.