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Exploring Miracles: Coincidence or Magic?

Updated on May 18, 2015

Quotes About Miracles

Science Vs Miracles


A Coincidence is a series of events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. Also referred to as accidents and chance. Coincidence is rolling Yahtzee twice in a row or traveling to somewhere a few hours away and seeing a friend. What other ways can you identify if an event or action is a coincidence?

  • Is not the doing of god or a religious being.
  • Can be backed by science, data, or facts.
  • Has an explanation no matter how irrational the explanation may seem.
  • Could happen again in a lifetime or to somebody else.
  • Is caused directly or indirectly by your doings and decision making.

Examples of Memorable Coincidences in History

Connected Strangers: In 1920, there were 3 passengers on one specific train. After introducing themselves, they discovered that one of the rider’s last names was Bingham, one was Powell and the last rider’s name was Bingham-Powell. They were in no way related however.

Death on Repeat: In 1975, a man riding on a moped was hit and killed by a taxi driver in Bermuda. One year later, his brother was driving the same moped and was hit and killed by the same taxi driver. Both times the taxi was carrying the same passenger.

Three Strikes You're Out: A lightning bolt killed a man when he was standing in his backyard in Tarantino, Italy. Thirty years later, his son was standing in the same spot and was killed by a lightening bolt. In 1949 the man’s grandson got struck by lightning in the same spot, dying in the same fashion as his father and grandfather. Proves lightning can strike the same place twice-or in this case, three times.

Twin Lives: A story of two twin boys shows just how similar twins can be. Two twin boys were separated at birth but carried on almost identical lives. They both married a woman named Linda and had sons they named James Alan. They both divorced their wives and got remarried to women named Betty. They both had a dog named Troy. After 40 years they were reunited and got to share their eerily similar life stories.

Miracles and What They Mean

Miracles are surprising or unlikely events that don't seem to have a scientific explanation and religion is often credited for them. Also known as divine intervention or phenomenon. A miracle is being told you'll be in a wheelchair the rest of your life and walking 2 years later or getting pregnant even when the doctors said your eggs weren't fertile. There are ways to tell miracles from just any ordinary event:

  • Are surprising, unexpected, and give hope to all that witness it
  • Was created or changed from prayer, spirituality, or the supernatural
  • Is something that has less than a 1 in a million chance of occurring
  • Was caused by the universe or at random and nothing you did or done could have stopped it from happening
  • Often lacks a scientific approach and defies theories or statistics

Examples of Nothing Short of Miracles

Incorruptible Corpses: Incorruptible corpses is the name given to a dead person's body which does not decay. Most Catholic Churches consider it a sign of sainthood. Incorruptible bodies do not undergo embalming or any procedures to prevent or delay the decaying process yet remain perfectly intact and are often said to emit a sweet odor. One specific example is St Bernadette, whose body appears lifelike and fresh even after 125 years.

The Gold Ring: A gold wedding ring, lost in a potato field in Hólmavík 30 years ago, was recently found completely intact. A farmer couple were picking potatoes 30 years ago when the wife took off her ring to work in the mud and it got lost. 30 years later the couple and their two children were back in the same fields picking potatoes when their daughter cried out that she had found the ring. The couple knew it was the same band because the husband's name was carved into it, a common Irish tradition is for married couples to get the other's name on their band. The ring no longer fits but the wife now holds onto it tightly, after 30 years of having little hope to find it.

Gorilla rescues Fallen Toddler: A toddler managed to fall into a gorilla exhibit at the Brooklyn Zoo, which was an 18 foot drop onto concrete. The fall resulted in the child damaging his head. A 7 year old gorilla named Binti approached the boy and cradled him in her arms, restoring consciousness to him and safely handing him to zoo keepers so that he could receive immediate medical care. The boy lived, and was considered lucky because gorillas are very dangerous and unpredictable creatures. Luckily Binti was raised by humans and knew how to handle the situation. This is far from the only animal miracle to occur though. There are countless stories of "dangerous" animals that have rescued and protected people. There were a group of dolphins in the ocean that lead a diving girl to safety after having a brush with sharks.

My Own Grandmother's Story: Four years ago back in 2011, my grandmother was on her way to pick me up for my cousins baptism. It was a day like any other, I was waiting at my house for her to show up. I got a phone call that she was in the hospital, she was in a car wreck but was okay and just getting checked out. Apparently she blacked out while driving, and the car managed to drift into the only really "safe" place between her house and mine which was an empty field. The car shut itself off which is hard to explain when the witness that arrived said she was definitely "blacked out". A MRI at the hospital revealed a cancerous brain tumor she had no idea or indications of. The doctors agreed they caught in just enough time to operate, had it not been detected on that MRI, it would have killed her. The kind of tumor she had was one of the worst. People are given a few months to live, and even with the operation was basically given a death sentence. There was <2% chance she would beat this. But she did. She fought through hair loss, weight gain, nausea everyday and beat the awful disease. Her and many of her friends give credit to God and the power of prayers. Unfortunately, the tumors recently came back after being in remission. But once again she kept a positive attitude and was ready to fight. The chemo and radiation are once again helping and the tumors are shrinking. She's the perfect example why you should never give up. No matter how dark the storm clouds are, there's always sunshine afterwards.


In the end, coincidence and miracles boil down to your beliefs, the way you think, and the very way you live your life. You don't have to be knowledgeable on science and follow logic to a T to believe in coincidence and you don't have to be religious to believe in miracles. It's all about perspective and what things mean to you. We get so caught up with our busy lives that sometimes we forget to take a step back and appreciate things for what they are and the beauty that surrounds us. It's easier to think things happen out of coincidence, that life hands us random cards and events unfold are simply meant to be and mean little more. If you are more open minded and open your heart, you can begin to accept and appreciate the little things as miracles, and know it doesn't have to mean that God causes everything to happen or that you have to believe if it doesn't have a logical explanation than it must be the work of a greater being. You simply choose to believe what you believe, and the more you believe, the more amazing things will become. Sometimes a miracle doesn't have to be losing your ring and finding it 30 years later: It could be anything from falling in love, to hearing a song sung in a new way, to holding your child for the first time. Some things don't need to be categorized. We just need to feel their emotions and enjoy them for what they are. If you live as a free spirit, every step of your journey becomes a tiny miracle, but one you helped create.

Unexplained Events: Coincidence or More?

Being a Person of Hope or Science

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