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Exploring Lights In The Sky & Not The Kind You May Think

Updated on May 23, 2012
Intelligent Flying Lights
Intelligent Flying Lights | Source

One Summer Night In The Utah Mountains

As a child of approximately 10 years of age I was witness to something that to this day I have no solid explanation for. What I had witnessed along with a string of other strange unexplainable phenomenon throughout my life helped to fuel the paranormal bonfire of curiosity that burns ever greater within me.

My cousin and I were enjoying an evening on the balcony of a family summer vacation home in northern Utah, near Powder Mountain. This was a familiar and common place that I spent much of my time over the long hot Utah summers. Nothing of significance seemed to be happening that evening, the weather was fair, the family was calm, the stars were out, it was just a very typical relaxed mid August evening. We sat looking out over the declining tree filled mountainside, sloping down to an empty parking lot and clubhouse about 2 miles below us. The clubhouse had been closed and vacated for the evening for several hours. I sat gazing at the stars that are so amazingly clear in the high altitude up above the city lights and air pollution of the Utah valleys. A slight breeze would blow on occasion, drawing my attention to the rustling Aspen trees below. One of these light breezes began to snake it's way up drawing my attention to the dark abyss in the thick mountain woods, as I stared off into the darkness listening to the clatter of the Quakey trees I saw something. Amidst the trees I saw what I can only describe as two small baseball sized lights, one red and one green.

Odd... I figured it must be car tail lights that were coming through the trees, from the winding mountain road to the South, but cars don't usually have green lights. I continued to watch these lights and found that they were weaving through the trees, they were criss crossing one another, they flitting up high into the tree canopy and then down near the trunks of the trees. As these two lights danced around in the trees, it appeared they were coming up the mountainside through the thick woods.

The two lights came out of the wooded area and were continuing their aeronautical display over the empty clear parking lot. A red and green light swooping, swirling, intertwining, each other, it was almost like watching two birds at play. What in the world was I looking at? By this time my cousin had also caught sight of these fascinating flying orbs of light, and noticed that they were headed toward us from the parking lot about a mile below. Then suddenly in what seemed like an instant the two lights were in the grassy area below the balcony in which we sat. They continued to swoop around the landscaping trees, and each other. We watched as they gracefully zoomed around. They began to alternate back and forth, while moving higher. The lights alternated right up to the balcony where we sat, for a split second they were right in front of us, and then they went up over the roof above us and were gone.

My cousin and I were very excited about whatever we had just witnessed, we ran inside to see if we could see the tiny seemingly intelligent little lights on the other side of the building continuing to zip up the mountain but saw nothing. Overwhelmed with excitement about the mysterious lights that we had just witnessed I came in to report our experience to anyone willing to listen, that lucky individual happened to be my uncle. After debriefing him on the recent events witnessed on the balcony, he snidely smiled and told us that we had just seen some bats. Well of course I was completely disappointed in his pitiful explanation and lack of validation of any kind. I may have told a couple more people of the incident but due to the high strangeness of the event the recounting of the event usually got blown off. To some extent I can understand why there was not much attention paid, the incident did not even fit the criteria for most UFO reports; the lights were tiny, they were not high in the stratosphere, they did not abduct us, they lights did not give us a sunburn, the light did not communicate with us, and there were certainly not any humanoid extraterrestrials associated. In spite of it all I never forgot the incident, I just kept it tucked away as a point of reference, and one big unanswered question.

Mysterious Ball Lightning

The Question Carries On

Though I set the incident aside it remained with me, throughout my lifetime I began to come across reports of tiny seemingly intelligent flying lights. I stumbled upon different accounts of similar lights in a variety of paranormal and physical subjects that could possibly be explanations of what I had witnessed as a child. The following are some of the possibilities I have considered.

  • Ball Lightning is a natural phenomenon that has been reported for centuries, producing a spherical ball of light in a variety of sizes, that shoot up from the ground, or down to the earth. It is theorized that ball lightning is caused by a build up and discharge of a mass of static electricity. Some Ball Lightning video is the closest real representation of what I witnessed as far as the motion goes, but I have yet to see a match.
  • A small portion of UFO reports, site lights that are closer to the earth and smaller in appearance than the more typical reports of unexplained objects observed high up in the atmosphere or outside the Earth's atmosphere. Most that I have seen refer to these objects as watchers.
  • Cryptid reports like that of Moth Man exhibit some of the qualities of the objects I witnessed.
  • Native American Spirit lore sometimes makes reference to spirit balls. These spirit balls by description often closely resemble what I recall seeing. The description of the Spirit Balls most closely describe the intelligent nature that the objects seem to exhibit.
  • I have considered Lazer light, or some other natural light source, but there was no constant reflective surface available to create the motion and change in distance that I witnessed.
  • Of course there is the very familiar and commonly offered explanation of bats, birds, bugs or some other natural flying creature. To my knowledge none of these things can create a continuous red or green luminous glow.

Although I have been able to identify similarities between my experience and some other reports of phenomenon, I am still at a great loss to identify what I saw all those years ago. So the question remains open, and now I leave it up to you.

What Do You Think I Saw?

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    • thoughthole profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Utah

      Thanks Cryptid! I doubt I'll ever have a clear understanding, but I hope that someone may have had a similar experience that may have more anchors to one theory or another. I feel like what I saw is pretty much in a catagory of it's own for now.

    • cryptid profile image


      6 years ago from Earth

      Fascinating account. I guess you can speculate til the cows come home and it won't get you any closer to understanding what really happened. At least you can consider yourself lucky to have had the experience, and perhaps it has opened your mind to things you may never have considered. Great hub!

    • thoughthole profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Utah

      Thanks CR. My little lighted visitors definitely had an intelligent and organic feel to them. As time goes on I become more attached to dimensional theories for almost all paranormal phenomenon, the accounts like unto mine that almost fit some identifiable experience but not quite seem to be the ones that push me closer and closer to the edge of the multiverse.

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 

      6 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      Wow, I don't know! My first thought was those laser pen lights people point at movie screens sometimes, but you are right, what would they hit to cause them to look like that?

      I've read about these kinds of sightings before though--they are actually not that unusual, but they are unexplained. It can be so frustrating to be witness a genuine mystery and just get the attitude of, "Right, whatever."

      I think they are living things but living in the sense we think of. I think as time goes one even science will discover that life is way more variable and amazing than anyone ever suspected. Thumbs up, thanks for sharing!

    • thoughthole profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Utah

      Thank you, and I agree cruelkindness.

    • cruelkindness profile image


      6 years ago from an angle view.

      Awesome Hub!

      Possibilities are endless especially when their is things in this world we are unaware the are possible by humans.

      And what we are unaware exist in our universe.

      Cruelkindness (Subliminally Thoughtless)


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