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Exploring the Unknown....In the Unknown

Updated on February 19, 2011

We have to make the choice outrselves.

Recently a very good friend of mine embarked on the journey of salvation. He gave his life to the Lord. I myself have been walking that journey since 1998. I often find myself stumbling along the way because of some of the negative attitudes of Christianity. My friend and myself are not only Christians but paranormal investigators. This creates a very tense atmosphere around others in church.

At the current point the church I had been attending on a regular basis has shunned me due to my work in the paranormal field. They have held meetings and the like to discuss my lack of faith in God. Does Jesus not say seek you out your own salvation. I know the Bible speaks of avoiding certain aspects of the occult but it also says try the spirits to see if they be of God, so there are mixed messages there.

I think a person should not be cast out of a church for something as simple as believing in ghosts.



 I would love to hear from others in my same predicament.


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