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Extraordinary Claims

Updated on December 3, 2010

Atheist Ad Campaign

The atheists are at it again, campaigning against religion.  This time they try to equate it with a number of seemingly crackpot ideas.  They suggest seven ideas that in their minds are related: Allah, Bigfoot, UFOs, Homeopathy, Zeus, Psychics, and Christ.  If you put believers of each in the same room what you would get is an argument, so not much in the way of unity is readily apparent, but more than meets than eye, and in a way that is opposed to the atheists claim, after all, extraordinary claims require at least some evidence.

If we take out the two current religious aspects, Allah and Christ, there is a surprising amount of affinity among the other subjects.  Let’s start with Zeus the leader of the mythical Greek gods of Olympus, it seems that the idea is that all of these concepts are mythical, born out of human imagination.  There is however a growing movement today which regards Zeus and his fellow gods as real although not of this earth.  They see the ancient myths to be actually legendary material of a time when extraterrestrials walked the earth as gods.  If you check the scientific beliefs of these people you will find them primarily to be evolutionists and atheists.

This of course links them with UFO beliefs.  While UFO studies provide no significant evidence of extraterrestrials, what evidence there is, is considered as proof by its believers.  That there are extraterrestrials has been publicly announced as a guaranteed certainty by many prominent scientists.  Check their beliefs, they are evolutionists and atheists.

I’ve seen TV shows examining the claims of Bigfoot advocates, they see Bigfoot as a possible primate, dare I say it, they are evolutionists.  The same is true of most believers in psychic phenomena.

Homeopathy troubles me a bit. I understand that homeopathy does not represent all alternative medicien, but the group advertising treats them all the same.  I have experienced firsthand that homeopathy can work; an iridologist claimed I had degeneration in neck vertebrae, something which was confirmed by an MRI a few years later.  According to one news report I heard there is only a 10% difference between the accuracy of diagnoses by iridologists compared to emergency room physicians.  I wonder how much suffering to the patient could be avoided and how much money could be saved if iridologists were allowed in hospitals.  That being said, most of the material I read by alternative medical practitioners is decidedly evolutionary.  It is given as the reason for their methodology and one of the reasons I have difficulty trusting them.

That means that of the seven ideas presented in the ads five are held primarily by atheists.  I would suggest that the atheists are therefore required to submit more than just some evidence.  They have called for extraordinary evidence, ok, let’s level the playing field, let’s have the same rules of evidence for the claims of the atheists (UFOologists, Psychics, Homeopaths, Bigfoot advocates, and evolutionists) as for the theists. 

Let’s start with TV.  In any given TV season there will be shows on UFOs (sometimes favourable), Bigfoot (sometimes favourable), homeopathy (sometimes favourable), and psychics (mostly favourable).  National Geographic produced a documentary on Tiktaalik, the purported ancestor of tetrapods, unfortunately this was before the discovery of fossil footprints showing that tetrapods predate Tiktaalik.  Look for a show that gives the creationist side of the story and if you can find one it will probably be either dismissive or unfavourable of creationist claims.

Fossils in general are a problem, not for the creationist, but for the evolutionists.  While much is made of the fossil record the claims made on the internet and in most popular productions are simply not true.  A high school biology text book states quite clearly states “The fossil record, however, rarely reveals fossils that show this gradual transition.”  This from a text book favourably teaching evolution.  The extraordinary claims being made by atheists rarely stand up to close examination and while the palaeontologists tend to be cautious in their claims the same cannot be said for their populists, whether they be professional journalists or otherwise.

We could also examine the odds of a chemical reaction spontaneously giving rise to life.  Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA did the math and went on to write about life coming from outside the solar system, the odds within our solar system were just too great.  Astronomer Fred Hoyle had earlier come to the same conclusion.  It is unlikely you will find these two discussed in TV programs on the origin of life.  When it comes to the origin of life TV producers like to show what’s possible, only it isn’t possible, except to evolutionists.  Ask a mathematician what is considered improbable and the number will be significantly higher than the odds for the spontaneous random chemical rise of life.

So what about the evidence about Christ?  Let’s be clear, this is Jesus Christ we’re talking about, a particular person in history.  It would surprise many people to know that until recently that there was no archaeological evidence that Canadian troops had participated in World War I.  There was of course much historical evidence, but archaeological evidence was hard to come by, and that from an event only a century ago.  There is of course historical evidence of the man called Jesus Christ, evidence that tends to be too easily dismissed by atheists.  The evidence for other historical figures that far back in time is more scanty and given far more credibility, using the same rules of evidence for both Jesus Christ was a real person.

Extraordinary claims do require extraordinary evidence, and that evidence also requires careful examination.  For the most part that evidence has been readily available for some time but denied the public presentation that is given to the extraordinary claims of the atheists.  A careful examination will show that the ad should have Evolution rather than Christ, that idea is foundational to the others.  If you want to check the claims see the links below, it will take work but extraordinary things usually do. 


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    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 7 years ago from Canada

      Awesome hub! You are very clever in your points and this needs to be said!